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  1. Update, of sold items.
  2. You really should. I was like you in the beginning, I even had a worse experience. Now I only use transferwise, for every money transfer in another currency. For e.g. a £200 transfer is the fee only £0,67, and you get good rates.
  3. I have few privateers in air tites for sale, in the sale section.
  4. @Agpanda you got any left?
  5. Mike are your others sales still active? Will you have the crowns @PansPurse ?
  6. What is the weight?
  7. How many would that be?
  8. I have mine in direct fit airtites. Will you make a post here incase you will start make some? I need to give this a thought.
  9. The holes is made just for the coin or with capsule? How big is the width. Thete is different capsules
  10. Any pictures of the box?
  11. Price in SEK https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=1&From=SEK&To=GBP GOLD Lunar II Mus 1/10oz Guld 3500:- SILVER Panda 1oz 2017 WMF (722 av 1000) 850:- Lunar II 0,5 oz (2st) 2010 Tiger 320:-/each (5st) 2013 Snake 150:-/each (8st) 2014 Horse 160:-/each (2st) 2016 Ape 110:-/each (1st) 2017 Rooster 110:-/each 1 oz (1st) 2014 Horse Color 300:- (1st) 2016 Ape 240:- 2 oz (3st) 2012 Drake 440:-/each (1st) 2012 Drake Röd 600:- 5 oz (1st) 2014 Horse 1200:- Ruanda Cheetah 2013 1oz 300:- Bills Venezuela Bolívar 2,5,10,20,50,100,500,1000,2000,5000,10000,20000,100000 400:- + Shipping at your choose For example: 100g letter 30:- 100g tracked/signed/insured 107:- Payment in SEK
  12. seXes


  13. I have been using transferwise over a year. I like their service. It only cost when you send money, low fee and good/better exchange rate. Compare the exchange rate (I use www.XE.com)and fees. And do you really want to support paypal, who wants to dictate what youtubers/forums can say or not.