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  1. Ohhhh, like this thread idea. I think... AUSTRIA: Not a big fan of their design, but they should do different musical instruments every year. ITALY: Agree with the above poster that roman based would be cool. Maybe designs of old roman coins but as though they were new and modernised. GREECE: The Greek gods obviously. RUSSIA: Strong soviet designs, I'd be all over these. God, I have so many ideas, not all good, but ideas.
  2. Thanks. I'm only a skinny fella so not my style either.
  3. BuffaloGold

    Huge Gold Chain

    Hi, I work in jewellery and new to stacking and the forum so just thought i would say hi with a post. As a designer in jewellery we see a few interesting things. Not sure if people are interested but this is a chain we had in today, over 300grams of 9ct. They want a few more links added. Its huge (2p coin for scale)!