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  1. And now the price is 21,25 EURO.... Huge rise in premium! (for a 250.000 mintage coin).
  2. https://ps-coins.com/de/1-oz-silber/1-oz-silber-perth-mint-rectangular-barren-dragon-drache-2020-diff-besteuert-25a-ustg Hi! I found it here (after reading about it on the German forum). It took me a while to find it however since I had to use the German word for “dragon”.
  3. And here is the design! 😀 A bit “busy” in my opinion. But I like it!
  4. Wouter06

    Queens beast yale

    I guess it will be about a month from now before it’s up for pre-order. Normally the next 10 oz silver coin (which is 2 releases behind) follows a month after the silver 2 oz one and the golden ones (1/4 and 1 oz)
  5. Indeed a nice design. I don’t really care for the first 3 ones, but this one looks very nice! I might buy a few...
  6. Hi! This should it be: 2020 Rectangle Dragon – 1oz Silver Bullion Coin The design of the 2020 Rectangle Dragon silver bullion coin consists of stylised representations of two dragons encircling a flaming pearl. The design includes the following inscriptions: the initials of the designer Neil Hollis “NH”; the letter “P” and a microscopic letter “P”. The obverse side of the coin bears an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II as designed by Jody Clark. Source: https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/f2019l01323/Explanatory Statement/Text So this year it will be 2 dragons instead of 1 (and no tiger or so). No idea when it will be releases however.
  7. According to: https://www.silber-corner.de/de/simpsons-krusty-silbermuenze The 3th one will be Bart Simpson and will be released in a couple of months. So... it will probably go like the Marvel coins. Every 4 or 5 months (?) a new character. Nice! But too much great stuff coming out (Marvel, Queen’s Beasts, Black Flag ship series, RAM Shipwrecks, Bhutan Lunar etc etc.)
  8. Really nice end to the series!! My favourite design of the 6. With most of the designs I liked the reverse side more.... (the reverse side is fantastic by the way)
  9. Hi! Just found this one on the German forum. No idea on which site it was found, but this is it. Personally I’m not the biggest fan of the design. The Homer one was way better.
  10. Wow! Thanks a lot!!! Looks even better (more detailed) than the first one!!
  11. Nice! Up for pre-order now also at Goldsilver.be
  12. - 10 oz Yale - Lion Dollar restrike 2019 (shluld be out in Europe in a couple of weeks) - Simpsons Krusty BU And of course the Marvel coins... 😁
  13. https://aurinum.de/1-oz-Silber-Suedkorea-Royal-Korea-Mint-Lucky-Coin-2020-2-Dollar Available at Aurinum. Discount when you buy multiples. Not a bad price at all (IMO) and free shipping with an order above 400 euro. Aurinum is pretty slow with shipping however. So I’m not sure you will get the coins before the lottery. 😁
  14. Now up for pre-sale at LPM and Apmex. The 2019 restrike Dutch Lion Dollar with a mintage of 15.000. I hope to see it soon available in Europe! A bit weird that there was no 2018 BU release....
  15. And here is the 3th one (year 2020). X-ray. Nice design and way better than the 2nd one! (Source: silbertresor).
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