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    EdNug got a reaction from Bullionaire in Favorite Line/s From A Song   
    Great lyric, sounds like Rage, and it fits perfectly into a track i listened to about five times today already
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    EdNug got a reaction from 5huggy in The Forum, Stacking and Gender Psychology   
    This forum seems very male dominated, from what i can gather that reflects stacking in general.
    Why is that? Why don't more women stack? Why do men stack? What does it say about us?
    If life is an illusion is silver even real?
    Where's Jordan Petersen when you need him?
    There's a thesis in there for someone
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    EdNug reacted to Bullionaire in Favorite Line/s From A Song   
    Nope, Dry the river - Gethsemane
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    EdNug reacted to Roy in The Forum, Stacking and Gender Psychology   
    Is just saying you're a woman enough, or do you have to affect a camp voice, mince around and wear nail polish?
    I need to know this if I'm ever on a sinking ship with few lifeboats.
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    EdNug reacted to sixgun in The Forum, Stacking and Gender Psychology   
    Roy saying things like "camp voice, mince around and wear nail polish" is stereotyping. i find this deeply offensive. i am literally shaking.
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    EdNug reacted to StackerNoob in The Forum, Stacking and Gender Psychology   
    Its pretty simple. In general, you will always find more men on forums that discuss" things" and "stuff", especially niche "things" and "stuff". 
    In general, you will always find more women on forums discussing people and socialising.
    Its basic, fundamental evolutionary psychology based in historical, primitive functions of males and females.
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    EdNug reacted to Clens92 in Antique Pirate Plaque for Forum Appraisal   
    Literally the second google result on searching for the text on the reverse... 
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    EdNug reacted to Zhorro in Gold as a Growth Investment ? - Take Note   
    I think it could be very interesting to see the calculations in just a year’s time.  What with the derivatives bubble, the debt bubble, and the housing bubble, not to mention the trade war, Brexit, massive volatility in the stock markets, the struggling retail sector and the falling value of banks - maybe an alternative “investment” is required.
    When assessing the success of an “investment” a lot depends on the time period chosen.  I have been collecting for about a year, and I guess I would have done quite well if I had just bought brand new 2018 gold sovereigns and gold britannias from a bullion dealer – but this would have been boring!  I have taken the opportunity to start a new hobby and get some pleasure out of what I am doing – as well as getting an insight into the economic/financial world.
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    EdNug got a reaction from KDave in Gold as a Growth Investment ? - Take Note   
    It'll be interesting to see the same calculations in nine years time.
    Who could've foreseen QE, ZIRP/NIRP or the rise of Bitcoin and altcoins?
    A stack is guaranteed bank, EFs are a gamble.
    If it all goes tits up, are the certificates any good to smoke?
    At least you get to sleep tight without worrying about your digits evaporating overnight because of some algobot-induced megacrash in China, or something equally as abstract.
    In this world of accelerating abstraction I find the tangibility of pm's a comfort in itself.
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    EdNug reacted to moziah in introduction why i'm here   
    Hello to anyone who reads this. I've just joined this forum. I'm a complete beginner when it comes to buying precious metals but I'm keen to learn and start my stack as soon I have gained some knowledge. I have no interest in investing or holding to flip at a later date I wish to purchase solely should there be a breakdown to the current financial system.
    Anyone who wishes to share information with me where I can start learning about buying Silver\Gold I will receive it most gratefully. 
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    EdNug reacted to sixgun in The Forum, Stacking and Gender Psychology   
    This topic has been touched upon before. There are a few women members on the forum. Lea79 (Leanne) who pops in now and again likes her precious metal and finds it amusing her women friends spend their money on things like shoes.
    Women spend more. Men invest and save more. If you try to dig out the reasoning you have to get over the PC barrier that attempts to spin this the other way and discredit this 'stereotype'. That will try to make out women aren't the spenders. In the post fact world stereotypes are rubbished and called racist, sexist, homophobe blah blah, unless they are undermining men, especially White men. Every stereotype is true, the question is how true - some are fake and rarely true, many are more truer than not. It's called identifying trends, predominance, using observational experience.
    Notice how the sentence is spun - women have been taught to spend on lifestyle (in my book fritter money away). There is the current Leftist failure to accept biology, different psychology. It is not that men and women are completely different beings, it is a social construct, social indoctrination.
