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  1. lovely coins and seriously low mintages. It's going to be an expensive and difficult country to collect all the silvers for!
  2. Latest arrivals... was a long day yesterday researching and putting all these in flips. I think the Guiana 4d and British Honduras 25c are my favourites. Plus got my first peace dollar (I know its the wrong way in the flip but I put them in with the side I prefer)
  3. Supermarkets, Reckitt and other household goods manufacturers, GSK etc, that's what I'd put my money on personally
  4. I havent had any mail this week in London! so at present I'm trying to avoid sending internationally just because of the risk.
  5. £28 delivered, I'd rather keep it than go any lower
  6. great videos and great idea! I'd send in my favourite coins but they're with you for grading atm!
  7. Hi TCC and welcome to the forum. IMO paper prices are only good when the markets are in normal times. When spot is either v high or low there is little correlation between spot and actual prices for physical (silver)
  8. A few of the latest additions to the world silver folder been using the time to really consolidate and sort them all out
  9. Evening Some pieces I have for sale Pricing this at £28 for the lot- slightly above spot to account for low spot price and the 1834 half crown. I'd swap for world silver coins also
  10. you have chocolate sauce?!?! have people not heard about Corona virus in your town?!??? lucky to get WD40 sauce round here
  11. Just got back from Tesco Twickenham... options were similar- assorted stationery, easter eggs, mothers day stuff and car accessories! dream on if you wanted food
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