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  1. "Testing gun on scammer..." 😂
  2. Yep, but as fare as i know it leaves mark that you tempered with the meter.
  3. Meters got smarter, people got dummer . I don't like the way it is heading 😁 Never than less cash is becoming hot potato it really make me concern.
  4. Iceland is to small, and it doesn't matter in big game 400k people is rather moderate size city rather than country
  5. Guard Dog, he is making sure that no body steals his lady while he is a sleep.
  6. I just got letter from electricity supplier. They are increasing day rate by 9,5% and night rate by 16,5%, standing order is going down by 9%. but yearly use of mine is 10% standing charge 30% day and 60% night. That is second increase this year, last was similar except everything went up about 10%. Virgin send email they are going up 25%, done the same last year. So my question is HOW IS INLFATION 3%, when most of things food/energy went up 20% in a year? MNW went up 4.9% my wage went up 1.3% Something doesn't add up over here 🤔
  7. My dog is just digging up stones. Any training tips ? 😁
  8. First hunch is so important, I always overthink things and make wrong decision (or maybe not the best one). I remember when didn't buy 1 oz gold for 1010 pounds coz wanted to buy for under 1k and end up buying silver 😀. In general i remember when this thread was started and my reaction to this guy complain 😲. Understanding your purchase ( in any matter) is crucial. 1. Physical PM makes you a bit independent from current monetary system. 2. You buying Physical PM long term and should consider gain/lost in terms of decades rather than months. 3. You don't "invest" money which you need or will need soon. 4. You don't "invest" money that you can't loose. 5. You don't sell until have opportunity to buy something which fits your financial goals more.
  9. "it is not marked by us, system rulers, so it is FAKE gold, not worth anything, remember we own gold we own you" 😉
  10. Wonger? WOOOONGER?! Where are you???
  11. Going back in to gold standart in current monetary/econimic system would explode it. Gold would have to cover all derivatives and all other cr*p so called "financial assets". I don't think it will happened any time soon. Will be at some point in future but after huge and painful collapse.
  12. Well done! I was aiming 6 oz gold per year but then discovered silver 😂
  13. I understand your point. My point is that you get only +25% to your money locked up for 40+ years. Just due to inflation ( average 3%) you lost like 120k ( - tax) in alternative investment keeping up with inflation. But in your situation it might make sens, simply from my point of view it under-perform a lot. About sharesave i understand what you mean, but it all depends what conditions you get and how long plan takes to mature.