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  1. That 1/4 D looks like a sovereign.
  2. Brits: All Franklin halves are not rare, you can complete the series for less than two grand in BU grade. Even the proof are a good deal. Just check to make sure if you have a type one and type two proof for one date, I think the type two is the big ticket item. Walking liberty halves are great but cost a lot in high grades especially for back dated ones such as the 1916. Once you get into the 1940s, the walkers, as we Americans call them, go for about $30-$40 each in AU to BU. I own a few walkers that my dad gave to me that his dad had.
  3. I got these robins medals that are replicas of the original medals giving to the Apollo 11 astronauts, their families and the crew. The one in the box is 1oz of silver with some space flown material graded MS70 by NGC and CAG and the one next to the silver one is a copper medal graded Gem UNC. I like the copper one a lot more because of the shine when it hits the light. Ok, now let’s talk about the real medals. Neil Armstrong’s gold medal was sold at an auction for two million dollars graded by NGC and CAG as MS 67. That medal should be graded MS 70 because it was owned by Armstrong and of course it was taken with him to space. It’s not like it was going to sit in his house. @Numistacker This is for you.
  4. @Numistacker When will a rose gold Sovereign come out? I can’t afford the shipping to ship it out to the US especially FL. The US made a rose gold breast cancer coin last year.
  5. Is there a numismatic section of the forum? I only see PM sections and non PM sections.
  6. Do campers travel well on the roads there in the UK? When my family and I where in Scotland, the car we rented was way to big for the roads compared to the roads in the US where it would consider a normal suv or van. The same thing happened when we rented a van to travel in France and Spain. The van could barley fit thaw narrow roads.
  7. Nice book. I’m really interested in reading books on coins more than just to the pricing of them and how to grade them but the history of the coins and the history of the time during the circulation. Why did we need that coin of that denomination, how did the public perceive the coin, what was going on during it’s time in circulation. It would also be nice to see the patterns of what the coin would have looked like before going into circulation as well as things to look for within the series; key dates, varieties, errors, dates that may be proof only etc.
  8. @HelpingHands the deadline for the entry is over. It would have been nice to own a coin from pre America.
  9. Hey folks, I am curious to know if the royal mint every produced a sovereign with king George III on it. Being an American, the early Americans where mostly British escaping from king George III.
  10. I bought a bunch of random British pennies, a crown, a toned and cleaned Canadian large cent , a peso, and some other world coins. I did buy two banknotes as well. 58448626854__E7244F27-8E6F-495E-86DE-F860CC600BBF.MOV
  11. Welcome to Florida. It's a dran shame your a few months behind as I would have suggested the FUN show which a huge coin show in Florida. I go every year and find the best ancient coins and this year I saw some cool sovereigns from a sell who live in Australia.
  12. Thank you everyone.
  13. Hello folks, I am looking to start a world large penny collect mainly of British, Canadian, and old early US pennies or cents with the different royalties, Britannia, and other neat designs. @Numistacker got me interested in the William IV penny with the video he posted. If you guys can help me find those pennies or cent in at least AU58 or higher for not a lot, that would be great.