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  1. I’ve noticed such a thing as well from a Dutch dealer (Amsterdamgold). No silver at all for sale anymore. First it was: delivery time: 4 weeks for silver Maple Leafs, then: 10 weeks. And now since a couple of weeks nothing is even up for pre-order anymore. Silver shortage? 😁
  2. They do come with (fitting) capsules. I do love it (well... I’m Dutch)! I’ve ordered some. I don’t care too much how they will do. It’s the Batavia; so I’m happy! 😀 Source to see that they come with a capsule: https://agaunews.com/batavia-the-worlds-first-triangular-bullion-coin/
  3. I love it! I'm Dutch, so i might be biased. ;-) Ordered some silver ones. I can't afford the gold one, so I will stay with the silver ones. :-) Thanks for the info!
  4. To be honest I doubt if it's really sold out completely. I haven't seen it for sale except for the Dutch Mint website. The mintage is 5.000. 2 months ago it was sold out as well. Then suddenly it was available again. So I guess they will just mint 500 or so at a time. I received mine last week (I was late with ordering). Just wait a couple of weeks. I'm sure they will pop up somewhere!
  5. That went quick... It went from 20 pieces for 22,90 each (excl. shipping) to 5 pieces for 28,90 (and not possible to order more than 5 every 5 days). Popular coin!!
  6. Also some (68 at time of writing) left at: https://www.silbertresor.de/product_info.php?info=p7199_Tuvalu---1-TVD-Black-Flag-Queen-Annes-Revenge-2019---1-Oz-Silber.html 24,90 euro each.
  7. Glad I could help! Aurinum raised the prices (50 or 60 cents) after the first batch was sold out. I missed the first batch (I could buy 1, but with those shipping costs it was no use for me). I guess Iw ill wait untill they are available at other places with cheaper shipping costs.
  8. I see them now on: https://www.muenzen-engel.de/tuvalu-piratenschiffe-1-ausgabe-2019-anne-s-revenge-1-oz-silber.html Shipping to the Netherlands is to high however. But maybe the costs are acceptable to the country you live.
  9. Up for pre-order now from: https://www.metalmarket.eu/en/products/coins/1-ounce-coins/50th-anniversary-of-the-moon-landing-1-oz-silver-2019-3641.html Mintage of only 25.000 I really like this design! IMO the coolest of all the zillion coins with the 50 year Moon Landing theme. Premium is not too high if you buy 25.
  10. I don’t think they are worth that premium. The normal Germania (1 oz with the same mintage) sells for less now on Ebay. I wouldn’t pay more than 25 euro for the 1 oz version. Maybe at other shops it will be cheaper?
  11. Looks great indeed! If I’m correct it comes in tubes of 25 (without capsules). It’s a new series! (Gold mines?). 14 years ago I visited the Super Pit in Boulder (next to Kalgoorlie). It really was impressive! Must buy for me!!
  12. Wouter06

    Who is next?

    Available at Goldsilver.be now!
  13. Available now for pre-order at: https://ps-coins.com/de/1-oz-silber/1-oz-silber-suedkorea-scrofa-eclipse-max-1000-mintage-quasi-nachfolger-scrofa-ghost 128 euro!!!!!!!!! Maximum mintage of 1.000. I like the coin; but not for that price!
  14. 5th one in the series up for pre-sale now. This one has the same problem one is the Kansas one (IMO); the road runs straight into the icon. Somehow this doesn't look good. Oram I the only one that thinks like this?
  15. Hi! Up for pre-order now at Goldsilver.be The 2019 version of the Nautical series: The Victoria. Nice design again.