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  1. Yeah i know their site, i ask is because i don't recall seeing a date on the "Coming soon" Coins....
  2. where do you find info on when products are launched?
  3. https://www.lpm.hk/2019-1-oz-china-kiangnan-dragon-dollar-restrike-999-gold-premium-uncirculated.html @ 1919.90 now 😮
  4. verrachi

    Taekwondo medal

    https://www.lpm.hk/2019-1-oz-south-korea-taekwondo-999-silver-bu.html Pre-sale is on ~
  5. yeah Price still 😓 What's interesting is his clam of 2 tonnes of small bar/ coins left in Uk for sale atm, Does it mean anything?
  6. Interesting Read~ https://www.sharpspixley.com/articles/london-physical-gold-market-tight-sharps-pixley-paying-99-to-bullion-sellers_289572.html "we are now offering to pay 99% of the fine gold content to any sellers of gold bars and coins"
  7. 1000 Sets, 2,000 coins....+ unknown amount of mintage from future sets (im guessing final proof mintage total of 3,000) This is got to be the most expensive 1 oz proof coin @this mintage number ... and it's still going up @@wtfbbq
  8. Ah cool, Thanks for sharing Wonder how many proofs will be there in the end.
  9. Oh another set :D? wheres the info on that?
  10. hum.... mintage of 1,000 but with a double coin proof set, it actually means 500 sets only??? Price going up as more people buy them it seems :O...
  11. https://www.lpm.hk/2018-1-oz-great-britain-britannia-oriental-border-999-silver-proof-coin.html silver proof version looks nice
  12. According to the legend of 4 royal mystical beasts 1. Azure Dragon 2. Vermilion Bird 3. White Tiger 4. Black Tortoise
  13. I'm guessing its a series of 3 so the next one will be the Dragon Turtle with snake tail