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    Franklin, TN
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    Queen's Beasts, Trade Dollar series. I buy Silver Eagles to stack here in the US.

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  1. Yes! Our moniker is Music City, USA! I don't guess it surprises me that our city has international recognition. Thanks for responding.
  2. Hello Everyone, My name is Randall Bedwell and I live outside of Nashville, TN and collect sovereign silver coins. I was introduced to coin collecting by my father when I was a child and recently inherited his collection. His collection is mostly "old silver" (US Constitutional Silver) and I have been gradually trading with local dealers for "new silver"-- lots of Silver Eagles (for stacking and liquidity) and other world silver bullion coins--Queen's Beasts, Trade Dollars, and some beautiful Russian and Chinese coins as well (for long-term appreciation). I'm a college history professor and enjoy the rich provenance of the coins I collect. The Silver Forum has been a very informative resource for me and I look forward to further participation. While I buy Silver Eagles for stacking (with immediate liquidity vis a vis eBay), I am interested in buying sovereign silver coins from European sources. I am looking to retire in a few years and want to supplement my retirement through coins. I look to make valuable connections through The Silver Forum and build a world-class collection.