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  1. Don626

    Valuing Sovs

    Ah I see now, thank you, simple really when you think about it.
  2. Don626

    Valuing Sovs

    This might seem a stupid question but bare with me, I am new to the PM things. You don't know unless you ask that's what this forum is for, information. How do you determine the value of Sovs? What I mean is 1/4 Brits I see as 1/4 spot but they are 24ct, do you then divide this figure by 24 then times by 22 because Sovs are only 22ct or is done another way. Again this might be seen as a stupid question but as I said new to PM, I'm sure I'm not the only newbie thinking about this.
  3. I have been told I can be very indecisive when I have to make a decision... I don't think I am... Or am i... 🤔... 😂 🤣 I have just got to decide if I either want to invest more into silver or more into gold. It's proving to be harder decision than I initially thought.
  4. Perhaps I need to get membership if Brits and Sovs are popping up for sale... Do they go for any cheaper on the forum than direct from main stream dealers?
  5. Most definitely wont advertising what I have when I have it, I will be purchasing as a long term investment.
  6. Thank you everyone for your comments. If I am honest I much prefer the look of the Brits (they're gold 😊) however premiums do seem a lot higher than Sovs. 5x Sovs £1284.44 5x Brits £ 1396.66 Royal Mint prices over £100 saving. Will Brits be worth more in the future over Sovs... Who knows... I know someone will probably ask, why would I go for 1/4 over 1/2 or 1oz Brit and pay less premiums? it purely because if I find myself in financial difficulty in the future and had to pay a bill (broken car etc) I would rather sell a 1/4 than a full oz for the cash. I know some might see this as odd but it's my way of thinking.
  7. Sovereign or Quarter Britannia? What would you go for and why?
  8. Don626


    🤔 Doesn't quite make sense does it...
  9. Don626


    Think, I've lined up a safe now 😉
  10. I now understand, your figures are definitely much better 😂 just waiting for some more cash coming in next week and then will place my order with you 😉
  11. Oh I see, but how odd they appear to be using 2 prices for the same item depending what currency you use.
  12. Hi, don't mean to be rude but will European Mint match against goldsilver.be on normal 2019 1oz Britannia? If I've done my figures correct it would appear I could get my Britannia cheaper to my door than the group order, I stand corrected if I am wrong and I am in no way dissing the work that BYB does but obviously we all want to stay as close to spot as possible.
  13. Don626


    There's nothing wrong with playing with your treasure, I will probably do the same lol
  14. Don626

    Gold silver ratio

    Thank you, I'm not gonna lie, I still like the idea of gold as a long time investment but silver seems the better option at the mo.