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  1. Well done! I was aiming 6 oz gold per year but then discovered silver 😂
  2. I understand your point. My point is that you get only +25% to your money locked up for 40+ years. Just due to inflation ( average 3%) you lost like 120k ( - tax) in alternative investment keeping up with inflation. But in your situation it might make sens, simply from my point of view it under-perform a lot. About sharesave i understand what you mean, but it all depends what conditions you get and how long plan takes to mature.
  3. 20 years in Lisa gives you 75k, 20 years on any given investment at 3% gives you 82,280 pounds. If you have LISA you cant contribute full amount on to sharesave ( your allowance -250 pounds paid in LISA) 45 years 168 750 in lisa, 45 years in any 3% investment 285 805. Not including inflation. So tax relief is invalid in long term. Go and browse internet about lisa and cash in house deposit. I think it was on hallifax website, but as i said don't remember where was that. It was final thing which put me off from lisa. There are much better options than lisa (locked on x years).
  4. TW has decent exchange rate, but transfer goes ages comparing to revolut.
  5. I was thinking about LISA at some point but it is very bad in long term. It is only 25% per year might look impressive for one year return but in 3 years most of share save plans offered by employers beat that. The point about status of savings is very good as well that can be crucial in some life situations. Remember about inflation in long term as well. And as a deposit it is not best option as well coz as fare as i remember ( i might be wrong ) you can use only money from LISA as a deposit, it cant be joint with ie cash saved and put together as a deposit.
  6. There are people here which remember times when other people said that paying 280 pounds per 1oz of gold is insane and will never buy it for this price and will wait for correction to buy in, probably they are still waiting for that correction to happened 😉 Set your thinking to gold as a base point, now pound is cheap (loosing purchase power) but will get stronger? will stay low? who knows.
  7. Michal

    Why is gold so sexy?

    My answer: " I am not an expert but high probably those money came from fraud bank system called fractional reserve, then they were paid for item which had unfairly inflated price by this fraud bank system, then was spend in my employer business, then land in my bank account after rip off by half of my labor worth by government, then i paid them out at ATM to keep some cash in case of fraud and faulty bank system doesn't work and i cant get my money, finally i have to make online payment and need to use thefts banking system to do it coz they have to take their share in every deal as every decent mafia does . Is that sufficient answer ? " On the other hand i read a complain of one of customers of popular Scottish banks, which tried to pay in 200 pounds cash and cashier said that money looks to new and are confiscated for check which will take 6 weeks. Guy was going to pay in money for credit card payment and was charged fine for missed payment coz of that. So be aware even cash in your hand is not yours.
  8. I am still impressed by the guy which was making nails from gold and put them wooden paneling.
  9. Remember that silver tarnish with time (easy to deal with) and get milk spots (not so easy to deal with), so your "investment" might be returning very long time just to get back capital putted in it. Premium on silver is high comparing to gold and needs bigger increase in metal price to cover that. BUT silver has a special charm and is very addictive 😋
  10. Michal

    Why is Gold Rare?

    I think it was Neil in "Beyond the universe"
  11. Hunt brothers were doing the same but in open market, they didn't have short option which work in secret stretching bow of price to maximum, when supply dries up and demand reach peak they let the price go, and will be biggest supplier on the market. Edit How it is even legal to put more than 1 claim on physical unit of anything ? That looks like pure fraud.
  12. 1133.68 based on price of gold in uk and usa at 28 june 2016 and todays 1500 in usd
  13. nope it would be 1161 more less.