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  1. Thank you all for the messages. A question. Besides having a portfolio of collection side of it, in terms of investment, what attraction would there be stack silver or gold in fact which would not be exempt from CGT? The way I am thinking at the moment is to only collect coins which are exempt from CGT, unless someone can convince me otherwise. A response would be much appreciated. Regards
  2. Hi Kritika, Thanks for the message. Apologies, didnt make clear it was just the silver I was charged VAT on. thanks for the observation and questioning of it.
  3. Hi All, Thanks to you all and The Silver Forum. My name is Luke. Very much new to stacking but have managed to impulse buy (and pay VAT) on a small amount of Gold and Silver when realising yesterday that we have people like Chris providing such a great service. I am hoping to stack as an investment for the future and maybe release some if the prices are right. I am hoping to place an order this weekend but not 100% sure if this will be the right place for me to do this. Like most of us the saving in the VAT and shipping is the particular attraction here. Naturally, will be a little nervous ordering through a medium such as this for the first time so any comforting words would be most welcome. Thanks again and hope we all have a prosperous journey.