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  1. EdNug

    Silver Deals.....

    Perth Mint 5oz Proof Lunar Snake PF70 Ultra Cameo (NGC) for £150 +pp. Mintage only 1985. I've ordered one, one left - the seller looks legit and the price is a comparative gift. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5oz-SILVER-2013P-PF70-AUSTRALIA-8-YEAR-OF-THE-SNAKE-Utr-CAMEO-FIRST-1K-STRUCK/322560368783
  2. EdNug

    Silver goblet??

    An upside down vase?
  3. @sixgun This is their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TRUTHstreammedia And this is their most recent feature length piece: (3h 42m)
  4. Century of the Self was excellent. I felt that this one fell a long, long way short of his usual standards though - he took the official narrative for gospel whenever it suited him, despite strong evidence to the contrary in many cases. If he wanted to make a proper fist of this one it should've been at least twice as long, it felt as if he got bored with the details and sacrificed editorial integrity in a rush to get his message out. Truthstream Media ( http://www.truthstreammedia.com/ ) blow him out of the water these days; in depth, output, analysis and pertinence.
  5. In today's world if you're counting your gold in terms of productive mines and refineries you should consider yourself rich. If you're talking about silver you're not rich. If your rellies blew their fortune on heroin, hookers and gambling debts then tis a high probability you're upper class.
  6. EdNug

    Brexit status ...

    Don't get me started! The motto of the 'Friends of Israel' goes something like 'Israel's values are our values'. There are Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem Friends of Israel groups, something like AIPAC is in the US. Gove bringing this up is a barely implicit reminder to his 'Right honourable friend' that he should not forget who his rulers are and what the ultimate agenda is - Israel first. 80% of Tory MPs belong to CFI. That's 80% of our sitting govt who've pledged allegiance to a foreign, apartheid, settler colonial and supremacist state with undeclared nuclear weapons and a refusal to acknowledge their own borders. The Friends of Israel groups - conspiring to further Israel's agenda through an MP near you.
  7. EdNug

    Brexit status ...

    A massive defeat. She's a goner. Who takes things forward from here? A slaughtered leader leading a minority government into the most significant 6 weeks of the UK's economic history - what a sorry state of affairs. GE sure to follow soon, before or after 29th March tho?
  8. I know that in certain drug producing countries contraband is often molded into the shape of non-essential vehicle parts and then fitted in place before being driven across borders - a silver roof rack? Or maybe a couple of silver bicycle frames with gold brake discs?? (I spent 5 years as a freelance journo specializing in drug politics and economics so I know loads about this sort of stuff!!) Maybe the Forum could negotiate a fair price for one of the Colombian coke smuggling submarines! Dodgy but fascinating stuff; this issue does highlight the potential for a drastic increase in post-Brexit smuggling though, not just of PMs but anything with prohibitive tariffs imposed on it. Apologies for the topic diversion, I'll say no more about it!
  9. What about jewellery? I've done huge amounts of international travel and the allowances are pretty generous. If one was to take the equivalent amount of (fake) silver out of the country under the guise of selling it could one not bring back the same weight and claim they just didn't sell it? I'm also remembering the story of Pink Floyd's stage speakers being transported around the world with alternating ballast of house bricks and bricks of cannabis...!!
  10. EdNug

    New release

    looks like something out of Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut
  11. EdNug

    Outlook on Silver - Anyone following him?

    MM is one of the most common 'one to be avoided' names Median price house for 500 oz? He obviously doesn't live in the UK, you can't even buy a derelict concrete shed for that money here. Quite a few names and opinions of them to check out here:
  12. EdNug

    Another new one

    $310 for two ounces? A big winner for the mint that's for sure
  13. Ins't there something like a 10 grand limit on the amount of PMs someone can carry through customs? 10 grand per person, 4 people in the wagon - £40 grands worth would still be legal under those conditions i think
  14. ZH is pretty good for dissident political articles, I'm more into it for that than the hardcore financial stuff. From a political economy perspective ZH and globalresearch are the two best sites that I've managed to find on the net. We're ruled by a deeply corrupt and criminal network of psychopathic terrorists so I greatly appreciate news sources which aren't afraid to report from that perspective, and just don't bother with those who refuse to acknowledge it. An excellent interview about Brexit on SDBullion's youtube channel yesterday: