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  1. Up for pre-order now (Goldsilver.be): Venom of the Tuvalu Marvel series. Not my most favourite design so far, but I’m happy to see that the series continues! 😀
  2. You might check: www.silbertresor.de and www.eldoradocoins.de They sometimes have deals with “special” days. Both are reliable.
  3. Yes.... Screaming buy indeed. According to LPM the mintage of the 2019 version is 30.000 maximum (to complete your data)
  4. Good buy IMO! I’ve also seen them at Goldsilver.be. Was thinking about buying a box myself. Out of funds however after 2 5 oz Queen Anne’s Revenge Pirateships. In the beginning of the year I bought a box of 2019 Archangels (Metalmarket). Really like them. They also sell for a good premium at Ebay. Well done!!
  5. I noticed this as well. 20 pieces for that price.... I wonder how much they have after those 20 ones....
  6. When I did see it available. They only had 1. Maybe the rest was sold before I did see it. It’s also possible that they put 1 up for sale every hour or so. Good luck getting it!
  7. https://goldsilver.be/en/coins/2933-pm-tuvalu-5-oz-silver-black-flag-2019-queen-anne-s-revenge-5.html
  8. Available now at Goldsilver.be For 277 euro.... I’m happy that I didn’t wait yesterday! 😁
  9. Bought 2 at Auragentum. Yes... Very much premium over spot. And I will have to pay shipping costs. (If I waited for it to be available at Goldsilver.be I probably would have saved some Euro. Ahh well...). It’s a gamble! But that’s ok. 😁
  10. Available now at Apmex: 249,99 USD (check/wire) or 260,41 CC/Paypal. I have the idea it will be more expensive than the 217,29 EURO at Goldsilver.be when it willbe available. Still doubting....
  11. I agree.... 113% more expensive than a Lunar 3 Mouse (5 oz). Yes... it will go up in value; but it will be easier for a Lunar mouse to go up 100% than for this one. Too bad since I like the coin. Ahh well... can't have it all!
  12. https://goldsilver.be/en/miscellaneous/2926-1-oz-silver-china-poo-dragon-dollar.html
  13. Now available at Goldsilver.be 35,09 euro each.... It looks like the premium gets higher on every new release. I will skip this one.
  14. Good site! And indeed cheap shipping costs. I have the idea that their prices have increasea over the last months. They also have a nice assortment of (square) capsules etc.
  15. Placed an order on monday and paid. Got the confirmation yesterday morning. So everything normal in my opnion. Only... I’m 99% sure that I ordered 2 Rwanda Lunar Rat’s. And in the confirmation it’s 2 Rwanda Lunar Pigs. Not the end of the world and I don’t want to botter them with such a small detail that I’m not 100% sure of.