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    Wackattak924 reacted to Oldun in Silver giveaway! - Children With Cancer UK   
    All I can say is that you are batsh*t crazy to be running that far...I did the Nijmegan 4 day 50km a day (3 times) walk and the Belgium March of Death 100kms in exactly 24 hours....kudos sir...kudos.....
    My missus had a chunk of lung taken out due to a brush with cancer and our kid was only a year old when she had to go into hospital for a couple of weeks.....donated a tenner to the cause. Good luck ! Your feet are gonna look like pizza by the end of it...
    Also did some charity work for the beads of courage connected organisation “Shine on! Kids” at a fancy big roller American Club where we raised a couple hundred thousand at a posh event....got em drunk, entertained and fed and did auctions etc.  These are people who can write it off as a tax loss (would have gone to the gov in taxes anyway) as they are rich thank goodness. For the liitle people, it comes straight out of our pockets so thank you to all who have gone the extra mile....pun intended....
    Good luck fella !
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    Wackattak924 got a reaction from kimchi in Silver giveaway! - Children With Cancer UK   
    Hi everyone
    So I have been planning how to split the prize pot and have come to this. The prize pot currently stands at 10 ounces and this will be split into one 5 ounce lot, one 3 ounce lot and a two ounce lot. 
    Two ounce lot: Britannia
    2x 2019 Britannia 1 oz
    Three ounce lot: Perth Mint
    2019 Australian Koala 1 oz
    2019 Australian Kookaburra 1 oz
    2019 Perth Mint Dragon bar 1oz
    Five ounce lot: five continents 
    2011 Chinese Panda 1oz
    2014 1oz Somalian Elephant with Horse Privy 1oz
    2014  Britannia 1oz
    2017 Niue Darth Vader 1oz
    2016 Canadian Superman 1oz
    That is an exciting giveaway! 
    To be in with a chance please donate Here....
    This is the final layout any further silver donations will be auctioned to raise money.
    I would like to thank you all again for your support and generosity. 
    The total raised to date is £300. There is also an auction underway here with the bidding currently at £60. 
    Thank you everyone who has donated and helped with this.
    P.s could anyone that has donated but not put their silver forum username in the comments section of my just giving page contact me so that I can add you to the draw list. 
    Thank you 
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    Wackattak924 reacted to SamRichards in Silver giveaway! - Children With Cancer UK   
    Thank you! I think what you do is very noble! Good luck with your mission.
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    Wackattak924 reacted to Sal in World coins & medals   
    Rwanda one ounce Santa Maria bu uncut sheet.

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    Wackattak924 reacted to Sal in World coins & medals   
    Sold out pretty much everywhere as well as the donut. Time will tell if the coin maintains a premium. eBay has a few for sale but few if any at issue price. Probably a US market primarily as I don't think many foreigners watched or still watch the Simpsons. 
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    Wackattak924 reacted to Gedmunds in World coins & medals   
    Really impressed with this series and I'm not even a big star wars fan! I think changing up the characters would be really cool. One of the coins that definitely look much better in-hand as opposed to the stock photos

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    Wackattak924 reacted to Silverfam in Melting silver   
    Hello ...
            we started melting silver on out YouTube. I ain’t good at it yet but just need to keep trying. I’m reaching out   For tips and tricks to help improve I need real equipment and I do plan to get it but as of right now I have a lot going on so  yeah. Take a look at our YouTube channel  we do all kinds of stuff my kids love to show there coins. And I do reviews on vape products  like. And subscribe   And we will subscribe back see ya there
                                                    Take care 
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    Wackattak924 reacted to TheProspector in Germania space red   
    Definitely would go for gilded oak leaf!
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    Wackattak924 reacted to Silverfam in Silver giveaway! - Children With Cancer UK   
    You guys are truely awesome  just want to say thank you for everything you guys do 
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    Wackattak924 reacted to TheProspector in Germania space red   
    I don’t think that they have been released yet, the image is from the mint.
    Personally I am looking forward to the oak leaf

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    Wackattak924 reacted to Marko in Yale of Beaufort - Queen's Beasts   
    Not bad for a “beautiful quarter ounce gold coin” 😀 They should have checked the description
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    Wackattak924 reacted to Goldhooked in goldsilver.be very dodgey   
    Chill out dude!  All I said was I find it funny.  Maybe my British humour doesn't translate very well.  I'm not a forum moderator so you go ahead and post what ever you like  
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    Wackattak924 reacted to DarkChameleon in Finally own the sun, the moon and the earth.   
    They are sweet, and three of only five domed coins I own.

