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  1. Thank you. Fortunately they provide a shuttle bus back to the start. Its also lucky my wife was there to pick me up because I couldn't have driven my car in that state lol. I'm more stable after a bottle of whisky than I was after that.
  2. Unfortunately I had to retire from the walk at 75k😫 Everything just got the better of me at about 68k and had to hobble to 75. Had a great experience and will definitely be doing another next year. Due to how the challenge was set out I still qualified for a finisher's 🏅 Really chuffed with how far I got. Thank you all for everything. Really great community. One I'm proud to be a part of. Time for a pint 🍺.
  3. Thanks 👍 it's awesome so far lol. Ask me again in 10 hours. Couldn't ask for better conditions. Nice breeze as you peak the hills. Beautiful.
  4. Ok so I have made it here and I'm ready to go!! Thank you all for your donations and kind words they have all built up to today. @bully the beads are on 👍 So here we go!!!
  5. I went out and bought a large power bank. Hopefully it will keep me in audio books and motivational messages for the whole duration. Im looking forward to getting out in the hills now we will have to see how it compares to Wales lol
  6. I have for sale a full tube of 20 elemental buffalo and Indian rounds. £300 + postage Payment via bank transfer only
  7. This arrived last week but I've been working away. My lucky dip 1/10 from @StackSellRepeat cheers mate 👍 Exactly what I wanted
  8. Bumpity bump - bargain price on the silverbacks!!
  9. You my friend have opened a can of worms and will be partly responsible for the emptying of my bank account (providing I win my bids) lol.
  10. Sad to hear that you lost your friend and companion. Stay strong and if you are in the position to make a new friend head down to the shelter and make a new friend. Take comfort in knowing that you gave your dog a good life.
  11. Final reduction on the silverbacks. £85 posted!!
  12. Only the Scottsdale Congo silverback gorillas left. Any one for a bargain? £90 with free postage (UK only).