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    EdNug got a reaction from augur in AV9 - Alex Thomson - INVENTORS of EVIL THINGS ...   
    A fascinating presentation from a must-watch alternative media channel.
    If anyone knows of any other sources/authors dealing with this perspective of history this would be a good thread to share them on.
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    EdNug got a reaction from cravethatcoin in What if We Have a No Deal Brexit ?   
    Reckon you could be right, but will there be any silver bullion buyers left?  Silver buying focus will likely turn from bullion to numismatics, but most of the bullion trade will probably switch to gold and crypto. Imho, of course.
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    EdNug reacted to mr-dead in Brexit status ...   
    When your end goal is a one government federal states of Europe where individual member states cease to exist is that easier to achieve with native populations or with countries filled with people with no emotional attachment to that country, its traditions and customs?
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    EdNug reacted to Cornishfarmer in Brexit status ...   
    I for one don’t have a problem with immigration and it didn’t enter my head when the vote was made.     But a lot of people want to stop the free flow of people not the free flow of goods.
    The EU still aren’t blinking but this morning are saying the labour idea may be better,   Not sure they should be medaling with political parties.       The Brexit fiasco started because the elite in London wouldn’t listen to the peasants outside.       This is now happening with the elite in Brussels.
    As a farmer I will be financially worse off with Brexit but it’s worth missing out to get independence.          What not many have picked up yet but will be MASSIVE in the next couple years is that the next round of CAP (common agricultural policy) is due, it will be financed and without the U.K. money (if it stops)  and that’s when Europe will rebel.     Agriculture maybe a primary industry in the U.K. but in France, Italy Ireland etc a massive part of the economy relies on it.          What ever deal we get watch this development 
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    EdNug reacted to Legofan in Hi everyone   
    Thanks everybody 
    Nice to see that there's a lot of interest for new commers. I hope i can use your experience once i go to collecting coins, because i and a newbie in that part.
    Here a ipad pic ( sorry for the quality ) of my stack so far. And monday i should have a Beast coin more, if the post is on time 😳

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    EdNug reacted to Legofan in Hi everyone   
    Hi There
    I joined this forum last night, but didnt have time to write before today.
    Im a guy from Denmark 47 years old, who have 3 hobbies : Gold . Lego And my aquarium ( Seawater ). Other than that im trying to avoid being killed by my wife, for spending to much money ;o( .
    2 Years ago i started collecting gold. back then is was Bars from PAMP,  but recently i found them kind of boring, not the gold, but they all look the same. So i started to look into Gold coins, and damn theres a lot of nice coins out there. 
     Now i have started collecting : The queens beast series, and so far i have 3 1/4 ounce coins, and 4  2 ounce silver 
     I got  : The Bull , The Griffin  and today i bought The unicorn ( Bought at Bullionbypost, I hope they send me a nice speciment ).
    About Lego. I just cant help myself, its the best toy ever. I can sit with my son, and play all weekend, i have 3 electrik trains, that we play with, while my wife is complaining that we take to much room, and who is going to clean up ans so on. But its just good fun, and its nice to use the old brain for something kreative sometimes. 
     My tank is more my therapy place. To sit and watch the fishes swim around the beatyfull corrals that come in 1000 colors, just relaxes me after work. 
     The Gold is for me, a investment in my pension, therefor i go for coins thats close to the gold price, except if i find something beautifull like the Beast series.
     I wish all a good hunting out there. Ohhh and be carefull, theres a lot of fake gold out there.
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    EdNug reacted to sg86 in Today I Received.....   
    What a coin.... 🤗😍
    1853 Proof, nothing much more to say but wow! 
    I suspect many don't even know this rarity even exists, very very few in existence now. 
    Pictures (especially from phone) don't do it any justice, so I will do a 4k video at some point so others can enjoy it


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    EdNug reacted to BackyardBullion in **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    Ladies and gents - we have to admit an error here. 
    We forgot to do the prize draw for the 100 grams of 40% silver!
    Now, this is 50% my fault and 50% EU mints fault - we just forgot. But we are going to honour this prize draw.
    We don't however have the 100g of 40% silver, so instead the prize is 50g of 90% silver (the same amount of silver content)!
    Now, there is an issue around publishing a large list of forum names and drawing a number - some people might not want to be publicly identified as having joined in. So we have made the draw behind the scenes, I hope that my reputation alone will act as reassurance this draw was made fairly. 
    Each forum member that joined this group order was assigned a number. There were 71 entrants and the lucky number to come up was 50

    That means the lucky winner of 50g of 90% silver is @OllieClem
    Well done and thank you to The European Mint for adding this little bit of fun to the group order!
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    EdNug reacted to Fathallazf in Sovereigns in crisps!   
    In lebanon we win gold sovereigns in crisps! Wish me luck 😄

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    EdNug got a reaction from 5huggy in What if We Have a No Deal Brexit ?   
    Double up deluxe! 8 kilos and 3 roos it is then.
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    EdNug reacted to 5huggy in What if We Have a No Deal Brexit ?   
    £135 = 243.731Aud !!
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    EdNug reacted to Argentknight in Motivational videos   
    Wonder why he is displaying "The sign of the horns"?
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    EdNug reacted to Kowloon88 in Hiya all   
    Hello everyone,
    I’ve been an occasional lurker here but only recently started to get back into gold and silver.
    You can probably tell by my chosen username that I am into Chinese/HK/East Asian themed coins! But I am really into anything that interests me.
    Happy stacking

