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  1. Please send me your debit and credit numbers and pins seriously nice thought but bad idea I could be another nigerian prince Health is better and full time job starting march Your a nice person but be careful of internet sob stories
  2. No need to feel sorry for me its how the world works and I am happy that I can pay my bills this month so thank you Roy and BYB
  3. when you need cash now you aint got much choice but to sell at the bottom
  4. below spot and yes it was a fire sale as ive had a hard 12 months health wise so very low income and I could have got more but that would have taken too much time and I need the cash this week but yes well done to BYB for getting in first
  5. Please elaborate on why a beast or even three of them are worth 225
  6. £225 includes special delivery Sold Payment by bank transfer Please 3x 2oz Queens beasts 1 2oz Pirate Captain 1 1oz Silver Sheild Round 1 1ozBull and Bear round 1 1oz RM Year of the Horse 1 1oz Reverse proof Angel 4x 1oz Britannias (includes 1 mule poor condition) 1 1oz JM bar 1 1oz XAG bar
  7. 2005 Proof Britannia £105 includes special delivery Sold