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  1. Believe me You don't want do live in socialism, sad true is most western countries are heading that direction and UE is becoming USSSER. Edit silver up to 12.81
  2. I don't know why but I always take with huge distance what Ted Butler says.
  3. You see, that is the problem, most of people have no idea what is inflation. More than that i meet statements saying that inflation is good because it runs consumption. They see goods and services price increase but not relate it to inflation. They see bigger numbers on wage slip over the time and have false impression of progress in they live even when they can buy less and less over the time. Gold is presented as a speculative commodity not worth investing/buying. Yellow rock, relic of ancient times. Almost no body in modern financial advise industry will recommend casual person buy gold. Because it is hedge against current system. No body in my job said even a word when last wage increase was lower than last year official inflation, when I asked my manager about it she shake her shoulder said that she doesn't know and walked away. That is surrounding world. AWARENESS is the key!
  4. Can you proper use computer without knowledge how to use operating system/programs ? You can use it as a lamp or heater, it will be on, but you will not use it as suppose to. Can you play football without knowledge of rules ? You can kick the ball but will not be football player. Without awareness and knowledge of rules and mechanics you are outperformed and designed to loose in any matter, specially financially.
  5. I just want to highlight that steam is biggest greenhouse gas and has biggest real impact on climate change. I remember how amused I was when firstly learn about hydrogen fuel cell at university of technology. Sad news, it will not be implemented until people in power can yeld on other things. It eventually will take it place but wont be cheap in use for us, and i can bet we will have tax on steam emission. Probably from breathing too. 🤣
  6. My problem with reits and similar is ROI. I know that it is hassle free 4.5% but it is not enough to convince me to tie up my money.
  7. Am I ? How should people realize that without understanding creation of currency? How can they know without realizing fact that system is ridged an money doesn't store value? For common person all surrounding environment is saying that there is nothing to worry about, that everything is as it suppose to be. Take mortgage, put your saving in saving account (if you have any), use credit for your whims. Whole financial world is doing what it can for people not to save in gold and other store of value. In present world currency main purpose is to steal from people, "you are giving credit to wrong bit of fact", side purpose as trade facilitation is negligible in those circumstances.
  8. Well thanks to other people spreading unimportant facts i got aware of them and got in to PM. To be honest thanks to PM in my possession I sleep better. I have a friend in Greece and do remember when they had riots he said he would give anything to feed his family. I spoke with guy from Argentina and he said that for 1oz of silver you could feed your family for a week. And none of them was expecting situation that they get in to. So awareness of those unimportant facts give me at least illusion that i will have some kind of solution in event of such unbelievable situation.
  9. You realy believe in that? Politicians are just puppets, they can't do nothing without currency and currency supplier truly own them.
  10. I was in process of writing exactly the same thing in essence. Thank You sixgun. I wish people would understand that subject more.
  11. Well my coins are still cheaper even including special delivery 😋 Edit And I have UK bank account too. 😁
  12. Remember why there was largest depression? Banks printed notes (called banknotes ) stating that you have gold(in to oblivion)but unfortunately they "forgot" to have gold to cover all of them. Not mention bubble made on stock market with unnatural "banknotes" supply. And when people realized there are no real money in there, PUFF, everything is gone. Sounds familiar ? Edit More than that they needed black swan event to legitimized FED. Otherwise scam wouldn't work.
  13. Michal

    UK Parliament Petition

    Central Bank of Italy doesn't want to pass gold to Italian gov. So be aware who is actually buying gold with your money, coz cost will go among us but who will hold possession?
  14. lol I will give you 501 pounds, for 50 pesos and sovereign might bargain to 502-3 pouds but that would be huge lost for me. 😎
  15. HawkHybrid, I hope You are just trolling, otherwise Your claims are misleading and simply rapes logic. Please, print some currency (which is called by majority of people MONEY) and go ask council/gov to give it purchasing power, see You in 20 years. You say that video is useless because it doesn't make distinction between currency and money (which are in public awareness identical) and more than that You are trying to convince us that there is nothing wrong with currency creation by central banks with cooperation of governments. Seriously ? But seriously ?? There is nothing wrong that they are stealing form our purchasing power because it is approved by government? Oh BTW remind me which government agency is setting up interest rates?
  16. If i ever have doubt in PM i watch this video. I know it is a bit old but will never go out of date until we stay in this sick system.
  17. They don't inform you about that at all. Just automatically enroll and deduct. You would be shocked how many people argued with me that PP is mandatory and you can't opt out. 😀 It is acceptable when you get 2x or more money which you pay in to PP and it sits in decent fund, but not if they taking more and more and give less and less. When you do the math you ll see that it is in general very bad investment locked up for 40 years. But cash is flowing to the market and everybody is happy. Edit But I have to admit it could be life saving for most of people, coz they have no idea what saving and investing is. So in that case anything is better than nothing.
  18. if someone want to buy 25 coins or more price will be £14.5 per coin
  19. Michal

    Toga & Suit

    If you would like to compare now ant then you should go for legit space suit about 2kk dollars. That would be adequate comparison,
  20. In that case study subject of house hacking, it might help.
  21. Basic food (with low premium) and energy are best indicators of real inflation, because they are hardest to manipulate and can't take hit on profit margin as high premium items. Pentium 5 u5400 went down by 30pounds since last year that is 25% down, bread went up from 45p to 55p that is 22% BAM inflation 3%, "we have to encourage inflation " CBA say 😉 I know it is not how it exactly goes but shows the big picture. Inflation ca be easy manipulated by statistic data, but purchase power can't. So if you get aware that your money loose more than they tell you it make most sense to pay your mortgage asap. You can say inflation should eats debt which is good, isn't it? Remember that your wage is related more less to official inflation not to purchase power, but still it is better to pay as long as you can until one point, adjustment to real inflation rate which will happen at some point. 99% of credits have adjustable yearly rate and now imagine inflation break out to 10%, now your credits are at 3-4 % each can you imagine paying 4 time more for your monthly house payment ? Banks makes huge money coz they barrow only 3% from their own money, 97% of money which you borrow is coming from CBA (they get it out of thin air ) so they earn 75-100% ROI per year that is why they want you to pay as long as possible and if rates goes up it is pay day for them.
  22. I heard that some Asian estate REITs are decent 7-10% yeld. But not confirmed info.
  23. You will faster get million pounds on mutual fund tracking inflation than win it on premium bonds 🤣 Edit Ernie confirms 😂