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  1. Michal

    Paper vs Physical

    Everything said here has sens at some point of view but... there are people/institutions buying physical gold/silver out there and price of if is determined by this paper markets which doesn't have any reflection in physical. It is like price of horse for plowing field based on amount of bets taken at horse racing, where is the logic ?
  2. Michal

    Paper vs Physical

    https://www.moneymetals.com/news/2017/05/16/paper-vs-physical-silver-market-001075 What are your opinions about that guys ?
  3. Right, so i will go to threatening straight away. Edit Done and dusted.
  4. Heh, rather 1st oprion. I remember they said in T&C that you have to write to them . I will send this letter from above, thank you.
  5. Build up emergency fund 3-6 month worth of living cost, then buy up to 500 1oz silver coins then shift for gold. Remember you are saving in PM, not investing. For investing go to crypto stocks or other reits depend on your risk tolerance. PM are in place to save you when SHTF situation happened or you retirement fund ( inflation hedge).
  6. Guys can you remind me how to get out from H&B mailing list?
  7. Until Russia, China and India demand payment for their goods in gold 😉
  8. today price of silver is similar, pound stays better and it costs 1390 for 100oz hmm 🤥 transport from EM 46.22 gbp EM->BYB-> you 16,14+13+13= 42.14 gbp so 4.08 saved by BYB
  9. No bother just listen for POOP at S&P
  10. If silver is such a bad place for money why do you buy it then?
  11. It is so true, physical PM are simple and you really can't loose majority of your capital in it in current economy (except theft). People loose on PM in short term when try to speculate on them or buy paper which occurs worthless at some point. Never than less I love PM for that simplicity and their ability of store of value. That helps me to wait trough periods of uncertainty.
  12. From the context you can assume he did. And history like circles i think we will hit 250 at some point in upcoming recession for silver and IMHO silver should be 35 pounds per oz now.
  13. There is no such thing as a free lunch... 😉
  14. https://polandin.com/38084188/explainer-amber-gold-affair Something to think about "pompers that insist you to hold physical" 😉
  15. It is marketing strategy called "sweet loosers", you lose on them but gain much more on other things, people are buying everything in one place usually. So what is food inflation by yours observation? I am wondering why silver doesn't keep up with fake inflation even.