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  1. JFTR I've been using the Degiro website - fees for buying shares on the US exchanges are very small, a bit more for the others but its not expensive
  2. What? Communism and its centralised economy vs Central Bank controlled Capitalism are just two different methods of centralised organisation that the 'International Bankers' have been experimenting with for the last hundred or so years. Which system enriches and empowers the tribe best? Centralised 'capitalism' won the contest, but to centralise capitalism via central banks runs contrary to the very principles of capitalism in the first place, so its not even communism vs capitalism; tis more correct to frame it as centralised economics with private ownership vs centralised economics with public ownership. Capitalism, like people, needs a free market and sound money to function effectively; there is no such thing in any supposedly capitalist economy today. If every nation/country/state/society had the liberty to manage its own sociopolitical economy there would be a different arrangement for every different n/c/s/s in existence.
  3. And the Queen has been in on it since the 80s:
  4. For silver I'd go with 10 oz coins - Valiants and/or Queens Beasts atm. Buy in bulk and order from a reputable European dealer to minimise overheads and premiums. Both are limited mintage, reasonably close to spot, easy to trade and their premium will rise moderately with age - stackers with a small premium potential. For balancing the stack sovs are hard to beat in the UK, often picked up cheapest at local auctions or bargains through TSF. With Gold:Silver at 1:88 I'd definitely start with silver first though, right now it is least favoured, ridiculously cheap, bottomed out and its nice to get some hefty weight for your bank notes. If value ever turns to reflect natural abundance that 10 oz silver lump will be worth the same as four sovs. Don't ignore crypto or silver/gold shares either. Bitcoin might only exist in the digital aether and be reliant on 3rd party tech but it has earnt its place in the contrarians basket whilst gold/silver shares may keep your cash in the financial system but, like BTC, should the markets turn in favour of PMs then both of these will reward much higher and more liquid returns than raw bullion. In cash terms I'd go 25:25:25:25
  5. Indeed, they're terrified of Gavin Williamson
  6. Are people here aware of the European Defence Union, what it entails and how May has been deepening our commitment and involvement despite her Brexit mandate? EDU requires that ALL elements of the UKs security apparatus, from police to intel to all branches and capacities of the military, be placed under central European command and control and that we, as a nation, in turn be subjugated to the same centralized command and control. It will be tax payer funded. Apparently 'its not a part of Brexit negotiations.' If we have no national defences and legal monopoly of violence is outsourced to a supranational authority then where does that leave us as a country, nation and culture? It makes a horrible mockery of the whole Brexit debate. Ununiformed and unnumbered militarized foreign 'police' are currently deployed on the streets of France to repress the Yellow Vest protests, where atrocities against unarmed civilians are being committed every weekend. Is this the future of all European states? https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/emergency-briefing-defence-and-security-david-ellis
  7. Bitcoin took some hard knocks, its shown resilience through a trough and has now risen 124% in the last three months, with gold down 2% and silver down 7% over the same period. Corporate and institutional adoption of BTC is also gaining traction. Where does this leave the metals in terms of comparative investment potential and priority, for people and business alike? Is a crypto 'stack' of equal clout becoming a necessary diversification for all conscientious PM stackers? Is crypto an even better anti-central bank investment than physical gold and silver? If the global trend continues to favour crypto over PMs the metals market could get smoked in terms of gains and utility in the short to mid-term. What are the forums thoughts?
  8. Bought the shares for sitting on. What does 'trading on the margin via cfds' mean?
  9. Muppet; there is so much evidence for Yaxley-Lennon being a Mossad asset its not funny. He's admitted on camera many many times and he's quite proud of it. As for things like Chem trails, flat Earth and fake Moon landings, well, i'll leave those bizarre little fantasies to your silly little mind
  10. I wrote 'asset', you read 'agent', but there's a big difference - agents are fully conscripted, paid and loyal whereas assets are usually compromised/blackmailed into serving a higher/foreign authority. Tommy Robinson is, without a shadow of a doubt, a Mossad asset. I'm well versed in this aspect of life because they tried turning me into a Mossad asset in 2014. I rejected their advances to my great personal cost and am lucky to be alive today, though permanently scarred after two decades of doing battle with the Devil. Sh1t got wild.
