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  1. Hello, https://www.bullionstar.com/buy/product/gold-coin-canada-maple-incuse-1oz-2019 Do you think that this is a good buy? do you think that it will appreciate in the years to come? i did a search online for incuse coins and seems very limited Please do let me know what do you think ?
  2. thanks i noted that however, if coins have greater cost of production, how come the dealer buyback price is higher for the gold bar as compared to the coins? wont the premium of coins be reflected in the buyback price? Added 0 minutes later... thank you
  3. hello, Sorry for the newbie question. when i am comparing the prices between gold coins and gold bars, i noticed that gold coins are typically $10+ more expensive than gold bars. When i compare the sell back price, specifically, i noticed that the gold bars (PAMP) have higher sellback price than gold coins. can anyone please explain this issue to me? if that is the case, would it be better for me to buy 1oz gold bars as opposed to coins thank you once again
  4. hello, Recently i sold off my gold at USD$1425. just wondering if it is the right thing to do. Some people are mentioning of a pullback I am not sure if i did the right thing by selling it all off. Could anyone please offer technicals on gold as i am not well versed in the charts thank you
  5. hi guys, just a simple question on which price level do you stop collecting gold. For me its the USD$1400 level. Have been waiting for the fall back to $1300 but it is not materializing. What will be your take on this issue
  6. just want ti say thank you to all that replied. i have learnt a lot from you all
  7. Is Perth Mint 2.5oz gold bar rare? Is it very hard to buy it in the market? One seller told me that it is known widely as a collector's item may i know how true is that? thank you
  8. Do you think gold price will dip during the upcoming summer (June - Sep of 2019)? What are your thoughts on this issue?
  9. thanks for sharing
  10. Hello bros, I have been reading much on the www that gold is running out and that recent discovery of mines around the world are of a much smaller scale than that in the past. What are your opinions on this issue? Theoretically, gold can also be recovered from seawater just that it is not economically feasible what do you think ?
  11. when i go online to check for the all in sustaning cost of silver (AISC) i get many differing prices ranging from $10 - $15. Able to point me to the right direction for producing an ounce of silver?
  12. hi guys, I am referring to this historical chart of silver: https://silverprice.org/silver-price-chart.html In 1978, the price of silver is USD$4.67. If i just round it down to historical low of USD$4 in 1978, almost 30 years back Using this inflation calculator: https://www.usinflationcalculator.com/ the 1978 price of USD$4.00 will mean that in 2019, the equivalent of silver price is $15.60. Can i say / am i right to say that as long as we buy silver below this spot price of $15.60, it is a good/competitive price? Please let me know what do you think bros
  13. Thanks for all that replied. I have learnt a thing or 2 from you all
  14. hi guys, i have done my research on silver and realised that there is an abundance of this element. Here is one of the videos on it: Why are you still stacking silver if there is an abundance of it? Please feedback