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    Wackattak924 reacted to STONE in Royal Mint Britannia bars   
    I will probably get flamed but that is one ugly bar. Baird, PAMP, Perth, Engelhard, Degussa, JM, now those are classy bars. Simple and elegant make a great bar. There is WAY to much design going on in that bar. Its like they had to much thought into it... Sorry, love my Britannia's but that thing is hideous.  
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    Wackattak924 reacted to STONE in Britannia 2017 20 OZ PF69 PRICE CHECK   
    Ungraded they are going for around $1400. A PF70 UC should fetch top dollar but this coin already has a few negatives going on. The design wasn't very popular for starters and now they make a 20 oz. version which reduces the quantifiable buyers market by even less. Your now trying to sell a coin to a subset of a subset of possible buyers. There is a reason MCM still has them in stock, its a very small few who actually want that coin. The royal mint still has the one ounce and five ounce 2017's IN STOCK!  That tells me they are VERY unpopular. Only 7500 one ounce minted and they have only sold 65% of the original stock. That is pathetic!  Don't fall for mintage numbers either its all a sales gimmick. If they mint a coin that has a mintage number of 10 and nobody wants it, it really becomes irrelevant. If you really want to know what a coin is worth, before you buy it, call around to the places you would sell to and see how much they will pay you for it. Call MCM tomorrow and tell them you have that coin in that same configuration and ask them what they will pay you for it. Prepare to be shocked because what you can sell it for is what it is really worth. In fact I challenge everyone on this forum to do that exact exercise BEFORE every purchase. It keeps things in perspective. Liquidity should be at the forefront of every purchase...
    Right now I can get 111 one ounce 2019 silver Brits for $2000.00   Which is better? 20oz. or 111ozs.?  Even if a guy were never to sell and pass it down to his kids, in 40 years at that ratio they would have thousands of ounces of extremely liquid coins instead of a bunch of one off hard to sell trinket's.
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    Wackattak924 reacted to richatthecroft in Britannia 2017 20 OZ PF69 PRICE CHECK   
    Mmm- around £74 per oz plus shipping and Import duties- This years Britannia 1Kg works out significantly less per oz at around £65 oz with a 115 mintage- and we don't blink an eyelid paying for our favourite 1oz Proof Silver coins at £40- £50- £60- £85 per oz!- and not forgetting the RM just sold 25K units of the Gruffalo in only a few hours-  at over three times the price per oz as the coin you are asking for views of pricing!    
    For me, these very special coins and for that matter, any object 'scarce' and unique are worth what people are prepared to pay- the right man/woman who desires the coin/object will pay what it takes to get it- I've attended sale-rooms and watched online auctions in disbelief on many an occasion, as the hammer falls at what I would think is a hugely inflated price- but then again, I'm certain that I have paid far, far in excess of what an item is actually 'worth' on more than one occasion.  
    Not helpful to you-  but I don't think you can put a very accurate price guide on this type of coin- I'm guessing it cost around this price the day it was minted- not my favourite design, but each to their own.  These items are not sold because they are good value or in terms of intrinsic value.    
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    Wackattak924 reacted to Wouter06 in New Korean medal: Taekwondo (1 oz silver)   
    Just wait a while. I'm sure they will be available at Aurinum.de or some other sites soon. It's brand new and has a mintage of 25.000. I don't think it will sell as quickly as the Homer SImpson coin.
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    Wackattak924 got a reaction from Wouter06 in New Korean medal: Taekwondo (1 oz silver)   
    My daughter has recently started taking taekwondo quite seriously so will have to pick her one up. Plus one for the stack. 
    Thanks for sharing
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    Wackattak924 got a reaction from happy2gether in South African Mint - new Big Five Series   
    I like! High premium but I say if you like it buy it. 
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    Wackattak924 reacted to klb698 in New(ish)bie from Down Under!   
    Hi from Australia, everyone!
    I'm a British expat currently living in Australia. I'm not so new to silver and gold investment but new to stacking physical coins and bullion - totally hooked, never thought I'd be visiting coin shows at weekends and here I am 😲  (Actually, I went to my first this weekend and the first stall I looked at I picked up a couple of YPS gems at a great price...so far so good!).
    Anyway, glad to be here and looking forward to lots of interesting discussions and maybe even trades one day!
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    Wackattak924 reacted to Goldhooked in now im confused   
    See my edit above, I found it
  23. Haha
    Wackattak924 reacted to craig12 in now im confused   
    sorry its a $1 bill not $100
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