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  1. Well done I gave up smart phones years ago,so much hassle charging everyday ect.A mate asked me to speak on an iphone a few weeks back,my ear was damaged for 3 days!!
  2. Hi ,Could I order two 5 oz with capsules please? paypal o.k? couldn,t see them listed preorder over on your website.. Thanks
  3. Gave up smart? phones years ago, use a dumb phone and thats off most the time,live miles from city, neigbours dont have cameras but if did not linked to my financial transactions. Thanks for reply always good to debate privacy v conveinence. P.S. Head of u.k. cypersecurity claims he wood never use online banking!
  4. Has anyone here used Azimo for payments on here? Transferwise want photo i.d. which I find intrusive..
  5. Welcome to the SilverDome
  6. Many thanks,just arrived, Nice condition half crowns...
  7. https://www.metalmarket.eu/en/?lang=eng Not used myself but seem cheaper than european mint!?
  8. Welcome....I,m quite a new boy too! Its mine of information on here you will enjoy!
  9. I.ll take em if still available mate,can you quote me postage? be p.p.ff if thats o.k. oldbottleman
  10. Ta for reply,only just rejoined forum today so missed the boat! ha will keep eye on inbox oldbottleman
  11. Hi Gazer Have these been taken of the market yet? If not i,ll have em..paypal f.f i,m afraid oldbottleman
  12. Had more than a few sovs and very little post,did tick all boxes and gave incognito number. Suggest using reply envelopes to send your particular poliical/enviromental/or other campaigns you may support!