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  1. Hiya. I'm a jeweller by trade. You are looking for 925 silver or pure silver? Either way I could 3d cad a heart with hole in or with bale if in 925. Usually work in precious metals but might be able to help out.
  2. Maybe a stupid question, but does it also come with the original box and COA? Thanks,
  3. Yeah its solid, hallmarked and all.
  4. Sorry Im late to the party but we have this.... an 18ct gold golf club (putter) and a gold pitch repairer. Not mine, but the bosses. Worth quite a bit. THe boss was going to take offers not too long ago, think he may have decided to keep now. Added 0 minutes later...
  5. Ohhhh, like this thread idea. I think... AUSTRIA: Not a big fan of their design, but they should do different musical instruments every year. ITALY: Agree with the above poster that roman based would be cool. Maybe designs of old roman coins but as though they were new and modernised. GREECE: The Greek gods obviously. RUSSIA: Strong soviet designs, I'd be all over these. God, I have so many ideas, not all good, but ideas.
  6. Thanks. I'm only a skinny fella so not my style either.
  7. BuffaloGold

    Huge Gold Chain

    Hi, I work in jewellery and new to stacking and the forum so just thought i would say hi with a post. As a designer in jewellery we see a few interesting things. Not sure if people are interested but this is a chain we had in today, over 300grams of 9ct. They want a few more links added. Its huge (2p coin for scale)!