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  1. 1 of each wanted above, in capsule and in very good condition +. Sensible money and signed for post. Cheers
  2. One of each please Dave, (the least untoned ones! 😉) signed for, PM me with your PP email, Cheers
  3. I don't blame you, I was just impatient like a 4 year old in a sweet shop!
  4. Thought I'd take a couple of these little bad boys, direct from RM, quick delivery, order to door less than 48hrs. Pretty impressed with the quality for a "Run Of The Mill" coin.
  5. Pretty cool, would be great if they were .999! Added 0 minutes later... Thats more like it!
  6. Hi UKStacker, I'm on IMAC and MacBook for desktop so I don't have Excel (and don't want to pay £60 for the privilege!) but am using google sheets spreadsheet, do you know a way of doing it via google sheets as i'm a bit green to all this? Cheers
  7. Pretty cool
  8. Have given this 1KG Umicore bar (sealed, unopened and original receipt) to my daughter to get her started and she wants to exchange for the same weight in 1oz Silver coins preferably brits, kooks, or anything dragon/unicorn related or for Gold Sovs of the same value. Let me know what you have if you are interested Cheers