    Leanne's friends buy shoes, she is an outlier she buys gold and silver.
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    EdNug reacted to Pete in Gold as a Growth Investment ? - Take Note   
    Many of us suckers ( stackers ) buy gold and PMs not just as a hobby but maybe as a serious investment for the future, pension top up, security etc. etc.
    Everyone knows that investments are supposed to be for the longer term not just flipping so I did a back of the envelope calculation on buying some gold compared to well known UK equities in a fund.

    The comparison goes as follows -
    At the start of each month in 2010, I buy a once ounce gold coin like a Krugerrand at 2.5% above spot price including delivery.
    The cost of my investment at the end of the year is approximately £9,700 and I have 12 ounces of gold.
    This collection if sold today, bearing in mind that gold has risen very recently, is currently valued at £12,000
    Had I invested £10,000 during 2010 in a popular general UK Equity Fund like Threadneedle and left it untouched, meaning the dividends each were were automatically re-invested to buy more shares, then the current value is close to £22,000.
    So does buying gold still have it's same appeal to investors ?
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    EdNug got a reaction from Tn21 in 'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread   
    @mr-dead  Very nice. What do you do for a living? Kill people for the Clintons? Moat and draw bridge? Got any jobs going??
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    EdNug reacted to sovereignsteve in Import duty and Vat from Australia   
    Yes there will be VAT + the carrier's collection charge. Royal Mail is about £8 I think but people like Fedex and similar charge a lot more.
    The VAT will be payable at 20% of the stated value plus the postal charge, so the obvious route is to try to get the seller to be "creative" with the stated value. Some will but many won't.
    The other way is to get them to describe it as a numismatic coin and put the appropriate UK/EU customs code on. I can't remember the code but it will be easily searchable. Level of VAT using this code is only %5
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    EdNug reacted to mrbearuk in My Introduction.   
    Hello, my name is John, I live in South Wales.
    I've come here from watching "Backyard Bullion" youtube videos.
    I used to collect coins from the Westminster & pubjoy mints many years ago but stopped and sold everything after
    getting married and having children.
    I've recently started back investing in silver. It's great to find a useful resource to help me along the way as beating the tax man in this country is pretty hard. I hope to find ways to get silver cheaper and in return help out in any way I can, until then it's out with the metal detector lol
    Thank you 
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    EdNug reacted to mr-dead in Sovereign treasure chest - 3D woodfill printed   
    Just knocked up this one today on the 3D printer with a new wood filled filament that got delivered.
    Its a PLA filament with a high content of real wood so can be sanded and stained.

  18. Haha
    EdNug reacted to AllThingsShiny in **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    I HOPE NOT!!! you seem like a right pain who would probably drive @BackyardBullion into a early grave
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    EdNug reacted to itslikegolddust in Newbie Stacker here   
    Evening all and Season Greetings
    Newbie here, been following the forum and finally joined. Only started 3 weeks ago stacking Gold/Silver Britannias and Sovereigns as well as smaller bars (for the kids future!). Will always be interested in buying Britannias near spot. Getting addicted hooked already!
    Have a great evening
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    EdNug got a reaction from Oldun in Stacking till the Floor Boards Crack   
    Hi All,
    I'm a stacker from West Country UK. Got into it five or six years ago. Just short of a thousand ounces atm, with a few extra in gold. I've done a bit of selling on ebay in the past, thinking of getting into it again and also looking to get kitted out to try a few pours of my own soon. Used to get my bigger chunks VAT-free from Estonia via celticgold.eu, never had any problems with them- recommended.
    I've been impressed with BYB on youtube and found this place through them. Hoping I can be a part of the next group order, and maybe score a ripple bar or two in time. Also hoping to connect with a fellow local stacker or two - I'm always up for a bit of trading.
    Its great to find a UK based silver community - they don't make it easy for us do 'em!
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    EdNug reacted to Agpanda in Stacking till the Floor Boards Crack   
    Hi and welcome to the forum from Sweden
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    EdNug reacted to BackyardBullion in Group Orders   
    No need to be premium, we use https://www.europeanmint.com
    January order details coming out soon!