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  1. Thanks
    seXes reacted to Bullionbilly in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    This is going great !
    All prizes are added and upto date.
    All members who have donated have been alocated a draw number.
    Lets keep it going !
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    seXes got a reaction from CadmiumGreen in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    I would like to join this draw.
    My gift will be: 1oz 2013 Rwanda cheetah and a secret bonus.
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    seXes reacted to Bullionbilly in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    3 OZ FORUM ROUND , @augur
    1 OZ GILT MAPLE, @augur
    1 OZ GHANA 100 CEDIS, @augur
    2016 GOLD BU SOVEREIGN, @CadmiumGreen
    T.B.C , @kimchi
    1g GOLD BAR , @mr-dead
    £50 NOTE & LOTTO TICKET , @Tn21
    100g Bar , @zeusss4
    100g Metalor bar with cert , @jonrms
    2 x 1 oz gilded & coloured , @TheBeast
    Very nice slab box, @fehk2001
    2 x canadian predators @ZatStackz
    £50 cash or paypal , @dicker
    Old Trafford Package , @StackingItAll
    10oz Beast Box, @Marko
    3oz pick of BYB'S Goodies , @BackyardBullion
    2 oz mix , @ilovesilverireallydo
    2oz coin , @rob6
    2 x 1oz coins , @Bullionaire
    Perth proof coin , @silversurf
    2 x 2016  brits , @AuricGoldfinger
    2 x 1oz coins , @zittergie
    £50 Britannia , @sgcoins
    MS70 Perth swan , @MickD
    A "  very mixed " lot , @GrahamDiamond
    Mixed lot , @h103efa
    2 x 1oz rounds , @Skelator88
    1 x 1/10th gold eagle , @Lr103
    1 x 1oz polish round , @kiskelo
    1 x 100g BYB bar , @Xander
    1/4 gold Queens Beast Walnut box , @Alun
    2oz  Falcon OR bull , @Mike
    2011 Brit in mint packaging ,  @Keenstacker
    3 x Nanjing notes, @Scuzzle
    £50 Nike voucher , @Nick1368
    2 x silver proof £1 coins , @Jimmock
    1g gold maple , @GeorgeWoodall
    Full collectors 10p set @daz
    4 x £5 coins + nice coin box @Goldmick
    T.B.C  @Bullionbilly
    2 x 1oz coins , @Cornishfarmer
    1oz spider man coin , @Trumar
    1.5oz maple , @JSILVER
    2 x 1oz coins + £8's worth of scratch cards,  @Ryan
    3 x 1oz coins , @Piggybank
    1oz High relief coin , @ChrisSIlver
    1oz reverse proof Noble , @airmac
    5oz bar , @mr1030
    100g BYB Bar,  @gsimpson
    2 x 1oz maples , @evende
    5 coin mixed lot , @Pampfan
    1oz kook , @creative
    1oz Brit , @Stats
    1oz coin + secret bonus ! , @seXes
    £25 paypal ,  @Abyss
    3 x 1oz pick of coins or bars , @SilverStan
    2.5 oz mix , @Stuart7
    2oz QB & £10 Cash , @Quicksilver
    3 x Vintage coins , @PansPurse
    2017 Rooster , @caloundracats
    Armenian Ark 2015 , @AlphaBeast
    2017 Rooster , @blackadder
    Pre 1965 lot , @JBstacker3181
    3 coin mixed lot , @dutchman
    £40 Amazon voucher , @mustynewb
    Perth croc 1oz , @Spanishsilver
    2 x 10th libertads , @GARYTHEMAN
    1 x 1oz koala with privvy , @Deputydog
    Mixed lot , @MintageSeller
    TBC , @jultorsk
    £20 longest reigning monarch coin , @MickD
    2oz Queens beast, @smiddy28
    Mixed lot , @Madstacks
    1oz coin TBC , @Csaba
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    seXes got a reaction from CadmiumGreen in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    I would like to join this draw.
    My gift will be: 1oz 2013 Rwanda cheetah and a secret bonus.
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    seXes got a reaction from CadmiumGreen in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    I would like to join this draw.
    My gift will be: 1oz 2013 Rwanda cheetah and a secret bonus.
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    seXes got a reaction from CadmiumGreen in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    I would like to join this draw.
    My gift will be: 1oz 2013 Rwanda cheetah and a secret bonus.
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    seXes got a reaction from CadmiumGreen in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    I would like to join this draw.
    My gift will be: 1oz 2013 Rwanda cheetah and a secret bonus.
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    seXes got a reaction from CadmiumGreen in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    I would like to join this draw.
    My gift will be: 1oz 2013 Rwanda cheetah and a secret bonus.
  9. Haha
    seXes reacted to fiveshotdon in Milk spots How? And why?   
    So does this mean that the coins minted in the UK are not actually milk spots? They are tea spots, for we don't dip cookies in milk, we dip digestives in tea...
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    seXes got a reaction from Lowlow in Cant afford it ? Get some GOLD the easy way, without really trying - EVERYONE CAN DO IT   
    I ended up with 7804SEK. I have 1486SEK in coins I have trouble deposit into the banks. Within this or next month I will have a new bank, so think it will be easier.
    So far I have spent 2655SEK on a gold bar, and the rest plus some on numismatic silver coins, mostly Mexican and German ones.
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    seXes got a reaction from Mike in Greetings from Shropshire   
    Hi and welcome
