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  1. I dont have any milk spotted coins and I have been collecting over 10 years. The last time I sold was when silver was $50/oz. I remember having no problem asking premiums then. So that's why I ask these questions.
  2. I was actually looking at a 100oz Brittania bar, 2 10oz Brittania bars, 50 oz Silvertown Bar, and 5 Morgan rounds. Which comes out to 175oz. For the same price I can pick up 160oz of 2oz Queens Beasts. I am not sure if a future return on QB would make up for the extra 15-16oz I can get. Royal mint in general is terrible for milk spotting. I'm not worried so much as it's all bullion and not proofs. Which would you rather for let's say 2 years, 5 years and 10 years?
  3. I stack things I would pass down to children. I also buy things that I would sell for more real estate. Either way I dont need the money to live so I'm not concerned about waiting. Personally I hate everything made by RCM. I dont think I own a single piece from them 😅. Fortune favors the bold.
  4. Silvergoldbull.ca is great
  5. Hello, I am in a bit of a dilemma. Would like some opinions for 2019. When it comes to silver would you stack for weight or quality? Quality refers to something that is easily to flip for profit. I'm currently looking at either: A 2oz Queens Beasts and or Britannias. With the plan to fill a monster box over 2 to 3 months. OR B 100oz, 50oz, 10oz and 1oz rounds and bars. From the Royal mint and other famous companies. A gives me approx 160oz VS B where I can get 175oz at the same price. (This is where I live and probably its different in your country. I am Canadian). What's your thoughts and opinions when it comes to sell or flip? I am torn between getting more weight or going for the possibility to make some profits. Let me know some feedback, Thanks!
  6. Got this sweet 1/2 set of Silver sharks from Perth mint.
  7. Picked up the last Dutch Lion Dollar I could find, at well below market value. Wish he had more.
  8. Picked up some gold this week too... 1982 1/4oz MS69, 1984 1/4oz, 1985 1/4oz, 1986 1/4oz, 1986 1/20oz, 1987 1/4oz. 
  9. Picked up some silver this week, 10oz QB Lion, 5 1oz Rwanda Lunars, 2 Perth bars.
  10. Picked up some beauties today... 1982 1/4oz MS69 1984 1/4oz 1985 1/4oz 1986 1/4oz 1986 1/20oz 1987 1/4oz
  11. There is a slight variation in seals during the mid 1990s. My Unicorns are same way.
  12. Beautiful set but your missing the capsules and COA. You should have left them in the plastic.
  13. I've produced my own coins and bars. Like I said speaking from experience. But coins are different than larger bars. For coins it's most economical to get them made in China. It costs $250-300 for the die, approx $100US for the artwork to your specifications. From there you can choose what metal(s) you want it made from. MOQ is usually 100 to 1000. I find you can negotiate these. Samples are available at a higher rate. It can be shipped smoothly and with little problems at customs.