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  1. Hi! At Metalmarket I just found the following round: It looks like it is based on a a 5 Polish Zlotty coin. Does anyone have more infor on this one? (What is the mintage?) Is it brand new? Not the most attracive design in my opionion, but I will probably buy some. Many thanks!
  2. https://germaniamint.com/de/ausgabeplan/2019-de/ Hi! I think they are delayed (to August. It used to be May).
  3. Now on Apmex with pictures. Looks great! (Not that much difference with the Tientsin one however). The first one is still my favourite.
  4. Hi! Well... I remember how the coin "appeared" last time (Dragon&Phoenix) at Apmex and LPM. So now I decided to check everyday on those sites and search for: "Dragon dollar". And today suddenly: :"2019 China 1 oz Silver Long-Whiskered Dragon Dollar Restrike (PU)" appeared. And I checked google images for the original design. So I came up with this. Of course I could be wrong; but this is exactly like it showed up last time.
  5. It looks like this will be the 4th design: https://www.apmex.com/product/192157/2019-china-1-oz-silver-long-whiskered-dragon-dollar-restrike-pu The Long Whiskered dragon. Looks a lot better than the3th one in my opinion.
  6. Now available (Goldsilver.be and Aurinum.de Probably at more places soon). Limited mintage of 30.000. I like it! I’ve ordered a roll. What do you think?
  7. Now up for sale @ goldsilver.be. 30,86 euro (as of writing). I'll skip this time since I don't really like the design. I hope the people that do like it can get it cheap! Enjoy!
  8. The next Homer Simpson! It puts a smile on my face! Pre-order on: https://www.muenzkurier.de/epages/muenzkurier.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=%2FShops%2Fmuenzkurier%2FProducts%2F87003482019_10&fbclid=IwAR1bRxZLeyzU8gNZslk7olH1qOAjFNdm-e-KXUe18AfO2f9gMD_F6z3IlXk
  9. I remember seeing it at 30.98 USD.
  10. I would just wait a couple of days (I also live in Europe). I'm sure they will pop up at Goldsilver.be and Aurinum.de (just like with the previous 2).
  11. Yes indeed.... The series is 12 coins. I didn't mind the Ghost version after the 3th release. It would have been cool if after the 3th, the 6th, 9th and 12th release a special coin would appear. But now it's 2 extra coins now. How many extra coins will appear after the 4th? I'm thinking about just giving up and selling them all. :-(
  12. Nice! Altough 1 "extra" coin besides the standard version was enough in my opinion. Any idea when it is being released?
  13. Hi! I just found this one. It's the second after the "Alternating current". Personally I liked the first one more. What do you think?
  14. Just wait a while. I'm sure they will be available at Aurinum.de or some other sites soon. It's brand new and has a mintage of 25.000. I don't think it will sell as quickly as the Homer SImpson coin.
  15. Hi! I found this one on a German site: It's a new Korean silver BU coin. Pesonally I don't like the design; but maybe there are some people here that like it. https://ps-coins.com/de/1-oz-silber/1-oz-silber-suedkorea-2019-taekwondo-max-25-000