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    EdNug reacted to GoldenGekko in GoldenGekko Stacker   
    Hi all. Started buying physical silver way back in 2008 as I couldn't afford to buy a house and wanted to invest in something that would grow my deposit. Ended up going on the wild nail biting ride from $16 down to $8 and back up to $50. Sold my entire stack in 2011 when the silver to house price ratio hit a recent historic extreme. Started building up my stack now and then from 2016 onwards and starting to accelerate my purchases as I think we could be on the verge of a 2009-2011 re-run. Platinum looks really interesting here too. Joined the forum in the hope of participating in the current group order from EM.
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    EdNug reacted to nigel in New member   
    I and a hello new to the silver forum new member thanks to byb been washing is utube channal.
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    EdNug reacted to ShineyMagpie in A hello from me   
    Hi guys (& girls),
    Just thought I would say a quick hello. I have been collecting coins on and off for a while now. Nothing specific just what ever I like the look of at the time (I am aware not the most cost effective way to do it. This is me just starting to get back into it again. Being in the UK there is the whole Britex thing, and know one is really sure what's going to happen. But as the name implies I like shiny things, so now seems as good a time as any to make a few more purchases. I'm sure I still have lots to learn so reading post on here will surely help. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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    EdNug reacted to Deputydog in Alternative thinking podcast   
    Hi, some people on the site enjoy listening to alternative podcasts / shows.
    I would recommend Thomas Williams.
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    EdNug reacted to Numistacker in Today I bought.....   
    Delighted to say that I bought this delightful coin.
    In 1831 there were 225 of these minted for the Proof Set. 

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    EdNug reacted to black959 in Introduction   
    Hi. I've been a buyer of gold, silver and rhodium for a looong time and am getting back into the game, hence my joining this website. Am thus a newbie to the website but not to investing in bullion. I have an unhealthy obsession with Rhodium which seems to get ignored by most stackers for some reason. I'm currently a buyer, I feel that 2019 is going to be a big year for gold after a number of years of stagnation. I have bought from multiple dealers (all mentioned on this forum so it seems) with varying degrees of satisfaction. Nice to meet you all... I hope I can contribute something of worth to the community.
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    EdNug reacted to OllieClem in **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    Will read later but my 2 cents for all this and group orders. Bare in mind no one is forcing you to do it
    I dont mind waiting, i still own the silver so why should waiting a lil while longer make any difference.
    Saving any money means that savings can go towards more silver. Surley the goal is to get as much silver for your buck.
    Another thing is, i enjoy watching BYBs videos, doing group orders allows his channel to grow. Which i want.
    Also, its nice to see what other stackers are collecting and what strategy people have with metals
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    EdNug reacted to cravethatcoin in **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    In my opinion you're not being completely honest about the fact that the European Mint are unwilling to allow group orders to benefit from the only reason why group ordering exists and that is bulk discounts. Please read back your reply above and ask yourself truly if that is accurate and even makes sense, It just seems like you are saying anything to avoid the question.  The fact the European Mint do not allow bulk discounts with this group order service makes the service itself completely pointless. The reality is that there are many negatives to someone purchasing via this group order and only a single possible benefit which is a "slightly" cheaper shipping cost (I would really like to see an actual example of a saving someone could expect on shipping vs simply ordering directly. I bet on average it would be tiny).
    I know we spoke about this before on YouTube and things got heated but I just can't leave this alone without venting my concerns. It's almost like people are in a trace and not thinking this through. If everyone was getting a bulk price or even just free delivery from the mint as a thanks for everyone choosing them I would praise what you're doing beyond belief but as it stands now I see no benefit and many negatives:
    Negatives of group order
        - no doubt you communicate with people over email to confirm their address details - this is a huge risk as if your email account gets hacked the hacker now has the address details of 500 people in the UK who own silver. Email is NOT secure. By ordering directly with the european mint their address is sent over SSL encryption used by their website
        - long delays between order and receiving bullion
        - a lot more time involved between sending you payment and communicating with you about shipping etc
        - higher risk in terms of logistics, open to human error on all sides (harder for goldsilver.be to process, postage now occurs 2 times increasing the risk by 50%)
        - less ability to time buys - the price of silver could drop between making payment to you and you making the order
    Positives of group order
       - slightly cheaper shipping costs
    I decided to work out the real savings myself:
    So if I go directly to European Mint and order 32 Silver Britannia's it comes to €508. Insured delivery directly to my house is €30. In pounds shipping is £26.89.
    If I order the same via group order the price will be the same so €508 for 32 Britannia's. You mention shipping is capped by the European Mint at 1.2% so €6. So now I need to arrange shipping from you BYB to me once you receive the package. Going by your prices and to match the insurance that I would get in my first example that would come to £11. So shipping is £11 + €6 = £16.38.
    So the group order has a saving of £10.51 if making a €508 (£455) order. I wouldn't consider that a good deal when taking into account the negatives of this service that I mentioned above.
    It's also worth noting that goldsilver.be only charge €12 shipping (insured) for the same order and it works out cheaper in total at €523,68 vs €538 ordering directly via European Mint and €526.27 doing the group order.
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    EdNug reacted to Csaba in **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    just received a few 1.25oz  bisons from EM. Luckily they are in excellent condition considering they are graded as circulated coins. 

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    EdNug reacted to KevinFlynn in Market Corrections, Crashes & Silver Prices   
    While I agree that silver will never be worthless, what I see historically and what I feel in society is that nothing will beat gold as the instinctively chosen investment metal. This is nothing that I would have to look at statistics for. I do believe that gold should be the main wealth preserver - silver is too much of an industrial metal and thus tied to other factors than gold (see what happened to platinum).
