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  1. Wackattak924

    Some stolen gold

    I was looking in to this earlier today believe it or not. I think that the only real way to guarantee any return from an insurance company is to have your PM's assessed and valued annually. Just an extra cost that you won't get back when the insurance company does a number on you. As To a false claim... It happens every day. Some get away with it others dont. Suppose it's just the risk you take
  2. Wackattak924

    Show your stack.

    First 30 days of stacking 😁 quite proud that I didn't spend the money on drink drugs and women lol.
  3. Wackattak924

    anyone stacking for SHTF?

    Very high premium's on andrex toilet roll. I suggest trying to buy toilet roll closer to spot if stacking for SHTF.