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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Silver. Whatever i can get for a good price. UK coins where possible, but a variety of bullion coins, rounds and the odd bar. Proofs or numismatics if the price is right. Stacking for the long term... although not opposed to a quicker turnover if it means increasing my stack size.

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  1. Hello and welcome from up north
  2. Depends on the current transferwise exchange but ballpark 27.50ish (excluding 1.2% shipping to BYB and the capsules). I think... And also the postage to you of course...
  3. I'll go for 2604oz. Probably massively underestimating... Thanks for doing this BYB. Hope your weekend isnt too crazy... large brandy afterwards?
  4. Hi and welcome from an ex-weegie... now on the other side of the country.
  5. If they are not all claimed yet can I please reserve 2 bars? Thanks!
  6. I feel your pain Dan. I'd love one too... but the few times i see one the price is eye watering... kicking myself for not getting one a couple of years ago... i'll keep my eyes open i suppose
  7. I'm happy to do that if it makes BYB's life a little easier.
  8. Hello! And welcome... New here myself.
  9. OnThePlop


    Hi and welcome from the UK!
  10. Hello, and welcome. I wouldn't mind adding one or two bars or rounds to my collection at some point. I'll keep my eyes open...
  11. Thanks everyone. I appreciate the welcome. Hope you are all well!