  11. So true. 90% of Tory party members belong to a group called Conservative Friends of Israel and the most significant part of their mission statement reads something like "We believe that Israel's interests are our interests"; meaning 90% of our ruling party have completely capitulated to serving the interests of those whom we must be very wary about naming. As for the perverted stuff - that pedo-island owning Epstein character in the states is another Mossad asset; mission being to sexually corrupt and compromise powerful and influential people in order that they may be silenced or co-opted for the Zionist cause. Prince Andrew and Dickie Branson are two Brits that immediately spring to mind.
  12. Yes! About a week ago I sorted out a trading account on a site called Degiro and purchased a few shares in half a dozen PM Streaming/Royalty companies - these carry a little bit of a lower risk than miners because streaming/royalty companies invest in mining projects for a share of the spoils but don't (directly) carry the liabilities or overheads that mining companies do and their investments are spread between different mining companies. For guidance I used advice from King World News with a little bit of confirmational independent research - Auryn Resources are highly touted for 10-20 times increase in share price over the next few years, but if their mines are more productive than estimated and the price of PMs rises like we all think it will then those shares could be, wait for it... a veritable gold mine! Metalla Royalty, Coeur Mining, Endeavour Silver, K92 Mining and Excellon Resources are also highly regarded and relatively cheap to invest in. There are plenty of other good looking investments in this field but, from what i can gather, the percentage profits are to be made in 'junior miners' as opposed to the safer but way more expensive already established mining giants... Do your own research though - I'm certainly no expert. For a contrarian investment bundle raw bullion, Bitcoin and PM streaming/royalty shares make for a pretty good base, and I'm happy to say that I now have my foot in the door of all three.
  13. A little contradiction here - Stephen Yaxley-Lennon aka Tommy Robinson is well known to be a Mossad asset; he's publicly declared his willingness to fight for Israel "because... why not? F*ck it." He's also a self-confessed coke fiend. Aside from being an unstable sold out 'foreign agent' he is politically and historically ignorant so any political party that accepts his membership is either desperate and/or fully on board with the Zionist agenda. The Brexit issue is a tough one. On the one hand we have the EU, which is determined to centralize a corporate oriented authority over member states, thus destroying any illusions of national sovereignty, and also on an inevitable path to economic collapse whilst the only alternative offered was a closer but entirely subservient relationship with the Zionist States of America and the apartheid colonial terrorist expansionist exceptionalist and supremacist abomination that is Israel. I refused to vote in the referendum because I cannot support the aims, intentions or direction of the EU or the aims, intentions and direction of the other power bloc we find ourselves being pulled by, and it was clear that the 'leave' discourse was being dominated by the most fascistic elements within the Tory party. The only positive route forward that I can conceive of is membership of a reformed and neutered European trade bloc with a collective security agreement and one which respects national sovereignty and actively seeks to strengthen and reinforce its members social and political cultures without dictating economic or immigration policy. Given the nature of existing power distribution, which lies largely with Ziocorporate entities, I have no confidence whatsoever that this is possible. At least not in our lifetimes. It, very sadly, looks to me as if authoritarian supranational inclinations are doomed to destroy the social, political and economic structures from which they derived their power in the first place.
  14. Bump. Currently listed with Bleyer at £195
  15. 2013 winner of the Most Innovative Coin award First coin of the Mongolian Nature series five coin collection Ground-breaking design and engineering !!! £125 + postage* !!! Mintage: 2500 coa : received from new with no box All photos are of the coin for sale (the second two make the coin look paler than it is; first photo is a truer to form) 2015 1 oz Silver Funnel Web Ruthenium Plated, Gold Gilded, Web Art COA + Presentation Card !!! £65 + postage* !!! Mintage: 500 All photos are of the coin for sale *I've never had any problems sending coins second class signed for, I'll do that for free, but first class and tracking? Ye can pay for that privilege Will accept payment by bank transfer, PPFF, Bitcoin, Litecoin or £ equivalent in raw bullion PM if interested