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  1. Hi another question where do these gold & silver dealers buy their wholesale orders from? Do UK dealers pay VAT on silver for their silver wholesale orders and shall I assume wholesale prices are current market/spot prices? As a private individual can I buy from wholesale to avoid paying retail and instead pay the market/spot price?
  2. Hi, I ordered silver on coininvest site. Downloaded invoice from this website. Few days later I get another email from Silver to Go site with another attached invoice which is totally different to the original coininvest invoice with different order details and bank account numbers. What is going on and is it safe to continue and if so which invoice?😥
  3. Ok which designs of the gold queen beast is the most popular for collectors and also are the Kook 1oz 2019 silver coins milk spot free?
  4. Hi there what kind of promotion will you be running in the first quarter of 2019? Also are online prices different to instore prices and are your prices open to negotiation for a bulk purchase? Finally regarding your 2019 promotion will it affect by the market prices then? For example you may have a 50% off promotion however gold/silver market prices may go up by 50% then so how do bullion dealers in general run promotions when the prices are influenced by market prices that can change in any one moment?
  5. Thank you again for your detailed helpful reply. Just to clarify for my understanding theres 4 versions of a coin (cheap to most expensive order?): - Standard - Non-Standard - Proof - Planchets
  6. Ok from my understanding the non standard coins nowadays are called proof coins and shall I assume the non standard coins released in the past are available to buy but at a much higher premium from the current market price? Any possible chance to obtain previously released non standard coins for cheap or current proof coins for cheap nowadays? Is it possible to buy newly released or future releases of proof coins or is it strictly typically 1 order per household only? Where can I see a list or release dates for upcoming proof coins? What kind of deals do the mentioned websites typically run and usually when?
  7. Cheers for the detailed response there, i'm getting nearer ready to buy. Just to summarise my understanding its best to buy gold from UK and silver from europe? When buying silver from europe its best to pay in euros to get the best prices due to the pound sterling to euro current exchange rates? Do https://www.malcolmelliscoins.co.uk sell brand new? Ok out of Atkinsons and chards which are the cheaper for gold in general and gold queen's beast coins? Also which gold britannias are numismatic? Can you please guide me in the cheapest places to buy silver perth lunars and kookaburras? Also which silver britannias don't have milk spots? Do american silver eagles develop milk spots? Any numismatic silver coins that are milk spot free? Thanks,
  8. Thanks for moving this thread to the right board as I am new here I mistakenly posted in the incorrect board. Ok gold.de site is like the most popular well known price comparison site for gold/silver bullion? Backyard Bullion is suitable for buyers with regular orders all the time not a one-off buyer? If I choose to buy off facebook groups or these forums then how do I keep safe without being scammed and also shall I assume gold/silver from these places are not brand new and hence preowned? Just to confirm there's no CGT on silver UK coins and European Silver coins when selling? Which coins or bars are the most popular with investors and numismatic collectors, which already released bullion will be numismatic or have a low mint supply or special edition designs will surpass investment market value in lets say a decade or so? Ok which european sites that do silver vat free accept £GBP payments? Thanks,
  9. Following websites: http://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy/ https://atkinsonsbullion.com/ http://www.goldline.co.ukhttps://www.chards.co.uk/ http://www.elminvestments.co.uk/gold-coins.html https://atkinsonsbullion.com/https://www.coininvest.com/en/ physicalgold.com https://www.silver-to-go.com/en/ Goldcore apmex.com Goldsilver.be https://www.europeanmint.com/ Bullion by Post Any other websites better than above that deserves mentioning? Also apart from websites is there any other recommended trusted methods to buy for a new buyer into the market like me? Which coins/bars are the most popular/numismatic with investors near the market/spot price? As im really confused with the long list above, which website has the best customer reviews for gold/silver investment bullion? If I were to get a good exchange rate from pound to Euro then which website is the cheapest with good reviews? Which of these websites outside UK accept £GBP payments or which sites accept credit cards? Also Capital Gains Tax is not paid on British/UK coins only like for e.g. sovereigns and britannias coins when I sell them? So CGT is only paid on non british coins outside UK like canadian maple leaf, chinese pandas, American eagles? What about european coins as UK still in europe? How does the tax office now that someone has sold their physical metals? It's not a ETF or share where it can be tracked online. Confusing. Finally what does it mean to be a stacker?
  10. Hi, First time here and I like to say hi to everyone in this interesting forum 😊