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  1. Hi, your bracelet is 14ct Gold with Italian stamps and also a full U.K. hallmark, London import assay office. The design of the bracelet may be difficult to sell for more than it’s gold content. But those brackets are heavy approx 25 grams maybe more and at 14ct. Your looking at around £500.
  2. Gildeon- nice tubes if you don’t mind me asking where you bought them from? would this be the correct tube size for the coins: Sixpence 20mm tube shilling 25mm double shilling 30mm half crown 35mm
  3. The older eagles ping test do sound dull compared to new eagles. Similar to a Maples ping. I’m sure it’s not a fake but Do a specific gravity test to be sure.
  4. We’re these ment to be sovereigns or half sovereigns? Did you measure the diameter and depth?
  5. All those gold looking coins and fake gothic crowns have been bought from China in bulk. So not from drawer finds and house clearance. What makes me annoyed is looking at the sold listings they are selling for good money £25 to £125 a lot, with the amount the seller has sold his making a living selling this junk.
  6. It’s similar to this one on eBay. 0.01mm accuracy. Item number: 273657785346
  7. Hi Eric, thanks for your reply. I used calipers that have an accuracy of 0.01mm I have measured all the sovereigns I have had and this is the only full which comes out larger. A couple of half Sydney’s are also a fraction larger diameter then they should be. I might get it graded to find out. Any idea on a rough grade it could achieve if was found to to be real?
  8. Unfortunately I have not found out any more info to why a lot of Sydney’s seem to measure wider. The good news is that they are still 22ct as had them put on xrf. Around 50% of Sydney mints are wider from what I have seen.
  9. Coincollector

    ENGLAND silver

    Victorian Silver tankards: A silver dealer would offer you £80. An auction estimate would be £100 - £150.
  10. Hi, Bought a three coin 2000 proof sovereign set, and have noticed a grey mark to the double sovereign. Has anyone seen these kind of marks before? Any idea of how it can be removed? Look forward to your replies. CC.
  11. Like Roy and Augur, I have had a few Sydney half sovs that look good but measure wider in diameter than they should. All other mesurements are spot on. I have recently picked up this 1883 Sydney Full that measures 22.20mm wide (0.15mm) larger than it should be. I will post a photo of this one. All other measurements and weight are spot on. The coin is confirmed to be 22ct on xrf. Does this coin look like a fake? Could it be that somehow some Sydney mint sovereigns and half’s were a fraction larger than they should be? Or are all of these oversized Sydney coins fakes. There does seem to be a lot of oversized diameter Sydney mints.
  12. The website is showing the coins as Available and they are actually out of stock is unacceptable.
  13. If you use a magnet slide on the 1920’s the sterling slide slower the the 50% coins.
  14. Good point, I think I will send it off for grading, at least that way I find out if it’s real.
  15. Thanks for your post, I have seen those replicas before but they are almost always under weight, come up light on the specific gravity, don’t ring, and the magnet slide just falls off real fast.
  16. Thanks for the link, I have sent the guy a message with some photos to see what he says about the coin. I’ll add his comments here when he replies.
  17. Thanks for your message BYB. The weight is spot on at 26.90 grams measures correct and SG was for 90% silver. I believe it is real but not an expert myself. Had read that the black marks could be some kind of ink, but not sure.
  18. Hi, I have a 1911 One Dollar Dragon with dot after the ‘R’ also has a chop mark. The coin is tarnished with a black/red colour. It’s has a nasty scratch to both sides and the reeded edge is heavily tarnished black. I have read that there are 31 variety’s of this year? Does anyone know what variety this one is? Any idea on value? All responses are greatly appreciated.
  19. Thanks for the your reply Metallica73
  20. Hi, I am looking for opinions to the grade and rough price of my 1928 Wreath Crown. I have tried to compare with sold listings on eBay and auction houses but I am not an expert. There is a scratch on the kings head and right of eyebrow But I am unsure how this would effect the price and grade? The coin is genuine and has been in the family for years. All opinions welcome.
  21. Thanks for your reply, is the coin Chinese?