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  1. ManWithNoName

    Shortage of privately minted silver?

    Wont their leases just be taken over other companies? If the metal is in the ground, in large enough quantities, it will get dug out.. I dont see supply dropping, other companies will just fill the void.
  2. ManWithNoName

    Shortage of privately minted silver?

    Imho, some dealers will try to give the impression that "stocks are running low, so now is the time to buy" or "Forecast for PM are going through the roof, best load up on PM" Im not saying tthats the fact here, But i´m not spending my hard earned salery, on PM, because of some random forecast from a PM dealer.. 🤨
  3. ManWithNoName

    anyone stacking for SHTF?

  4. ManWithNoName

    Outlook on Silver - Anyone following him?

    I began stacking, because i became aware of FIRE (Financial independence Retire Early) My silver is meant as a hedge in my investment plan. However to gain knowledge of silver, and what to invest in, one of the platforms i used was, and still is, youtube. The only problem there is, that 80% of videos regarding stacking are made by preppers, and new world order fans.. So make sure, to be focused on what YOU mean to get out of it, instead of following people with a hidden agenda.. Just my opinion.
  5. ManWithNoName

    about goldsilver.be

    Exactly. It was your post i read. 😉
  6. ManWithNoName

    about goldsilver.be

    Fair enough. I just saw the "courier" issue, in another post, and have had the same problems. IF i do buisness with GS again, i'll ask to get another courier.
  7. ManWithNoName

    Where and how to sell stack?

    Thanks KDave. I Know things can change in the future, but this gives me an indicator of what to expect. Just the info i was looking for. 👍
  8. ManWithNoName

    A hello from me

    Hi, and welcome, from a Danish noob. 🙂
  9. ManWithNoName

    Where and how to sell stack?

    So in theory, when i have to liquidate my silver in 20 years time, and if the spot, is about where it is now, i can expect a loss, even though the price is reasonably low atm.. (Inflation not taken into consideration) What kind of % under spot, would 1000oz cost me?
  10. ManWithNoName

    about goldsilver.be

    Just to get back on track, and say hi.. 🙂 I´ve used GS.Be a couple of times, and have some QB on the way atm. No problems so far, but i might consider using another dealer, since their courier service is no good. I live in Denmark, and FedEx, which they use, have a one star rating on Trustpilot. (In Denmark) FedEx customer service is rubbish, the packages dosn´t get delivered, so you have to pick them up yourselve. (2 terminals in the country) And their drivers are not speaking danish or english for that matter.. Its a shame, because GS has all i need, at the right price.. Maybe they´ll start listening to their customers and make some changes..
  11. ManWithNoName

    Where and how to sell stack?

    Has anyone tried selling large volume coins? And what are their experience?
  12. ManWithNoName

    Where and how to sell stack?

    I´m stacking for retirement, but if the price is right i will sell. I am currently on abt. 500 oz and planning on getting another 500. Where would you sell 1000 oz in one go, and would any dealers actually buy that much if the price just peaked instead of going up, over a longer period? Can we be sure that someone will buy our silver, and wouldn´t the price drop, when people start selling? My silver is only coins. (Maple, ASE, Krugerrand, Britannias etc..)
  13. ManWithNoName

    Danish retirement stacker..

    Thanks. 🙂
  14. ManWithNoName

    Magnet test and ring test

    Yes. Two silvercoins.
  15. ManWithNoName

    Magnet test and ring test

    Place a coin, flat, on the tip of your finger, and gently tap it on the edge, with another coin.