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  1. Came across this, make your own judgement but makes you think ...
  2. Evening buddy, This is what I do for a living We currently install Orisec which are an installer only panel so not available to the public, 2nd to Orisec I would fit Texecom. We stopped fitting Pyronix due to unreliability since they were bought out by Hikvision. I would avoid any DIY system brand (Response etc) As for pet friendly PIR's we don't get any problems with them as long as they are installed correctly Feel free to ping any questions at me Cheers
  3. Someone beat me to it! There was only one left!
  4. Come on guys, its not that hard ....
  5. How many have you got? I haven't got any spare Sovs at the minute
  6. @sovereignsteve PM me what you have and what you want for them Cheers
  7. Thats exactly what I think. IMO if SHTF for real (I don't think it ever will) a live chicken will be more valuable than a 1oz gold coin which means you'll have to stuff your chickens in the safe and leave your gold in the shed! ... that's my 2 pence worth
  8. Looking for half sovs at spot if anyone wants to sell Cheers
  9. Same, I got more excited looking at my pocket change
  10. Well that wasn't worth the wait, underwhelmed, i'm out
  11. Thanks everyone that's been in touch - mission completed for now - This forum is awesome!!
  12. 🤣 PM me if you want to shift any with the prices you want
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