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  1. 12 seconds in...." I work with Mike Mallony, goldsilver.com" His ONLY agenda, is to sell silver. He might be right, and i would be nice to flip some coins for a big profit. But he`s a salesman, selling silver. If i knew for a fact, that silver would rise, i would tell my family and closest friends, not the whole world, as it wouldnt be in my best interest..
  2. I'm sure your right, i just thought you reacted arrogant to someone trying to answer your question. Hope you get your answer.
  3. I was just thinking the same.. WTF!
  4. Im still paying the same amount. It depends on quantity, and where it has to go..
  5. I think this referrs to an open order, not being closed within an hour. The order will be deleted, since the price may fluctuate.. Payment is 4 days and shipping is handled by GS. Cost are included in your total.
  6. https://goldsilver.be/en/content/6-orderprocess https://goldsilver.be/en/content/1-livraison https://goldsilver.be/en/content/5-pysec Or you could just send them an email. Despite what people think of them, they will answer any question you have..
  7. Just ordered, 1 of each of the 2oz Queens Beast, so i have 6 of each, to fit my 3 boxes from Alun. 🙂 10 oz 2018 Perth Dragons. 40 oz 2018 oriental border Brits. And 25 oz 2019 Brits. Its christmas all over again.. 🙂
  8. Wont their leases just be taken over other companies? If the metal is in the ground, in large enough quantities, it will get dug out.. I dont see supply dropping, other companies will just fill the void.
  9. Imho, some dealers will try to give the impression that "stocks are running low, so now is the time to buy" or "Forecast for PM are going through the roof, best load up on PM" Im not saying tthats the fact here, But i´m not spending my hard earned salery, on PM, because of some random forecast from a PM dealer.. 🤨
  10. I began stacking, because i became aware of FIRE (Financial independence Retire Early) My silver is meant as a hedge in my investment plan. However to gain knowledge of silver, and what to invest in, one of the platforms i used was, and still is, youtube. The only problem there is, that 80% of videos regarding stacking are made by preppers, and new world order fans.. So make sure, to be focused on what YOU mean to get out of it, instead of following people with a hidden agenda.. Just my opinion.
  11. Exactly. It was your post i read. 😉
  12. Fair enough. I just saw the "courier" issue, in another post, and have had the same problems. IF i do buisness with GS again, i'll ask to get another courier.
  13. Thanks KDave. I Know things can change in the future, but this gives me an indicator of what to expect. Just the info i was looking for. 👍