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  1. Spot s $14.97 as of today at 1:04pm (13:04)
  2. I bout a half gram elephant from Apmex and I think I bought out all the inventory they had. I can’t find info on the mintage for the gold elephant especially the half gram.
  3. Is the fifty pence similar to the half dollar?
  4. I got a 1/20oz silver libertad and a gold 1/2 gram elephant. I know the premiums for those may be high but I don’t want to spend a ton for a huge gold coin, although I did buy a sovereign, and I really love the tiny silver libertad and want to get the silver libertad proof libertad sets that come in a wooden box that Apmex sells. I want to know the mintage of the 1/2 gram elephant as I am thinking about getting it graded to show NGC the amazing work done on a coin the size of a grain of rice.
  5. I kind of like it even though most memebes here think it's just a gimmick coin.
  6. I do stack some bullion like silver eagles and I collect older US coinage but when it comes to gold, I like sovereigns. You get gold at a cost effective price. I would like get into world numismatics mainly currency because I love the designs.
  7. They do in the pictures, but then I see videos like @Numistacker's and they look like normal gold coins.
  8. @ZhorroI'm waiting for the day when one of the countries that used the sovereign would make a rose gold sovereign.
  9. Where are all my American guys and gals at? Can we please show our support for our love of American coins and currency?
  10. I have been looking at the RCM's website recently and I noticed that they had produced a gold plated silver sovereigns to commemorate the one hundredth year anniversary of 1908 sovereign as it was released last year. Since most of your on the forum are from the United Kingdom I wanted to know what your thoughts are one the coin and what makes 1908 a special year. Here is the link to the coin: https://www.mint.ca/store/coins/1-oz.-pure-silver-gold-plated-coin---the-1908-sovereign-110th-anniversary-of-the-royal-canadian-mint---mintage-5000-2018-prod3300011 P.S. I wish the US mint would allow customer to buy back dated special coins for a while instead of having them "sold out" like some other mints allow. I think the Royal mint does a fantastic job this by allowing the public to buy classic sovereigns with the assurance of obtaining real gold with fantastic designs.
  11. @sovereignsteveI like that design a lot. I don't understand the fascination with Elizabeth II. We don't put one president on all of our money in the US so it odd to me.
  12. Thanks @sovereignsteve. I know also some people take the numbers of real NGC slabs and post them online and sell fake coins on eBay. I was lucky to get it at a what I think is a good deal, not great. That will be my last coin purchase for now as I need to save up for other things. Was the sovereign an actual denomination or has it always been "bullion"? Added 0 minutes later... @sovereignsteve Is it a young head?
  13. @Numistacker and @sovereignsteve Here is my 1959 Great Britain 1 Sov in MS64 "graded" by NGC. Would you sovereign experts please tell me if this is real from the pictures?
  14. That lighting is amazing! I want a reverse proof gold Libertad now.