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  1. Some beautiful giveaway prizes arrived today. Donated very kindly by @Jamesd2 Perth mint kookaburra's. (pics to follow) Thank you @Jamesd
  2. Wow thank you everyone. The donations have flown in. Thank you @Agpanda I will pm you shortly, your contribution is really appreciated 😊. @Jamesd@Jamesd thank you for getting things started 👍. Really good start thanks everyone.
  3. Hi guys. After last years successful fundraiser I have signed up for another ultra challenge with the aim to raise £800 for children with cancer. Last years giveaway was very successful and raised £810!! This total was almost completely thanks to you guys here on the forum. This year I will be taking on the 104km trail around the Isle of Wight with a completion time of under 20 hours!! Training has been hardcore to ensure I don't fall short as I did last year. I will be hosting a giveaway and will be organising prizes in the coming weeks. Last year members here were very generous and helped make what was initially a humble giveaway into quite the event. So if anyone has any silver they would like to donate to the giveaway it would be greatly appreciated. For those that have joined since my last fundraiser please take a look at how things went last year Here. I am open to ideas on how to improve on last year so if anyone has any to contribute I'm all ears. Hopefully this will be as successful as last year. Thanks to all that suporped this great cause last year and in advance to all that support this year effort 👍. https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/Danielbateman2
  4. Just trying to clear a few bits out. 2010 ASE in good condition £15 + p&p 2000 Coloured ASE £15 + p+p 2019 Korean taekwondo round £19 + p+p
  5. 2019 half sovereign £145 135 + p&p of Choice Still in OMP Bank transfer only
  6. I find it hard to get excited about the Philamoniker also. On my quest to find out what I wanted in my stack / collection I bought a few and found them to be really boring. However I had no problem selling them.
  7. Use of Y Ddraig Goch is interesting. Not a symbol I would have associated with the European mint. However being really fond of the symbol I like the bars. Would have to say the rectangle bars are my favs
  8. Very good cause and a nice lump of money raised. Well done @Madstacks. I know from my recent fundraiser that this community are a top bunch. Well done everyone.
  9. Looking at the photos now I wish I still had a tube lol.