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  1. The postman arrived this morning Thanks again, BYB. I'm reading that there will be a March order? This is great! Has there been a change in Brexit circumstances? Another question to anyone who knows. Are the tubes that silver coins arrive in sufficient for long term storage? Any storage instructions would be appreciated.
  2. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on the likelihood of Brexit going ahead at the end of March. I'm no political junkie, but for anyone who is, do you think an extension of article 50 (if that's the right way of putting it) is likely, a possibility or all but off the table? Secondly, in the event of Brexit going through on the planned date - deal or no deal - what do you think the future holds for buying silver? Is a trade agreement with Europe that allows a continuation of vat-free silver purchasing possible? Or how likely would a trade agreement with America (or some other county) be that makes silver buying economic? On the above points I don't have any strong opinions, only questions, so keen to hear what others might think. J.
  3. Meant to post this a couple of days ago after receiving the shiniest and whitest of metals, courtesy of BYB. This was my first participation in the group order and I'm super impressed with the ease of the process and the clarity of BYB's instructions and organisation. I, for one, will most certainly be part of the February order and as many after that as are possibly before brexit, if indeed it goes through. My only regret is that I didn't find out about this sooner. Anyway, thanks again, BYB, for providing such a service and carrying it out with such efficiency and integrity. Long may it continue (I'm praying for either a serious delay in brexit or an all out cancellation, despite the democratic implications it might have).
  4. Understood. Messaged you a few days ago with order, and you said to message again this weekend with a reminder, which I will duly do tomorrow.
  5. Just to clarify, if I put in an order tomorrow and have payment in by the end of the day, have I locked in current prices or does it depend on market price next weekend, since that is the deadline? Thanks again
  6. Just to clarify, I go onto the European mint website, choose the bullion I'm after, copy the link and send it to BYB's inbox on the Silver forum? Have I 'joined' the group simply by following this thread? Lastly, will I receive an email back to confirm my order has been received and will there be information about what the next steps are once hyperlink is sent? In short, is the whole process idiot-proof?
  7. Ok. Thanks for the response. I'll keep an eye out. J.
  8. Hello. Could anyone tell me how I can participate in the next batch order from Europe? I live in the UK and saw a backyardbullion YouTube video that talked about monthly orders from Europe that are a bit cheaper than UK dealers. Thanks in advance.