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  1. Hi Below £300 for full, £150 for half Quarters would have to be near spot Cheers
  2. Happy Bank Holiday all I'm after (preferably 1g or 2.5g) Gold Bars, preferred sealed, in cards (like Pamp, Umicore etc) May consider full/half Sovs or other gold Putting out hear first as rather buy from members here rather than dealers Many thanks Mike
  3. 1g or 2g Gold Bars. Preferred sealed, in cards (like Pamp, Umicore etc) May consider other gold Many thanks Mike 😎
  4. 2019 1oz Britannias Sold in 5's £80 + Post of your choice Fresh out the tube, no caps 4 lots of 5 available 3 lots sold Only 1 lot of 5 left
  5. What will the 10000000's in physical work do? Cant see many 70 + yr olds in the trades!
  6. I have no idea, this could be a question for the time served pros on here
  7. I heard that cheap coin folders effect the coins as they react with the plastic
  8. Brilliant idea, would the plastic effect a "bare" coin? 👍