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  1. Can I take 1x 2019 and 1x 2015 please
  2. They look fine to me, just looking through the gold thread and there is a lot of negativety towards HGM.
  3. I always have a look on HGM, but I never see anything positive about them and the quality of the Sovereigns.
  4. Ok that's fair enough, I think uploading pics to show what condition the coins are in will shift them quicker though.
  5. Have you got any pictures?
  6. Take pictures and open a case, you will get your money back, hopefully an oversight by the seller and not a blatant con man.
  7. I got a call about 45 minutes after I placed my order, Hayden I think he said he was called, absolutely amazing salesman. I felt like I was in "The Wolf of Wall Street" when DiCaprio sells about a million penny stocks over the phone, and the guy on the other end felt like he was getting bargain stocks in this mega company that turned out to be a shed.
  8. diesel

    closed Sovereign

    Thank you to everyone for the replies 🙂
  9. diesel

    closed Sovereign

    Looking to buy my first Sovereign if anyone has any up for grabs 🙂
  10. diesel

    Fractional Gold

    Thanks for the advice, I saw his sovs for sale earlier when I was looking and was about to PM til I saw they had all gone 😔. I will definitely keep and eye out though thanks.
  11. diesel

    Fractional Gold

    I'm currently stacking silver but want to dip my toes into the gold market. I'm really a fan of Britannia's but when I'm looking at gold it seems that's Sovereigns are the way to go, I'm initially looking at 1/10oz Brits or half sovs to start with, gold will be for the long term so not in a rush to start buying Oz's yet, what do people recommend? Thanks.