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  1. ...and today I added 4 x 2018 Quarter Britannia's to my haul. Paid 7% above spot. Premium was a bit steep for my liking but nowhere near as high as the major dealerships are charging for quarter ounces! Current: 2.07 oz Aim: 360 oz
  2. I wasn't expecting these for another week. The quarter sovereign has seen better days but not bad considering I got both for a few percent above spot.
  3. Today I bought a 1987 Quarter Britannia Proof and a 1913 Half Sovereign. Got both for 4% above spot. Getting delivered next week.
  4. Thanks, I am terrible at budgeting and saving cash long-term. So by investing in PM I get to spend my money on something I enjoy without destroying my wealth. It's just a transfer of money from one form to another. In addition to that, when you add in the affect of currency inflation & low interest rates, PM seems like a good long-term form of wealth preservation. I think the world boom and bust cyclical economy will only become more unstable, so PM (primarily Gold) should provide a good hedge. My company pension is worthless (the era of gold-plated pensions is long gone) so I think I may start building a solid gold pension instead! Also I've always liked to trade, so I'm hoping to make some good short-term investments aswell. H.W.B
  5. Hi, It's great to find another useful resource to help me invest in PM. I've just recently started to re-invest in PM after a 10 year hiatus. I invested in silver bullion and numismatics as a teenager 2008-09, cashed out, made a good profit and that paid for my travels around Australia! Now my interest in PM investing has been re-awakened and I'm hoping to make some wise investments for the future. See you around. H.W.B
  6. These reverse proof coins are on pre-sale from apmex. I haven't seen them being offered in the UK. What would you rather invest in the proof or reverse proof? They are $150/£118 less then the 2018 regular proof. H.W.B
  7. Hello, I am new to thesilverforum. I just invested in a 2018 Two Dragons bullion coins from the Royal Mint. They are being sold with a high premium but I was attracted to them due to the low mintage (5,000) and the awesome design (IMHO) that is meant to appeal to the East Asian market. They arn't offering the Two Dragons in BU or proof, just bullion. Here are a few pics. Do you think the Two Dragons will be a good investment/is it worth the high premium? Will the Two Dragons will be continued in coming years & the range expanded? Thanks H.W.B