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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Silver pandas, three cent nickels, ancient, old bank notes, Morgans

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  1. SilverPanFan

    Today I Received.....

    @sovereignsteveI like that design a lot. I don't understand the fascination with Elizabeth II. We don't put one president on all of our money in the US so it odd to me.
  2. SilverPanFan

    Today I Received.....

    Need that book.
  3. SilverPanFan

    Today I Received.....

    Thanks @sovereignsteve. I know also some people take the numbers of real NGC slabs and post them online and sell fake coins on eBay. I was lucky to get it at a what I think is a good deal, not great. That will be my last coin purchase for now as I need to save up for other things. Was the sovereign an actual denomination or has it always been "bullion"? Added 0 minutes later... @sovereignsteve Is it a young head?
  4. SilverPanFan

    Today I Received.....

    @Numistacker and @sovereignsteve Here is my 1959 Great Britain 1 Sov in MS64 "graded" by NGC. Would you sovereign experts please tell me if this is real from the pictures?
  5. SilverPanFan

    Today I Received.....

    That lighting is amazing! I want a reverse proof gold Libertad now.
  6. SilverPanFan

    Sovereign Photo Thread...

    My first sovereign
  7. SilverPanFan

    Gold Investing Over other Precious Metals

    I think of silver as something fun to collect rather than stack as it is know over here. While yes I could invest in silver, there are too many series I want to get into for purely on numismatics side.
  8. SilverPanFan

    Gold Investing Over other Precious Metals

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to start investing in gold over other precious metals and treat it the same way people invest in real estate where you put your money into something else to help it grow overtime while investing in the stock market and kind of like a "wealth" preserver. I'm not a huge fan on the bullion pieces like the American gold eagles and I'm more keen on pre 33 , and sovereigns, Canadian maple leafs, queens's beast, britania, etc. The reason why I want to invest in gold is for three reasons: 1. Silver for me is a "toy". I'm more of a numismatic collector of silver coins. I started a Barber half collection a few weeks ago with a 1911 half. 2. I feel platinum is to risky to invest in. Platinum is mainly used to make jewellery and for cars and the history of this metal being used in circulation is almost non existent and the price is pretty much stagnant right now. 3. I won't touch palladium. I don't know much about palladium so I won't be trying to collect or "stack" any coins or bars, 4. Gold is often better respected than the other metals, I like to think of silver as a poor man's gold because you can collect a ton of it right now, no one think about platinum, and no one outside of the precious metals community knows what palladium is. When you watch a movie, read a book, or see a tv show, when some one finds a treasure chest, it usually has gold in it and when people find sunken ships, they find gold. So, in summary, I am looking for a cost effective way to get some gold classic coins and bullion that isn't the American gold eagle.
  9. SilverPanFan

    Today I bought.....

    This post is a few days old but I order this 1959 sovereign on EBay. I'm nervous that it may be a fake but someone checked the serial number on the slab and it's seems to be real but I hear that people steal real serial numbers and use them to fool people into thinking that will receive a real coin. Anyways, all you British people have wonderful gold coins and thank you @Numistacker for all the sovereign videos as this purchase was because of you. As an American, I could buy a lot more of these than pre 33 gold.
  10. SilverPanFan

    American looking to be Sovereigns

    Cool. I redid the math and I realized that it is a lot cheeper than the MS 60 1958. I will try to go for it.
  11. SilverPanFan

    Hello Everyone

    @BackyardBullion I'v been on here for about two months and I really love this place. People here respond so fast to my posts I can't keep up.
  12. I found a war nickel once.
  13. SilverPanFan

    Hello Everyone

    Hi guys, I know I'm a month late and I'm not sure if I all ready introduced myself here on the forum; if I did let me do it again. My user name is SilverPanFan. I consider myself to be more of a collect and numismatic guy then a pure bullion stacker who only cares about spot price. As my name suggests, I love the silver pandas but I have a real interest in ancients, classic American coinage, some world coins, old currency notes, and odd denomination. I began seriously collecting coins about two years ago when a friend of mine told she collects coins. I started out my collecting journey with the three cent nickel. Yes, I loved the fact that the US need coin worth three cents to be used for converting foreign money that was in circulation and something to help pay for stamps when they where worth three cents. I got into ancients because the same friend also collects ancients. I prefer to collect the coins of the Bible because it helps bring the stories to life in a new and interesting perspective. You don't really understand the angry towards the money exchangers until you see the temple currency that was required to pay for animals to sacrifice. Biblical money also helps you understand the meaning behind give to Ceaser what is Ceasers. Last, I a belive banknote currency is art in your pocket. If you take a look at some the older currency notes in history, they posses rich artistic details that you will never be able to find on a coin. Take a look at some of the older notes from the 19th and early 20th century. You'll find beautiful renditions of elegantly posed women, angels, figure heads of the day, city landscapes in the background, and full color unlike our coinage of today. So with that I would like to thank @Numistacker and @BackyardBullion for letting me know about the forum. Have a great day.
  14. SilverPanFan

    American looking to be Sovereigns

    @sovereignsteve Thank you. I will see what he is the lowest he is willing to sell it for. Do you think it's a good investment into gold or should I just consider this a numismatic item?
  15. SilverPanFan

    American looking to be Sovereigns

    @AgDIt's being shipped from Arizona and I would have to pay a $5.25 shipping cost as well, not an import fee. I was converting the cost into pounds as I think a lot, if not most, are from the UK on the forum. So, seeing as the seller has a perfect rating, I think the seller maybe a legitimate coin guy, but I do wonder if the reviews are honest or if they where forced to give a positive review from a scammer. Also, I don't what to ask him. Should I ask him why there is no return policy, how do I know I'm getting the real coin and not just a fake in a real NGC slab? I don't wan't the seller to read it off as me being rude. P.S. The title should say "American Looking to Buy Sovereigns", not "American Looking to Be Sovereigns".