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  1. I think Kookaburracollect was collecting them so if he miss 5 he has a chance noo 😀
  2. Kookaburracollect I checked the angels a have 1889 and 1896
  3. Hmm a was offered one `1848 last summer for 20 euro over spot but a was not interested .If a see another one a let u know. Yes its true if u ask dealers they will charge premium on top of they bullion premium HGM doas as well when a went to buy some coin in shop a wanted 2010 but didnt like the premium so a said just give me the cheapest and they give 2010 brand new in plastic . If a asked for the date a would pay another 4 pound on top. A have few angels a will check and let u know if a have any of u dates
  4. Well one a bought one a exchange with 20 Leva Bullgarian and a had to pay 100 euro on top. These are minted in Italy 5000 pieces each . In uk hard to find in eu u can but very high premium
  5. Uu thats a beauty . Full set haa. the only full set a have is 50 p beatrix potter🤣🤣. About the 1899 rooster I think I pass it this time ,a bought another premium lmu coin a show in minute augur Nice cleaning coin I have to try it
  6. A have one D 22.2mm W 7.93 g sg 16.4 bought long time ago, a guess your diameter must be different
  7. Uuu my mistake I was offered 1900 for less (not have ) 😉 Kookaburracollec Can u let me know when it comes if the coin is ok
  8. Yes a think its decent price. A have 1900 for a bit less than this one but 1899 is what am after .I will think about it .Just bought few 10 francs to sit with the 20 francs . A have to contact my dealers see what they have so I can decide accordingly😉
  9. A have a few Sidney mint measuring 22 .20. 22 ct Edward Sovereign
  10. Yes a know they have a bit of premium. Am not in the rush a will wait 2 -3 months and see how it play out with the pound and gold, then a guess it will be easier to decide Kookaburracollect Nice collection
  11. I think is just bit more expensive cos its the early years as far as a know