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  1. There is no such thing as a free lunch... 😉
  2. https://polandin.com/38084188/explainer-amber-gold-affair Something to think about "pompers that insist you to hold physical" 😉
  3. It is marketing strategy called "sweet loosers", you lose on them but gain much more on other things, people are buying everything in one place usually. So what is food inflation by yours observation? I am wondering why silver doesn't keep up with fake inflation even.
  4. True but people buying ETF and all other paper silver think they are actually buying/investing in silver so not taking that under consideration is like measuring iceberg from sea level to the top.
  5. silver Cyclotrons from manhattan project, that is answer why you didn't have shortage of silver till recent years i seen great video about that but can't find it now. And it fits to data. It sounds like conspiracy theory but i wouldn't be surprise if it is not. 😉
  6. It was me who said that and i based it on receipts which i found online in receipt picture stock. But i done calculations based on my memory yesterday and: tesco white beread in 2012 15p in 2019 55p that gives 24% per year, cooking beckon in 2012 17p in 2019 67p it gives 26% per year. You may ask why only those cheep bad? coz I remember those prices exactly at 2012 and cheapest price item is harder to push down in price, they didnt downsize them either. Here is interesting chart for US : http://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data/inflation-charts
  7. https://sdbullion.com/blog/how-much-silver-gold-is-there/ they say it is 4 billion oz silver https://articles.royalmintbullion.com/how-rare-are-precious-metals/ they say 777 million kg ~ 27,4 b oz But that still doesn't answer what is silver global market capitalization that is bloomberg article : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2014-06-18/new-silver-benchmark-seen-heralding-gold-fix-revamp-commodities Added: They claim 1b oz of silver http://money.visualcapitalist.com/worlds-money-markets-one-visualization-2017/
  8. Hi, anybody has reliable data about Silver global market capitalization? I found only unconfirmed data from 2014 stating 5 trillion. But was looking for real hard data, newest preferably.
  9. Spreadsheet in exel is great, I like to have data to check our spending habits during the year. Going detailed in to every single item is pointless but general areas of spending are great. I am breaking some areas in budget all the time but coz it is ZSB i have to adjust other spending to stay in limit. I always stayed below my means but budgeting helped me to seal leaking spots ( like 80-120 quids per month), maybe not much but always a step closer to my financial goals. I got such areas in my Budget: CHARITY SAVINGS RENT COUNCIL UTILITIES FOOD DETERGENTS TRANSPORT STUFF FOR HOME CLOTHES UNEXPECTED ENTERTAINMENT LEARNING PERSONAL ME PERSONAL HER WORK RELATED
  10. My 2nd order was cancelled and money back, they did cancel my partner order as well so Abyss and few others were simply lucky.
  11. Hmm, what was your yeld on investment ?
  12. Monthly Budgeting, are you doing it , which kind you use and what are your conclusions? I am using zero sum budget, it was very detailed at the start now it is rather brief sketch but it helped me to realize where are my money actually going. Year of budgeting helped me to understand my spending and now i am thinking of going to automated budget, coz till now i was paying everything manually (to feel the spending ). So what are you opinions in this matter guys/girls?
  13. I noticed when I recommend this book to people they say it is BS and pass over it, problem is people cant read between the lines and pull personal conclusion from what they get. We are living in society of consumption of information but with no reflection over what they get.
  14. I am aiming 30% of net income divided between PM/stocks/cash. I was trying to get 50% and it worked for a while but we had massive price rise in 2018 and this percentage was pushing me out of comfort zone.