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  1. ^ Don’t give the Mint ideas. There’s over 800 of the buggers now!
  2. Had no idea GS offered this service. My bank manager will be furious with you Good Sir 😄
  3. I happen to have a spare 10oz Griffin that I’m looking to swap for a 10oz Lion. Obviously there’s a difference in the premiums on these coins so I thought I would throw in a 2oz Yale to make up the shortfall. As a new seller I’m happy to use an intermediary service if you would prefer, just message me and we can sort out the details. If these two don’t float your boat then I also have the Dragon and Unicorn in 10oz, and the Bull, Falcon and Unicorn in 2oz. Just send me a message and I’m sure we can work something out. Any questions, feel free to ask!
  4. Quickly popped down to the shops to get some bread and came home to a red card 😡 Shinies shall have to wait! 😂
  5. Received my tube today - thanks for organising this Augur!
  6. Looks like Brexit will be delayed until at least April 12th... Just enough time to get another order in? 😂
  7. Hopefully the 27 EU member states will consent to an extension of Article 50 and we can all grab a Valiant or two in the next group order!
  8. Great news - already got a few Yale’s coming in from elsewhere but if they’re available on this order then I might just have to get a few more!
  9. I ordered three Sov's from H&B last week and then went back and ordered another 3 and a 1/4oz Falcon that arrived yesterday. Holding out hope that they get the Yale in at that price as well - just need to source a Bull somewhere and I'll have the complete set to date.
  10. Ordered another 3 sovs and the 1/4 oz bullion Falcon today. Just need the Bull now and I’ve got the full set so far.