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  1. In my opinion they are going to introduce new monetary system in next 2 years. That will be point when you should think about selling PM to obtain what you need the most. As for now lets play with monopoly funny money as long as music plays.
  2. Michal

    The coming Gold crash

    It means risk free asset, safest category.
  3. Michal

    Storage Question

    As fare as i know silver tarnish because of sulfur in the air apart from debris mention above.
  4. That would be sensible in normal crisis. But in modern economy we never tried to shut down global economy for 3 months and try to print up loses, fear and uncertainty. We are at point similar to B-W system end.
  5. Michal

    The coming Gold crash

    Wonger said he will buy gold for 400$ he just forget to say that will buy 1g of gold for it 😀
  6. Michal

    The coming Gold crash

    Globaly, and not rain but storm from hell. Interesting times we are living in. I just regret didn't accumulate more PM.
  7. Average house price in 1978 in UK was 15261 pounds, 25 pounds is 0.1638% in 2019 it was 215333 and 25 is 0.0116% so in this case it is worth 14,2 times less than in 1978, something to think about official inflation.
  8. Yup, but big boy accumulated enough and now can allow system to go to hell. It will be painful but for little ones like us generally slaves always pay the price.
  9. Admire your optimism, doubt you will find any those for 18 per oz, free bump.
  10. More less but they can keep this sick system afloat for years. It seems to be much harder now to manipulate but we are due to monetary system change. Who knows what will happen but as long as you invest in principalities you will be fine at the end. If you put financial excess in PM and have financial cushion for 6 months then you are on right track.
  11. I said the same about gold, was going to buy 1oz, been offered for 1008 pounds and decide i will wait until it fell under 1000/oz, guess what... it didn't
  12. There you go, 1000 oz silver excavated in comex style. Almost no cost. Don't worry HH will explain you that it is physical silver, even better than those useless coins or bars.
  13. Well you can say whatever you want, I do not discuss with worshipers of their own beliefs. But i will try to sweetened my tea with silver tonight straight after ordering it on comex.
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