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  1. so yes, it was two good to be true, I just found two more of the same selling on diferent websites.. When i asked for more pictures he didn't reply also. Be carefull out there.
  2. Hello I've just found one of those deals and one always keeps an eye out went the offer is to good to be true, so could you guys please help me out with this one.. I have even checked the number ans seems legit, but I would like another confirmation by someone with a better eye than I have. So please if you have a bit of spare time, does this look real to you? Thank you Best Regards
  3. unfortunately they dont accept payments from outside the uk
  4. Guys im having a bit of a problem.. im ordering to my friends house and paying with my card it keeps saying billing adress is incorrect. is there any connection? or did it happen to anyone else?
  5. dono if i should post this here but... does anyone know if they will ship to Portugal?
  6. Bruno

    Panda question

    Newbie question here--- I just saw this for sale online and... as i never seen this pakage i wonder, Is this how they are sold? Or is this a fake? Thank you
  7. Good morning Can anyone please help me with the value of these coins? Are they even real? If they are real I would also like to know if it would be worth getting them graded? Which grade do you think it would get? If you could get me an opinion on any of those topics it would be very much appreciated, and sorry for the long enquiry. Note, the coins belonged to my grandparents and I'm not thinking of selling, just meer curiosity Thank you very much for your time Bruno Pereira
  8. Thank you very much for your help
  9. Good afternoon, can anyone help me with the price for this coin? And do you guys think that there are fakes from this year? Or does this look like one? Sorry about the picture quality but its what i got at the moment.
  10. Bruno

    1876 Sovereign

    I also noticed that, but then again you can find Melbourne for the price of the London ones as well. https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-sovereign-specific-year/victoria-young-head-1871-1887/1876-gold-sovereign-victoria-young-head-m/ -> this for example its even cheaper than the London one.