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    EdNug reacted to SeasickDave in SeasickDave new member   
    Hi, just wanted to introduce myself, been researching now for around 6 months, finally decided to take the plunge and start off my "collection" today, it's certainly not much, but I didn't want to dive in too deep to start, so I've just gone for a few things that I liked the look of, with no worries about losing too much money! Once I've started to get a proper feel for things, I'll certainly be looking to add quantity! I've also got a couple of the queen's beasts 2oz falcons on the way, again, just because I liked the look of them, so I'm not worrying about values at the minute, just trying to make sure I'm not paying over the odds, whilst collecting/investing. 
    Thanks for looking

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    EdNug got a reaction from Rugbyplayer in First ever coin stack & international purchase - maple or eagle?   
    You could do a lot worse than stack up on Queen's Beasts - a tiny extra premium but it will translate into something guaranteed higher than spot when you sell on. I'd also go for Aussie Kangaroos or Brits over Maples and Eagles every time. Aside from avoiding spotted Maples tis just a question of taste though
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    EdNug reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Today I Received.....   
    Another bag of goodies made their way into my grubby hands...

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    EdNug reacted to Poweredbypies in Want to stack.   
    Hi all I'm Paddy from lincs. Been thinking about stacking some silver for two reasons one is the monetary aspect and the other is just for a bit of fun. Recently become a bit flusher so thought I'd take the plunge. 
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    EdNug reacted to Ianbriggs in Hello all.complete newbie from leeds area   
    Hi folks.iam a complete newbie so expect lots of daft questions from me.iam hoping to pour my own bars eventually but i dont have a clue where to get what from.i also do a bit of detecting but wont be melting any of the coins i find.thinking of buying 999 for casting.iam looking forward to learning all about it.so this is me and hello from otley west yorkshire.
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    EdNug reacted to BackyardBullion in **JANUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    If you are available feel free to join me for a live chat as the unboxing video to end all unboxing videos premieres on YouTube!
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    EdNug reacted to AWM in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Hi guys! I've not long started (Jan this year) so here is my little stack.
    Currently stands at:
    100 toz of 2018/2019 Standard Britannias.
    10 toz of Oriental Border 2018 Brittanias.
    10 toz of 20th Anniversary Britannias.
    2 toz Brexit Commemorative Britannias.
    10 toz of 2018 Gibraltar 3 lions
    1 toz 2018 Platinum Britannia.
    (None of the standards should really need the casules, I have the mint tubes, but why hide what's nice to look at lol )

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    EdNug got a reaction from caloundracats in Brexit status ...   
    I disagree with you there, UK leaving the EU will be hard for both, but the EU have far more to lose than the UK - the whole EU project is crumbling, the Euro is a dying currency waiting to be buried and there is no popular support for the globalist agenda outside the meeting rooms of billionaires, their corporations, lobby groups and supranational institutions like the IMF and BIS. That the EU are bluffing the strength of their hand is easily revealed through their utter panic of a 'hard' Brexit and subsequent willingness to extend the date of article 50, despite their initial firmness in stating the date was unchangeable. We are the first rat trying to flee the sinking ship - as soon as we find the exit then Italy, France et al will quickly follow.
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    EdNug reacted to Pete in Kilo Bar   
    Taking my suggestion from the gold section ?
    Personally I would stay clear of kilo bars for now ( Arshi excluded as he does offer great prices ) [ when you can for the same price buy coins ] and either buy one ounce coins or maybe consider a 5 oz or 10oz Perth Mint or even a 10oz Queen's Beast.
    There is quite a stunning coin out at 10oz called the 2018 Valiant - have a look

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    EdNug reacted to Abyss in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Recently come back from India and emptied a safety deposit box in India while I was there (no longer required). Managed to bring back into UK fair amount of gold without being questioned by customs. Visited Saint James in Manchester today to deposit some items and took opportunity photograph the family entire gold stack:
    A lot gold held in the form of Indian jewellery
    I have no idea how many oz gold is in jewellery form and 18 to 22 carat gold with some items having real diamonds. Best part of the gold stack Queens Beast bullion coins.

    Six months stacking fortunate picked up most of the stack when spot prices much lower. Most of the jewellery purchased by my late dad when gold spot prices $250 oz.
    Hand poured silver by BYB adding Tetris and Puzzle set to this collection

    10 oz coins have 50 of them

    Proof Sets

    Coins in capsules

    Rwanda Series


    2 oz Queens Beast

    Gold stack 60 oz unknown quantity gold jewellery. Silver stack 1,400 oz.
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    EdNug got a reaction from augur in Digital Book Burning / Online Censorship   
    If people don't talk about this now we won't be able to talk about much at all in the not-too-distant
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    EdNug got a reaction from augur in Digital Book Burning / Online Censorship   
    If people don't talk about this now we won't be able to talk about much at all in the not-too-distant