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  1. zoravarandranik

    Today I Received.....

    Picked up the last Dutch Lion Dollar I could find, at well below market value. Wish he had more.
  2. zoravarandranik

    Today I Received.....

    How many in a tube?
  3. zoravarandranik

    Today I Received.....

    Picked up some gold this week too... 1982 1/4oz MS69, 1984 1/4oz, 1985 1/4oz, 1986 1/4oz, 1986 1/20oz, 1987 1/4oz. 
  4. zoravarandranik

    Today I Received.....

    Picked up some silver this week, 10oz QB Lion, 5 1oz Rwanda Lunars, 2 Perth bars.
  5. zoravarandranik

    Panda Photo thread...

    Picked up some beauties today... 1982 1/4oz MS69 1984 1/4oz 1985 1/4oz 1986 1/4oz 1986 1/20oz 1987 1/4oz
  6. zoravarandranik

    Panda Photo thread...

    There is a slight variation in seals during the mid 1990s. My Unicorns are same way.
  7. zoravarandranik

    Panda Photo thread...

  8. zoravarandranik

    Chinese 1oz Panda

    Beautiful set but your missing the capsules and COA. You should have left them in the plastic.
  9. zoravarandranik

    Coin Stamping Press

    I've produced my own coins and bars. Like I said speaking from experience. But coins are different than larger bars. For coins it's most economical to get them made in China. It costs $250-300 for the die, approx $100US for the artwork to your specifications. From there you can choose what metal(s) you want it made from. MOQ is usually 100 to 1000. I find you can negotiate these. Samples are available at a higher rate. It can be shipped smoothly and with little problems at customs.
  10. zoravarandranik

    Coin Stamping Press

    In my experience over 30 ton is a waste. Precious metals are soft. Often just a hammer will due fine. Using a press I found it easy to deform bars. Even large ones like 10oz silver.
  11. zoravarandranik

    Today I Received.....

    Picked up one of these 2019 Bottlenose Dolphins today. Quality is decent.
  12. zoravarandranik

    Panda Photo thread...

    Picked up a 1996 and 1997 1/2 oz pandas in OMP today. Working on the set. Literally paid like half of what the same seller has it listed on Ebay for currently. Praise the Glorious Democratic People's Republic of China 😅
  13. zoravarandranik

    Today I Received.....

    I got some birthday gifts from the GF. I would have preferred a MS70 and there is a ding in the Panda so I got to exchange it. But I'm impressed with her choices. Very cool! 2019 FU coin China 8g 2009 Panda
  14. zoravarandranik

    Chinese 1oz Panda

    Post a pic of the sleeve and why do you want it removed?
  15. zoravarandranik

    Chinese 1oz Panda

    If its factory sealed just leave it how it is. If it's not nothing so go ahead.