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  1. Hi BYB can I please have numbers 85 & 116 thanks
  2. Woohoo a stragglers guess of 2321oz it is then. Do have to say very Sporting of you BYB, on both fronts doing the comp in the first place and also extending the entry deadline.
  3. Hi BYB could I please be added to the waiting list If there are any available numbers. Have found the forum useful and I like the ethos behind the bars.
  4. is the 2019 turtle available for this order says in stock but also pre order not sure if its one of those coins with lead time on or not? https://www.europeanmint.com/2019-1oz-niue-silver-hawksbill-turtle-coin/
  5. i know people have made a few suggestions to this already, but i was having a look myself, these seem quite good cost to weight ratio: https://www.europeanmint.com/2015-1-5-oz-canadian-silver-polar-bear-coin/ https://www.europeanmint.com/2014-1-5-oz-canadian-silver-arctic-fox-coin/ if people wanted a bit of variety as well as cheap stacking. i don't know anything about these coins though, don't know if others on here have any opinions on it would be curious to hear?
  6. Question, has anyone had any experience with European mint "Random date Britannia" if multiple are order of this are they likely to all be the same random year or different years? Thanks in advance, Link for reference: https://www.europeanmint.com/1oz-uk-silver-britannia-coin-random-backdated-years/
  7. Unfortunately they are currently out of stock of them, not sure they will get any more befor the order.
  8. Thanks for the help and information, can't find anything exact about it but it's one of thoese it is what it is coins.
  9. Being new to the forum myself I appreciate what you mean about taking pictures of coins. What I have found though is if you place a plane piece of paper (or an envelope) on a window seal with just natural light, don't use any zoom (most phone zooms just blur pictures). And let it auto focus on the coin. That way the people who know will have a better chance to look at the coin and give you their opinion. But as you say if you have your doubts anyway then for piece of mind get it tested.
  10. Murph just to clarify the coin I was asking about is a much smaller gold coin. Just the design of the "crown" coin is similar.
  11. This is a similar coin I found while trying to find more information on my one. A crown is old pre decimal British money.