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  1. @5huggy @Seasider @Numistacker thanks for the advice 👍
  2. Do you put coins under a magnifying glass or microscope etc to look for imperfections
  3. Ive got a few Sovereigns and some silver coins that look in pretty good condition, i'm curious to know what to look for to see if they are worth grading or not, is it worth it (will it definitely make the coin be worth more) and how much does grading cost? Ive never been into graded coins etc so be gentle 😂
  4. Sunday Bump! Buy a Gold Bar whilst eating your roast! 🍽️ 🍺
  5. Evening all Having a shift about with my gold so have for sale the following: 2 x Heraeus 1g Gold Bars (Loose) - £46.00 each 2 x Heraeus 1g Gold Bars in assay cards - £49.00 each 2 x Umicore 1g Gold Bars in assay cards - £48.00 each 1 x Pamp Fortuna 2.5g Gold Bar in assay card - £120.00 2 x Heraeus 5g Gold Bars in assay cards - £205.00 each SOLD 1 x Heraeus 10g Gold Bar in assay card - £410.00 + postage of your choice and risk Happily exchange for full or half Sovereigns, may consider 1/4 oz gold coins. Cheers
  6. Evening bump - only 5% above spot for premium bars Will exchange for Sovs - full/halfs
  7. I had loads, crossed out my address and put return to sender, popped them back in the post, they stopped coming eventually!