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  1. Wow that's a shady looking holder for that coin. Got "Obrenović" and "Vienna" spelled wrong, and what's up with the font and icons... Looks like a 11-yo school project. The seller seems legit though from the volume of feedback, hope it goes well for you.
  2. Unfortunately not. The size is the same (21mm) as well as the composition (.900), but it weights a little bit more - 6.78g. The same as Austro-Hungarian Corona coins from the same time period. https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces73816.html
  3. Appreciate the link, however I'm looking for a private seller as I'm not UK based. I don't know how UK-based vendors deal with shipping fees, but if it's a fixed sum like GS.be (35 €), then it doesn't make sense for a single coin order.
  4. As the title says, looking for 1 to continue the series. Missed out on it while it was available at GS.be If anyone is willing to part with one please let me know. Not sure if links to vendor sites are allowed, adding it just for the reference to the coin itself - https://goldsilver.be/en/1-oz-30-gr/2893-1-oz-silver-kingdom-of-bhutan-2020-rat-nu200.html Thanx!
  5. By far the best part. The certificates are so badly done it's hilarious. Check the positioning on this pic
  6. As the upcoming Numismata coin fair is fast approaching, (2nd and 3rd of March), I was wondering if there are frequent attendees here on the forum? This will be my first ever coin fair, and I have a potential shopping list and a couple of questions. What's the offer generally like? Among other things I'm looking for some more specific bullion silver pieces like 1oz Germania, Bhutan lunar series (BU Monkey!) etc. Can good deals be made, do the exibitors offer reduced fair prices? I'm definitely on the lookout for a couple of LMU gold (bullion) pieces if the margins are low enough. Are exibitors willing to purchase as well? At melt/spot/competitive prices? If so I might bring some of the gold/silver I'm looking to let go. Sorry if my questions seem basic, but since this will be my first coin fair I'm just trying to set my expectations right. Thanx!
  7. Thanks to this thread I discovered the wonderful world of LMU coins and got myself a few. Since I'm just but a noob, can someone more experienced share a piece of advice? Note: I'm stacking mostly for gold content, so buying only bullion grade coins, but I do want to keep it interesting by seeking variety etc. Anyway, I have an opportunity to get this coin for almost spot (219 €) from a LCS. It is worn (advertised as 6.41 gram) but by the pictures it seems in a decent enough condition and it's the only year this particular variety was minted. I haven't yet got the chance to check it out in person. I will go by them this week to have a look. By everything stated above, what do you think of this coin? Would you buy it? Thanks!
  8. @Kookaburracollector thank you for some great advice. As I live in Croatia, most of the local dealers are familiar with the LMU coins, especially with the Austro-Hungarian ones as Croatia was a part of it back then. My plan atm is to attend Numismata coin fair in Munich (2nd and 3rd of March) - my first coin fair :). Looking forward to checking out some LMU coins in person there and probably picking up some. Although the buy/sell thread is really tempting me right now.
  9. Very informative topic here. I'm just starting out with PM and latin monetary union coins hit all the right notes: they're fractal so I could afford a new one much more often, plenty of beautiful designs and prices very close to spot for the most common releases. I have a question for collectors: how easy are they to sell (in the EU)? Is there any issue (when it comes to selling) in the fact they are .900 gold? I have a couple of sovereigns and from observing the forum here for the past month or so, it seems to me they are highly sought after and selling for close to the purchase price wouldn't be an issue. Is it similar with latin monetary union coins? This is probably the final question I have before deciding whether to pull the trigger or not. Thanks!
  10. @KevinFlynn very well written an explained! Thanx for this, great starting points to consider.
  11. In regards to places to buy silver from, I ordered a couple of times from European Mint and gs.be without any issues. I'm also new to all of this and gs.be has some quite interesting and worrying threads on here (to me Eva seems kinda like a celebrity by how often she gets mentioned). If you don't care too much about variety, I can recommend EU mint. Professional, fast delivery and solid support. They are my go-to, but gs.be has much more variety in their offering.
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