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  1. A cautionary story: my parents stashed a couple of Krugerands in a safety deposit box in the bank that my mother worked in. (Nat West, mid 70s) A few years later (early 80s) they asked for access to their box and the Krugerands were gone. With a bit of kicking off and because she knew the system and the staff Mum managed to get two Krugs returned but those boxes are not as safe as advertised.
  2. One of my favourites Right up until the ripe old age of 17 i always thought November 5th was a celebration of someone having a go. Finding out i was wrong severely altered the way i perceived society around me. Gutted.
  3. @BackyardBullion Is there any chance of getting a 1kg bag of those old American junk coins as part of this group order? I know tis not part of the list but it would be a simple addition to process
  4. @BackyardBullion Received with thanks, much appreciated
  5. So all the politicians and newsreaders who believe that Russians have conspired to influence western elections and that the Taliban conspired to commit 9/11 are criminals? I fckn knew it. The country's run by a bunch of conspiracy theory crooks!
  6. A fascinating presentation from a must-watch alternative media channel. If anyone knows of any other sources/authors dealing with this perspective of history this would be a good thread to share them on. Enjoy!
  7. Reckon you could be right, but will there be any silver bullion buyers left? Silver buying focus will likely turn from bullion to numismatics, but most of the bullion trade will probably switch to gold and crypto. Imho, of course.
  8. This would explain why, when buying tubes of coins, the top coin of the tube is often spotted upon opening - greater exposure to the air. I'm sure i can't be the only person that's noticed this top-of-the-tube problem. I've had it with Britannia's, Maples and Queen's Beasts - top coin often looks horrible but everything underneath is fine. As a result the only tubes of small silver coins I'll buy these days are 9999 coins from Perth Mint - never had a problem with any of them. Seeing the state of the first QB lion when i pulled it out of the tube completely put me off collecting them - a milk spotted Queen's head and the edge of the coin looks like someone spat a load of toothpaste all around it. (Edit: what's the point of collecting a series if you're afraid it'll spoil itself when you're not looking?)
  9. Greetings good sir. Have you seen these before? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-oz-999-Fine-Silver-Lego-Building-Block-Bar-Monarch-Precious-Metals-Rare/113614030346?hash=item1a73ec860a:g:HucAAOSwH2RcVyBK:rk:1:pf:0
  10. Double up deluxe! 8 kilos and 3 roos it is then.
  11. Kilo kooks, lunars and koalas have a face value of 30 dollars each. 4kg = AU$120. No worries, there's even room for a couple of small ones!