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    seXes got a reaction from kimchi in Kookaburra F15 Privy   
    What I can find is this.
    F15 = Fabulous 15  is a "Silver Coin program".
    Small notice on Perth mint blogg:
    2014 it appers to be the Kangaroo. 2014 Australia 1 oz Proof Silver Kangaroo (F15 Privy)
    Here you find there is a F12 also.
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    seXes reacted to Bullionbilly in Looking for a ebay seller   
    Have you tried sending a picture of your contact details to them on ebay ?  Ive done it like that before.
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    seXes got a reaction from fiveshotdon in Hello world   
    Hi and welcome
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    seXes reacted to mr-dead in Royal Mint - VIP tour review   
    Attended the behind the scenes Royal Mint tour yesterday, was due to take the wife but she was stuck with other commitments so took my 10yr old daughter instead (day off school for educational purposes).
    Started the day at 09:00 meeting with my account manager and had some free tea & coffee + pastries.
    We were then introduced to the artist that created the "landmarks of britain" and the poppy coins (modelled on a poppy from his mothers garden on the aniversary of her death) amoungst other coins, he talked us through and showed us the process on how he creates the coins based on photos he took all over the country.  They are then modelled in clay on a disc approx 15cm, after which a plaster cast is taken where more detail can be added and mistakes corrected.  A plaster cast of the plaster cast is then taken with additional details added + mistakes corrected.  This process is then repeated until he his happy with the result.  The final piece is then scanned using a laser taking up to 24 hrs to digitise the piece.
    We were then taken to the closed to the public Royal Mint museum.  We were allowed some hands on time with some old coin hammering tools before being taken through the history of the original mint + shown an old cupboard that used to reside in Sir Issac Newton's office.  Then on to the fun bit.  Rows and rows of 5 shelf units with small wooden cabinets on each shelf filled with slide out trays.  Each tray was loaded with museum quality coins of every shape and description you can imagine.  Tray after tray of gold coins from slaters, to super rare guineas and sovereigns inc. Edward VIII that were not officially issued due to his abdication (worth over £500k a sov and they had a full set 😜) + some 1933 pennys (worth about £72k) @Numistacker  would have been in his element.  We were shown gold coins from each monarch from old hammered coins, to screw pressed gold coins and how the detail and process evolved over the ages.  All the coins were just sitting loose in the wooden trays, no capsules or glass covers so you could a really close up look but no touching allowed
    We were also shown the original hand sketched drawing the artist created in about 5 minutes of Edward VIII in readiness for his new currency and how he was particuarly vain and faced the wrong direction as dictated by protocol as he wanted to show the parting in his hair to make the image more interesting (this was followed by several monarchs afterwards to cover up his vanity).
    After this we then had a buffet dinner provided inc. a selection of sandwiches, mini pies, chicked satay sticks, deserts etc.
    We then met with the mint production manager and he tooks us through the mint layout, what each section does from the foundry creating the metals through to the presses.
    We then had a tour of the current operation.  We were shown around the 240 tonne press used to create 1kg gold coins and the recent olymic medals.  For some reason there were several Queen's Beast monster boxes strewn around the floor in this room with "Do Not Move" signs stuck to them.
    My daughter struck her own silver proof £2 britannia coin (gold plated silver external ring with a silver inner)  this will be framed with her picture and a signed letter from the Chief Exec which we should receive some time next week.  This wasn't a freebie, its was £165 for the silver or you could strike your own Piedfort sovereign for £825.
    We skipped the last part of the tour "the royal mint experience" as this bit is open to the public and I had to get back to pick the wife up from work but we will go back and cover this off soon.
    Another bonus was building some contacts in the mint.  Where some coins are listed as sold out but they end up with some extra in stock they are no longer permitted to list them for sale but offer them on a personal basis at retail price.  After having a chat with my account manager and giving her a list of the sort of coins I am interested in I got an email yesterday afternoon offering me a 2017 £5 sovereign at list price which ill grab as its a no brainer
    In summary, highly recommended if you get the chance if you like history or just looking at trays of gold coins worth silly money.  Those involved in the tour from the museum guide to the shop floor press operators really knowing their stuff and have a passion for what they do.
    Some stock pictures as you are not allowed to take pictures within the building:

