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  1. Avlis

    1oz Gold Britannia Bar

    Now available from atkinsons
  2. Avlis

    for sale 1/4oz gold proof lion & dragon beasties

    Hi arcglide if you still have the dragon I will take it. Avlis
  3. Avlis

    Today I Received.....

    Received yesterday..... 1/4oz proof queens beast lion in pristine condition and excellent packaging,not in a royal mint Jiffy bag.... a big thanks to skelator88
  4. Avlis

    2017 UK Bicentenary Piedfort Sovereign

    Received my replacement piedfort today , brilliant packaging,(must be taking lessons from Amazon)shame about the sovereign,far worse than the one I returned,having been assured that they would strike a new one if necessary ...Hmm...do I return it ?...will they keep sending me previously returned coins until I get bored ?
  5. Even if the die is secure doesn't mean there isn't some play/movement somewhere along the line ...possible play in or bent press ram for Example. Just wondered have you measured the width and depth of the rim edge on both sides of the coin,this would confirm if the dies are centred correctly and give an indication whether extra material is on one side or both ...to measure the depth just use the tail of your vernier caliper as a depth gauge also you could measure inside the rim with the smaller jaws to see how circular ( or not ) the strike is ........gav .....look on the bright side ....on a hot day if you need to wedge the door open ...you've got a whole stack of wedges....
  6. Gav..without being able to physically measure the coins with a dti or see the coins being struck ,the best we can do is speculate Ie that one of the dies has worked loose and not striking dead centre due to the vibration that occurs produced by a few hundred ton press even with the best dampening .personally I think you have got mint error coins ,but not a desirable error just crap quality control ...sorry mate..
  7. so it maybe plausible that material is flowing up the sides of the dies unevenly ,especially if the dies are not perfectly centred with each other
  8. Another explanation might be that some dies include the rim but some don't as maybe in this case ,so if there is not such a high relief in certain areas near the rim the excess material has got to go somewhere so producing a thicker rim in some areas of the coin and not others ....just thinking.
  9. Is the thicker part of the coin in the same place on every coin ? If so as steve suggest this is probably the dies not being aligned square and parallel to each other imo
  10. Avlis

    Premium of Proof coins over bullion grade

    I would imagine it takes weeks to produce the dies initially but only a day or two to modify them for bullion production, so more cost effective ...... I think we'll need a double decker at least.... Don't mention tsf we'd never get over the threshold just tell them were a group of twitchers or something.
  11. Avlis

    Premium of Proof coins over bullion grade

    Would it not be a matter of simply polishing eigther physically or chemically to remove the frosting from the dies to leave a bullion finish .i need a visit to Wales too steve ...
  12. Avlis

    200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    This is one of the reasons I sent my piedfort back..it looked like the staff had a kick about at break time and couldn't find a ball so used my box instead..surely getting the packing right is the easy bit..I feel your frustration
  13. Avlis

    Premium of Proof coins over bullion grade

    I always thought that they produced the proofs first followed by the Bu and then the bullion with one set of dies would be interesting to know.
  14. Avlis

    200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    From the time the gold is dug out of the earth to being stamped coins have gone through several processes including pouring to thickness rolling this causes stresses/tensions/hardening to developing in the planchet ,annealing " relaxes" these stresses to make it more maleable or softer .stamping causes the gold to re harden which could cause cracking ,so that's why I guessed there might have been a problem at the annealing stage again it's just a guess and no I don't think they "keep bending the gold"(sovereign steve). ? This was just an example of work hardening
  15. Avlis

    200 Anniversary "Strike on the day" Sovereign

    Hi Verne it might be a work hardening crack ie..when you bend a piece of metal in the same place several times it will crack and eventually break if so this would suggest a problem at the annealing stage of production, but I would expect this to be a whole batch not just one... Just clutching at straws.