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  1. Hmmmm I don't actually own any Scottsdale rounds..........yet! 😁
  2. Still building up my fledgling stack. Started late with the QB and a bit backwards! Received this today courtesy of @Abyss, thank you.........I am now 100% up to date 😁
  3. So box number two contained these little beauties. My first Prospector poured bar but most definitely not my last! Really like the satin finish. Also picked up a little 3oz Monarch at the same time. There is just something so satisfying about poured bars.......
  4. Received a few parcels over the last few days......I'll start with this little beauty courtesy of @MrScottsdale Has very quickly become my favourite piece!
  5. Absolutely stunning!.........I'll take the lot 🤣😉
  6. Its all good man, maybe @woody65 will feel sorry for me 🤣 Some more Lions will crop up on here at some point, I'll get one yet. All the best with the rest of your items 👍🏻
  7. Gutted I managed to missed out on one of the Lions........just needed one and that's me all caught up in the series! Damn work getting in the way of more important things......like paying attention to my SF notifications 🤣
  8. Added this chap to my ever growing fledgling stack. Thanks to @dan100 for this stunning item. Just need that illusive 2oz lion and that's me all caught up.......anyone with a spare then get in touch 😁
  9. We both know it's going to happen at some point isn't it 🤣
  10. Now those are things of beauty!
  11. I like your thinking @Lowlow and at the moment coincidently the maples seem to be the cheapest per oz out of this month's Group Order choices 👍🏻