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    seXes reacted to BackyardBullion in Today I Received.....   
    Taking delivery of 2700 oz
    Just another day in the BYB household!

    Added 0 minutes later... Oh, and here are those towers of 10 oz Beasts laid bare for all to see

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    seXes reacted to KevinG in Today I Received.....   
    1911 Prussia Breslau University 3 Mark

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    seXes reacted to BackyardBullion in first goldsilver.be order   
    in the future do a banks transfer using https://transferwise.com
    Easy service to use and you will not spend as much in exchange rate. 
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    seXes reacted to CutOfJib in 2018 Niue S$5 Antiqued Goddesses Nike And Victoria Coin NGC MS70AN FR W/ OMP/COA - 500 Mintage   
    For sale here is the pictured 2018 Niue Nike and Victoria 2oz Antiqued silver coin, first issue of Niue's new Strong and Beautiful Goddesses series.  This coin is rendered in stunning high relief with gilded accents
    The coin has a mintage of only 500 pieces and has been graded a Perfect MS 70 Antiqued by NGC and has been given the distinction of First Releases, along with the special blue label that goes along with that.  At this time NGC shows a total population of 18 coins at MS 70 from this release.
    Original mint box and COA will ship with the coin.   Asking $700 shipped, OBO.    Feel free to DM me with offers.

  20. Thanks
    seXes reacted to augur in A VERY special gift from a Silver Forum Member!   
    You are giving so much to The Silverforum when running those group orders or pouring those bars and the amount of energy you put into your YouTube channel is beyond belief. I figured you deserved a little something. 
    So don't thank me, we have you to thank!
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    seXes got a reaction from richatthecroft in A mix of Silver coins   
    With Swedish post.
    Traceable  up to 250g 120 SEK £9,65
    Traceable  up to 1kg 180 SEK £14,5
    Track and Insured up to 250g 135 SEK value up to 2000 SEK
    They do not allow shipping of Currency or unprocessed PM. So they will only insure bars and rounds. Not like Lunar II. If I read the terms correct.
    A normal 100g letter is 30 SEK £2,45
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    seXes reacted to ChrisSIlver in Please reply via the forum   
    Hello everyone, this is something that keeps happening so I thought that I would make a post here to help reduce the amount of times it happens.
    When you receive a notification email or private message notification email, you need to click the blue button to go to the forum to reply.
    All email notifications are sent from my email, so if you just reply to the email unfortunately the intended recipient will not get the message, only I will get your email.
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    seXes got a reaction from augur in Newby   
    Slow down, have some coffe, and look at some shiney things
    and Hi
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    seXes got a reaction from Silverscrooge in Silver Deals.....   
    Why does it state "Americas first silver dollar" on the slab?
    Why does it even say lion dollar, and not daalder, or Thaler?
    Lovely looking re-strike nevertheless.