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  1. Wasn't that at 1200 UK time?
  2. Some very nice wood working from our own @Alun here on the forum. Privateer box to hold my collection. Superb quality, Thank you Alun.
  3. Perth mint is solid but I also like Elemetal Mint, la casa de moneda de Mexico.
  4. Hi all I have changed user name. From: seXes To: ifing I have used the same user name on many sites and I was blocked on one. They deemed it not "Family friendly", so I have/in process changing it on all sites. Have a great weekend ífing
  5. Hi Alun As you know by PM, I want two. I do this to left this thread and also to ask a question more collectors might find useful. Can I have the black foam customised? So I have 8 coins in mine, I want to show the 7 fronts and 1 back. Because I think the backside is worth showing of without fiddling the coins. Is that possible?
  6. You really should. I was like you in the beginning, I even had a worse experience. Now I only use transferwise, for every money transfer in another currency. For e.g. a £200 transfer is the fee only £0,67, and you get good rates.
  7. I have few privateers in air tites for sale, in the sale section.
  8. @Agpanda you got any left?
  9. I have mine in direct fit airtites. Will you make a post here incase you will start make some? I need to give this a thought.
  10. The holes is made just for the coin or with capsule? How big is the width. Thete is different capsules
  11. ifing


  12. I have been using transferwise over a year. I like their service. It only cost when you send money, low fee and good/better exchange rate. Compare the exchange rate (I use www.XE.com)and fees. And do you really want to support paypal, who wants to dictate what youtubers/forums can say or not.
  13. Why not just do a bank transfer with transferwise or similar service? Paypal aint no friend to the little guy.
  14. Im sad to disapoint you. But this dude do not run 😉