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  1. Hi Jack, please contact augur for insured group-order. I do not want more coins lost. Cheers
  2. Ticket 16 Feedback left: 05/01/19 06/01/19 to be continued.....
  3. 18€ = 16€ for 1 Coin + 2€ shipping as international mail
  4. Hi terakris, I can send you one coin to the UK for 18€. Cheers
  5. 8 coins are sold, 14 left.
  6. Hi, i send 2 coins to Augustus1 in UK on 28th of December. I think you have to wait till he receives them. Shipping will be free if you take all the coins, didn't explain that. Happy new year Guys.
  7. 2 coins are sold. 20 left. New price: 18 --> 16 Euro
  8. Hey Guys, i'm from Germany and i would like to offer 22 Coins which i inherited from my grandfather. As you can see, they are in original state and encapsulated. I would like to offer the coins for 16 € the piece. The shipping is free. Payment by PayPal. Please send me a message if you're interested. Edit 02.01.2019 8 coins are sold, 14 left. New price: 18 --> 16