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  1. seXes

    How Do I Pay Aurinum?

    Have looked into how much, it would cost you using transferwise?
  2. seXes

    Hello :)

  3. seXes

    Hej from Sweden!

  4. seXes

    πŸŽ… Christmas Prize Draw πŸŽ…

    I would like to join this draw. My gift will be: 1oz 2013 Rwanda cheetah and a secret bonus.
  5. seXes

    wanted Rwanda silver coins

    I got 2 of the cheetah 2013 1oz in omp. in perfect condition. Want 600 SEK (50,76Β£) for them plus shipping. Shipping options: Tracked and signed 110 SEK (9,30Β£) Letter 36 SEK (3,04€) "videotaping when putting it in the mailbox."
  6. seXes

    Eh up

    Hi and welcome
  7. seXes

    Greetings from Shropshire

    Hi and welcome
  8. seXes

    New member from Belgium.

    Hi and welcome
  9. seXes

    Kookaburra F15 Privy

    What I can find is this. F15 = Fabulous 15 is a "Silver Coin program". Small notice on Perth mint blogg: http://www.perthmintbullion.com/Blog/Blog/13-01-24/2013_Silver_Bullion_Privy_Mark_Coin_Releases.aspx 2014 it appers to be the Kangaroo. 2014 Australia 1 oz Proof Silver Kangaroo (F15 Privy) Here you find there is a F12 also. http://silverbullionworld.com/collectorkangaroo.html
  10. No, I have not made any contact with him on ebay. I do not want leave any trail of side trades to ebay. So ebay get something to cry about. Next week I will make a offer on ebay at his site. I just thought what he sell, would be a possibility that he was a member here.
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    Hi and welcome
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    Hello world

    Hi and welcome
  13. seXes

    New forum member

    Hi and welcome