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  1. Bit confused regarding the stock status... I assume they just haven’t updated the text and these are indeed available without delay?
  2. Really appreciate the diligence show in finding an alternative way BYB 👍 1. if it is not too much trouble I think it would benefit all if there were cut off points as to when you could expect shipment i.e orders before X date will be shipped (providing everything ordered is in stock). 2. At what point will the 1.2% group shipping be applied? 3. Should I register with the European Mint beforehand? I will check out transferwise, however may have to bug you all with more questions regarding how you pay the European Mint regarding this...
  3. Just completed a survey for the RM relating to having Scientists on future coins. Basically they wanted to know who you would want (Freetext) and then gave you a shortlist (presumably their own list). Theses included Turing, Faraday, Fleming Babbage etc... I was wondering who the forum would like to go alongside Newton and Hawking coins? I voted Turing, in my mind the image would look pretty cool if it incorporated modern coding with the Enigma machine...
  4. Will there be a second edition with an amended date?!! You could then market them as a limited edition Brexit Collection.
  5. My new favourite coin, courtesy of @SilverStan It is so good, it is a different coin whenever I look at it... Red Panda or Green Panda?
  6. Weird, I went on at around 7:15 and it said 2 minutes! In saying that when checking out payment failed 3 times before going through.
  7. Looks good, I am assuming the old one will be merged with this one?
  8. I’ll await the silver proof in that case...
  9. More Germania’s released... @SilverStan are these legit, just haven’t seen these mentioned in the release schedule.
  10. Does anyone Have any idea as to when the actual image will be released/leaked? Very little hype in comparison to that of the Gruffalo so may just chance joining it in the morning.
  11. Thanks for that, I did think it looked a lot better quality than a bullion coin. In saying that limited to a million doesn’t feel that limited 😂.
  12. Silver listed @ £20K a Kg... i’ll sell at that price 😂