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    Silver pandas, three cent nickels, ancient, old bank notes, Morgans

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  1. I didn’t buy it today but I one an 1913-m Sovereign graded MS63 by NGC.
  2. Hey, guys I placed the bid at $330 for the MS63 1913-m sovereign graded by NGC but with the buyer’s fee, it ended up costing three hundred seventy one dollars and twenty five cents USD which is equal to two hundred eighty two pounds and twenty four cents or two hundred eighty one pounds and eighty one cents for the ninety-nine percent on you on the forum from the UK. p.s. The £282.24 and £281.82 I quoted are from two different sites I found, Google, and Yahoo! finance.
  3. I did have to pay a buyer’s fee which made it about $371 USD. So, not a good dealer, but I won it.
  4. So, I won an auction on great collections today for a 1913-m sovereign greater MS63 by NGC and paid about $330 for it. Did I get a good deal and it a key date for the sovereign series? I’m really curious about the different sovereigns and their mints which produced them.
  5. Why are there no Americans in the post here?
  6. How cheap are we talking? I collect three cent nickels and I need to collect the proofs to get a couple extra coins for the series that aren’t in the business strike coins.
  7. How interesting. Would like to see some pictures when it comes out.
  8. Welcome to the forum where 99% of the people are in the UK. I’m in the USA.
  9. I buy mine via APMEX in the us because they are the only one that carries all of them.
  10. Does anyone know anything about the 2020 panda. Will it be released? Will there be a different design between the gold version and the silver version? Will there be a platinum version like the design for the year of the mouse lunar series III? When will it be released if it does come out?
  11. Does any have any knowledge of next year’s panda designs in both gold and silver and when the release date will be? Every other two thousand and twenty has already been released and I always buy a panda every year.