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  1. @RisinSun has some tubes of Silver Brits coming up for sale too. See post titled: Selling Full Gold Stack - Massive Price Reductions! Hope that helps you out Welcome to the Silver Forum 👍🏻
  2. Thanks for that. Yeah Martin @ Silver Trader is a good guy. I appreciate you taking the time to reply @wolfiemac Cheers
  3. Good evening folks. As the title states I'm on the hunt for the 2020 Oriental Border Britannias. I would like 10 of them, in perfect condition no damaged capsules etc and preferably from 1 seller. I was about to order them from ElDorado Coins (great dealers, I've bought from them many times) but thought I'd give my wonderful fellow silver forumers a try before I go ahead. Cheers all Ps if they were still in the plastic mint sleeve they come in that would be even better.
  4. My first purchase of 2020 courtesy of @AgD a lovely tube of ASE - 12x2016, 4x2017, 2x2018, 1x2015 and 1x2011 all in great condition. Quick delivery and amazingly well packaged, thank you 👍🏻 Incidentally that's me now broke the 200oz mark for my little stack!! Took me a year or so but got there in the end......much more to come 😁
  5. Oh go on then, if you have any left I will take one please, my curiosity got the better of me 👍🏻
  6. Another small purchase to add to the stack and to keep up to date with the series of course. This piece of silver comes courtesy of @SilverTrader This was the first time a had dealt with him and on this occasion I spoke to Silver Trader on the phone before purchasing via his website. He is an absolute pleasure to deal with and a thoroughly decent chap. He may not thank me for saying but he even gave me 3 capsules that I needed completely foc I know some people aren't too sure about this coin but I think it's stunning and it's in my top 3 from the series, beautifully simplistic.
  7. Hi there and welcome to The Silver Forum. I have absolutely no doubt that the lively bunch on here will help take some of your silver off your hands. Good luck with the sales
  8. These are some great prices! And those oriental border brits are stunning and were a steal @AppleZippoandMetronome well done! 👍🏻
  9. Welcome to The Silver Forum! It's a great place to be and a wealth of knowledge! With the odd bargain to be had here and there too 😉
  10. Welcome to The Silver Forum, great place to be!
  11. I've still got it! 10 beautiful ladies turn up at my door 😉...... All courtesy of @kneehow2018 A stunning addition to my stack. 10 x 2018 Oriental Border Britannias
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