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  1. I think Kookaburracollect was collecting them so if he miss 5 he has a chance noo 😀
  2. Kookaburracollect I checked the angels a have 1889 and 1896
  3. Hmm a was offered one `1848 last summer for 20 euro over spot but a was not interested .If a see another one a let u know. Yes its true if u ask dealers they will charge premium on top of they bullion premium HGM doas as well when a went to buy some coin in shop a wanted 2010 but didnt like the premium so a said just give me the cheapest and they give 2010 brand new in plastic . If a asked for the date a would pay another 4 pound on top. A have few angels a will check and let u know if a have any of u dates
  4. What date are you missing
  5. Well one a bought one a exchange with 20 Leva Bullgarian and a had to pay 100 euro on top. These are minted in Italy 5000 pieces each . In uk hard to find in eu u can but very high premium
  6. Uu thats a beauty . Full set haa. the only full set a have is 50 p beatrix potter🤣🤣. About the 1899 rooster I think I pass it this time ,a bought another premium lmu coin a show in minute augur Nice cleaning coin I have to try it
  7. A have one D 22.2mm W 7.93 g sg 16.4 bought long time ago, a guess your diameter must be different
  8. Uuu my mistake I was offered 1900 for less (not have ) 😉 Kookaburracollec Can u let me know when it comes if the coin is ok
  9. Yes a think its decent price. A have 1900 for a bit less than this one but 1899 is what am after .I will think about it .Just bought few 10 francs to sit with the 20 francs . A have to contact my dealers see what they have so I can decide accordingly😉
  10. A have a few Sidney mint measuring 22 .20. 22 ct Edward Sovereign
  11. Yes a know they have a bit of premium. Am not in the rush a will wait 2 -3 months and see how it play out with the pound and gold, then a guess it will be easier to decide Kookaburracollect Nice collection
  12. I think is just bit more expensive cos its the early years as far as a know
  13. Thats good Rosters tick.😉 A was thinking of getting one 1900 or 1899 . A found one for around 250 pound . Kookaburracollect was yours higher Just trying to figure out if its right premium A sow them for around 300 pound on ebay
  14. Got the picture the one a have is b
  15. I have one leopold I but the p is normal, a rare one is without a dot after L Leopold II Position A and Position BPosition A = With the obverse (head) side facing downwards, the lettering is upright.Position B = With the obverse (head) side facing upwards, the lettering is upright.
  16. The first one when he made himself King. Its another German version as well
  17. This is another 20 lire napoleone this time
  18. Yes the Albert coin Belgium have a premium cos they are 250000 minted 125000 belgium 125000 flamish , also the leopold 1865 .You can get for small premium the Austrian 20 francs and the Hungarian one . The Emanuele III have very high premium at least double the gold value . The 20 lire from 1859 dawn have a big premium , the 20 francs French are easy to collect from 1848 dawn they command a premium of 30 to 50 euro but you can collect them compared to the Italian ones which are very expensive some dates cost over 500 euro The rest of them have big premiums and is hard to find one for a decent price
  19. Yes it was Fedex . It was quick paid Thursday morning shipped later that day Saturday morning was in London
  20. Just one question , the Canadian 1 oz wildlife series it says pre sale , any chance they can be available next week ?