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  1. Wow that's pretty generous- don't normally order food but probably worth it with those kinds of discount. Just hope I didn't do something wrong and the points didn't register.
  2. I just got TCB last weekend after a member recommended it to me. I bought my car insurance through it and a number of ebay purchases but have received nothing yet, should get £25 alone for the car insurance! I know it says it can take 7 days to show but I'm a bit skeptical....
  3. Congrats @Booky586 you are the proud new owner of various assorted silver coins from my drawer! Please pm me with your address and your charity of choice
  4. Including with line rental and broadband it's not far off. Just for the tv services you're right it's much less
  5. The difference is I can choose not to give any money to sky by cancelling my subscription. I could choose to use virgin or bt services etc. But you cannot 'opt out' of funding the BBC. Even if I only want to watch bt sports I still fund the BBC and I think that's wrong
  6. But if I just want to watch live cricket and football I still have to pay nearly £160 a year to the BBC despite not watching them. And yes sky sports is a rip off and they don't even show all the football. Refuse to pay for both sky sports and bt sports at £100pcm. Way too much, but sky sports mobile is only £6 or so a month
  7. Because I choose to watch it and can opt out at any time if I dont think it's value for money. Free market
  8. I already pay a subscription to watch live sports though and quite a hefty one at that. It's unfair that on top of sky sports I have to pay for BBC license fee! I don't feel that BBC/ITV/C4 deserve public money. If they are not a viable commercial entity without public support then that tells you everything you need to know- that the public don't want or need their product and it should go. David Attenborough is a real asset to the BBC (or at least was before he started harping on about global warming). Fingers crossed that they lose their tender in 2027 when the fee comes up for review
  9. But if you enjoy watching live TV such a sports then you have to pay the fee. The worst thing is I don't watch the BBC at all, and the channels I do watch have adverts! doesn't make sense. I also have netflix etc but it is not really a substitute for TV.
  10. but the problem is exactly that we cant choose whether or not to support it. I'd happily never give the bbc a penny and not have their channels, but I want to have a TV and do not want to go to prison
  11. I don't care whether the BBC is left wing or right wing. I have a problem with a mandatory fee criminally enforced. If it is left wing that is fine but you should have the option to pay to consume it privately not be forced to pay for it
  12. Just wondering where other members stand on this issue... I think it's completely disgusting that we are required to pay for a license to watch TV and that refusal to pay it constitutes a criminal offence rather than civil! The BBC should be an opt-in service like some channels on sky and if you want it you should pay a subscription for it. As a young person (under 30) I do not consume a single BBC product and I would suspect I am not alone. I understand in the past it provided more important services and news but today it doesn't even have any sports coverage and it's impartiality for news is very dubious! That's not even getting started on the past child abuse scandals and celebrity salaries! Privatise the BBC!
  13. Close up of the sterling threepence In good condition considering over 100 years old