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  1. And from Milan. Nice piece 👍
  2. Have you looked at what it will cost you from the group order? I think it is about £270 before shipping. Might just come in just over £280 with the shipping cost but I don't know anywhere your gonna get a better price.
  3. Mostly ASE's today. X20 from group order thank you @BackyardBullion. X2 from @StackSellRepeat thanks mate 👍 Also had a 2019 Congo silverback
  4. Hey guys only looking to part with one of these so after one goes I will withdraw the advert. 10 Oz Scottsdale stacker bar £140 10 Oz Perth mint 2019 kookaburra £140 immaculate condition. Bank transfer only
  5. Hi guys, They are back, wedge tailed eagle high relief proof 2015 - 2019. 5 in total. Boxes and coins all in perfect condition. Reluctant sale due to restoration of my old and very tired porsche. £200 for the lot - I am making a significant loss at that price. I will split the cost of special delivery with anyone who would like to buy them. Paypal F&F or bank transfer.
  6. With the price of a 4 pack of brewdog cans (and small 330ml cans) you should be able to drink that in a night. And then drive to the supermarket for more lol. They do seem to be doing well. Good luck.
  7. While I was in Florida I was browsing the DVD's in wallmart and the dvd had a John wick coin with the dvd. Don't think it was silver or gold though lol.
  8. Seems like a ploy to try and get you to fill the tubes lol
  9. They are something else. Nice buy 👍 Nice work @StackerQueen
  10. It does show in the video him drinking it.
  11. Germania 5 mark (slight crack in capsule) £16 (sold) 2018 East India company spade guinea £16 2016 Canadian superman £15 2012 Canadian maple leaf £15 Add postage of your choice. Take the remaining 3 for £45 including postage Payment via PayPal F&F or bank transfer