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  1. I fist started detecting nearly 40 years ago,I was very shy as a youngster and the biggest stumbling block was gaining permission! My best find was A pair of roman artery clamps ,was my most reported on find ,remains of gold plate just visible on them,similar to the medieval bronze 5in cross also plated! In fact I,ve never had a gold coin!! Although plenty of gold rings one of which had my initials inscribed on the face ;the day after Skegness pier broke its back I found 970 coins and a nice silver watch fob.My brother has found two gold coins (sovs) I would reccommend detecting its a great hobby especailly if you can find a freindly Farmer!
  2. O.k. i.ll take 2nd lot.. we wait a bit and see if other deal goes through? my internet connection none too good today.
  3. Could I have lot 1 for £47 mate..surprised these havn,t gone yet!
  4. O.k. Elliot,ta for letting me know.. Dont let the naysayers put you off putting junk silver up for sale,I get out bid most the time fot it on ebay!!
  5. If you do p/p.ff I.ll take em,in box wiv cheapest p.p. Thanks
  6. Well done I gave up smart phones years ago,so much hassle charging everyday ect.A mate asked me to speak on an iphone a few weeks back,my ear was damaged for 3 days!!
  7. Hi ,Could I order two 5 oz with capsules please? paypal o.k? couldn,t see them listed preorder over on your website.. Thanks
  8. Gave up smart? phones years ago, use a dumb phone and thats off most the time,live miles from city, neigbours dont have cameras but if did not linked to my financial transactions. Thanks for reply always good to debate privacy v conveinence. P.S. Head of u.k. cypersecurity claims he wood never use online banking!
  9. Has anyone here used Azimo for payments on here? Transferwise want photo i.d. which I find intrusive..
  10. Welcome to the SilverDome
  11. Many thanks,just arrived, Nice condition half crowns...
  12. https://www.metalmarket.eu/en/?lang=eng Not used myself but seem cheaper than european mint!?
  13. Welcome....I,m quite a new boy too! Its mine of information on here you will enjoy!
  14. I.ll take em if still available mate,can you quote me postage? be p.p.ff if thats o.k. oldbottleman