    I do however believe in silver for speculation, as a bet on a correction. I also like it's relative cheapness for nice and shiny extras (collector coins). And you cannot go wrong with silver as an alternative to fiat. Buying silver to ultimately swap into gold is not the worst plan, but in all honesty, I cannot see a real explosion happen, like silver correcting it's worth a hundred times. But as we have see in the last ten years, it may double (or half).
    In my stack, am trying to keep a ratio of an ounce of gold to a kilogram of silver, so about 1:32 . I do divert a bit with those extra pieces of silver that catch my eyes, though.
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    EdNug reacted to Crow in Just starting   
    Hiya All
    You can call me Crow.
    I'm just starting out in PMs, looking to store wealth and maybe gain a little more then the interest rate.
    I know relatively little and so am doing my research before getting my feet wet.
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    EdNug reacted to 5huggy in **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    998.9 - OH so close!!!  0.1 more you could have got the "services" out to reduce the postage further
    RNLI - to bring across channel 
    ambulance to ship to you
    Police to escort the ambulance
    Firebrigade to put out tyres that would  be on fire!!
    NOW lets see what the total can get to - with next weeks addition - - Im still feeling it for the poor old table ! 🤣
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    EdNug reacted to KevAg in Me Myself and I   
    Hi guys!
    New to the forum and here is a little about myself.
    My name's Kev, I'm 32 years of age and work as a gas engineer. I'm from South Wales in the United kingdom. Have been a long time potential PM investor but have never taken the jump to buy until recently. Last October 2018 I took the plunge, rather foolishly as I'd done little research on the market. My first purchase was of just under 300 1oz silver britanias. A 1oz gold krugerrand and a 1oz gold queens beast (Welsh dragon). With uncertain times ahead here in the UK I've started to invest into PM as a potential safe guarding of moneys. I plan to add to the collection as frequently as possible and have definitely caught the silver stacking bug. Any help and advice on best places to buy, specific coins etc would be much appreciated. 😁👍
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    EdNug reacted to Clark7781 in Introducing myself   
    Greetings, fellow forumites, just a short introduction of myself. 43 year old father of two sons from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Just started stacking silver two months ago and was directed to this forum from a number of YouTube videos I watched recently. I’m looking forward to learning a lot from you fine people. My focus is not on collecting various issues or diverse coins, but rather to secure funds in precious metals for their weight values for the future. I hope to learn much from you. 
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    EdNug reacted to mrbearuk in **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    The truck is lol
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    EdNug reacted to dexfish in New member   
    Hello all,
    Delighted to have landed here, via the YouTube channel and thanks for accepting me.
    I have recently retired and am trying to arrange my investments according to the uncertain current financial outlook. As I have young grandchildren, a means of providing something for their futures is high on the list of my priorities so I am currently leaning more to silver, rather than gold. 
    My knowledge of the bullion market is only what I have gleaned from the internet and much of that could be unreliable, so I look forward with interest to gaining some good grounding here.
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    EdNug reacted to BackyardBullion in **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    The order is up to a staggering 675 oz's of silver!
    No gold or platinum yet though!
    That is a staggering €11,000 worth in the first day alone!
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    EdNug got a reaction from FFkook in **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    Be very careful with the 1.25 and 1.5 oz Canadian Wildlife coins - most are listed as being in circulated condition, this means they probably have milk spots or scratches on them. Fine for raw bullion but if you're a collector you could be disappointed. I've decided against them for exactly that reason @mrbearuk @OllieClem
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    EdNug got a reaction from bored in Sorcery   
    The zoom on that is epic, you can almost count the hairs on peoples heads.
    And if you look across the river the size of the place is absolutely staggering...
    I found a couple screwing on one of the balconies, and two fishermen having a fight. I can't find any hookers though, must be the wrong time of day !!
    Sorcery indeed!
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    EdNug reacted to bored in Sorcery   
  21. Haha
    EdNug got a reaction from Don626 in Storing   
    Find your own dwarves to guard it, I heard the guys from Calcutta are good
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    EdNug reacted to Don626 in Storing   
    Lmao 😂 I figured someone would come back with something comical. 
    Pricing up some safes now, just trying to find a suitable one.
  23. Haha
    EdNug got a reaction from Xander in Storing   
    I keep half of mine in an underground bunker. Its booby trapped and guarded 24/7 by a gang of angry knife-wielding dwarves from Bombay.
    The other half is packed as ballast in my luxury yacht, its dry docked but ready to flee at a moments notice.
    (Sorry, it looked like a lonely post!)
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    EdNug got a reaction from Bullionaire in Silver Collectables From Lesser Known Mints   
    @Marko Some good news!  The ebay seller contacted me to say sorry for the confusion and that he's going to send me the BUnc versions at the price of the Bullion versions cos that's what was advertised. Very decent of him!  He did me an excellent deal on combined postage as well and also confirmed that they would be posted from Slovakia instead of Switzerland so no extra VAT when they arrive.  Happy days!!  Seeing as he's been so generous, here's his link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/wopaplus
    I'll post the photos in the 'Just Received' thread when they arrive and tag you in the post.
    Nice one!
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    EdNug reacted to Marko in Silver Collectables From Lesser Known Mints   
    @EdNug fingers crossed that he has the BU versions, and I hope that he helps out with the paperwork.
    I haven’t dealt with this mint before, and when I ordered the full set today it led me to posting this topic. Luckily they are in the EU so no need for further paperwork.
    I have bought from many smaller mints overseas, and hope that this thread leads to other forum members posting their “obscure” finds on here. I have bought many coins and bars after seeing other members posts on the forum, £ wise not always a good thing 😫
    I will upload some other coins (that I already have), over the weekend, some a bit strange, but they caught my eye, and hopefully it gives out some ideas.
    I hope you manage to get sorted