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  1. itslikegolddust

    Queens Beast

    Newbie question, be gentle ... Any idea when is the next 2oz Queens Beast is going to be released which I believe to be the White Lion? 😎
  2. itslikegolddust

    1/4 Queens Beast, 1/4 Brit or full Sov

    Along side my silver I have some gold Pamp bars and 1/10 brits but want to start collecting more gold coins. I really like the 1/4 Queen Beasts but are they really worth the premium over 1/4 Britannias and full Sovereigns? Cheers 😎
  3. itslikegolddust

    2019 1oz Kookaburra question

    Cheers, I feel a bit daft now 🙄
  4. itslikegolddust

    2019 1oz Kookaburra question

    Daft newbie question .... What does the 'P' mean on the coin? Cheers 😎
  5. itslikegolddust

    wanted Silver Queens Beasts Black Bull 2oz

    Looking for the above, best price inc postage Cheers in advance 👍
  6. itslikegolddust

    withdrawn Umicore 1KG Silver Bar

    Umicore 1KG Silver Bar Never opened from sealed packaging Purchased Dec 2018 I have the receipt for proof of purchase Looking to swap for later (2017 +) Gold Sovereigns (full/halfs or 1/4) of the same value or may sell at the right price (make a sensible offer only, i'm not desperate for cash!) Lovely bar, only reason for exchanging/selling is that I'm taking a different direction with my PM's Based in Sussex
  7. itslikegolddust

    Gold Kookaburra

    Looks fantastic
  8. itslikegolddust

    Gold Kookaburra

    Are gold Kookaburras hard to come by, a quick internet search suggests that they maybe?? Newbie question so be gentle! 😉
  9. itslikegolddust

    Best quality silver

    What would you consider to be the best quality bog standard silver bullion/bar in terms of finish, durability, finesse and value for money, excluding Proofs etc?
  10. itslikegolddust

    Whats the " Poshest " brand/sought after/most collectable Gold/Silver?

    Fair point but I would beg to differ as some bars/coins command a much higher premium over others and likewise there are some that are more collectable, was just putting it out there for other opinions but hey, I'm stupid! 😎
  11. itslikegolddust

    Whats the " Poshest " brand/sought after/most collectable Gold/Silver?

    You had a bad day or did someone steal the chocolate off of your KitKat?
  12. Thinking about getting these as I love the design Best price for both delivered? Cheers! 😎
  13. Just out of pure curiosity, whats "Poshest" brand/sought after/most collectable Gold/Silver? Cheers 😎
  14. itslikegolddust

    completed 2oz Silver Queens Beasts Griffin and Dragon

    Cheer buddy, will have a think as I have some already so if anybody wants to take up on the complete set first thats cool but if you do split let me know! 😎