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  1. seXes

    wanted Rwanda silver coins

    I got 2 of the cheetah 2013 1oz in omp. in perfect condition. Want 600 SEK (50,76£) for them plus shipping. Shipping options: Tracked and signed 110 SEK (9,30£) Letter 36 SEK (3,04€) "videotaping when putting it in the mailbox."
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    Eh up

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    Greetings from Shropshire

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    New member from Belgium.

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  5. seXes

    Kookaburra F15 Privy

    What I can find is this. F15 = Fabulous 15 is a "Silver Coin program". Small notice on Perth mint blogg: http://www.perthmintbullion.com/Blog/Blog/13-01-24/2013_Silver_Bullion_Privy_Mark_Coin_Releases.aspx 2014 it appers to be the Kangaroo. 2014 Australia 1 oz Proof Silver Kangaroo (F15 Privy) Here you find there is a F12 also. http://silverbullionworld.com/collectorkangaroo.html
  6. No, I have not made any contact with him on ebay. I do not want leave any trail of side trades to ebay. So ebay get something to cry about. Next week I will make a offer on ebay at his site. I just thought what he sell, would be a possibility that he was a member here.
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    Hello world

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    New forum member

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  11. seXes

    A .999 fine hallo

    Hi and welcome
  12. seXes

    wanted Privateer silver coins

    I got six of them for sale. All in Ait-tites. P1 - The Ship P2 - The Siren P3 - The Capitan P4 - The Kraken P5 - The Plank P7 - Davy Jones' Locker All for £310 / €330 / 3750SEK including Insured/tracked shipping. And to be paid in SEK, easy to do by for e.g. using transferwise, is a low cost option.
  13. Wondering if a ebay seller named: galaxycoin based in South Yorkshire / Barnsley. Is a member here? He/she has not done anything wrong, just wanted to get in contact outside of ebay Thx.
  14. seXes

    completed A mix of Silver coins

    With Swedish post. Traceable up to 250g 120 SEK £9,65 Traceable up to 1kg 180 SEK £14,5 Track and Insured up to 250g 135 SEK value up to 2000 SEK They do not allow shipping of Currency or unprocessed PM. So they will only insure bars and rounds. Not like Lunar II. If I read the terms correct. EDIT: A normal 100g letter is 30 SEK £2,45