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  1. Just trying to clear a few bits out. 2010 ASE in good condition £15 + p&p 2000 Coloured ASE £15 + p+p 2019 Korean taekwondo round £19 + p+p
  2. 2019 half sovereign £145 135 + p&p of Choice Still in OMP Bank transfer only
  3. I find it hard to get excited about the Philamoniker also. On my quest to find out what I wanted in my stack / collection I bought a few and found them to be really boring. However I had no problem selling them.
  4. Use of Y Ddraig Goch is interesting. Not a symbol I would have associated with the European mint. However being really fond of the symbol I like the bars. Would have to say the rectangle bars are my favs
  5. Very good cause and a nice lump of money raised. Well done @Madstacks. I know from my recent fundraiser that this community are a top bunch. Well done everyone.
  6. Looking at the photos now I wish I still had a tube lol.
  7. Hi guys. Had these listed on another ad and thought I consolidate the remaining items into a fresh ad. 2 x 2019 1oz BYB silver forum bars £20 each + p&p. (Numbers 114 and 115). Sold 2019 half sovereign in OMP £155 £150 + p&p. Payment by bank transfer only. Cheers
  8. Lol I must have posted this twice somehow. The only thing left is the half sov now