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    Silver pandas, three cent nickels, ancient, old bank notes, Morgans

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  1. Welcome to Florida. It's a dran shame your a few months behind as I would have suggested the FUN show which a huge coin show in Florida. I go every year and find the best ancient coins and this year I saw some cool sovereigns from a sell who live in Australia.
  2. Thank you everyone.
  3. Hello folks, I am looking to start a world large penny collect mainly of British, Canadian, and old early US pennies or cents with the different royalties, Britannia, and other neat designs. @Numistacker got me interested in the William IV penny with the video he posted. If you guys can help me find those pennies or cent in at least AU58 or higher for not a lot, that would be great.
  4. Don’t grade silver eagles. They are pure bullion and no one will buy them here in the US.
  5. I don't think gold is "expensive" in terms of spot price and premiums. What is expensive is platinum. Platinum is US $824.70 as of typing this and jut for a one ounce American platinum coins there are about US $71.90 over spot which is ridiculous. I seriously want to see dealers cut those premiums in have so that we can buy platinum as close to spot as possible.
  6. That is a hard question to answer as I don't stack silver or gold for weight. However, if I was to stack, I would mainly stack gold mainly either sovereigns because everyone here loves them and inspired me to want to get one, or pre-33 gold as I am American and love US coins. For silver it would be ASEs or junk silver.
  7. Spot s $14.97 as of today at 1:04pm (13:04)
  8. I bout a half gram elephant from Apmex and I think I bought out all the inventory they had. I can’t find info on the mintage for the gold elephant especially the half gram.
  9. Is the fifty pence similar to the half dollar?
  10. I got a 1/20oz silver libertad and a gold 1/2 gram elephant. I know the premiums for those may be high but I don’t want to spend a ton for a huge gold coin, although I did buy a sovereign, and I really love the tiny silver libertad and want to get the silver libertad proof libertad sets that come in a wooden box that Apmex sells. I want to know the mintage of the 1/2 gram elephant as I am thinking about getting it graded to show NGC the amazing work done on a coin the size of a grain of rice.
  11. I kind of like it even though most memebes here think it's just a gimmick coin.
  12. I do stack some bullion like silver eagles and I collect older US coinage but when it comes to gold, I like sovereigns. You get gold at a cost effective price. I would like get into world numismatics mainly currency because I love the designs.
  13. They do in the pictures, but then I see videos like @Numistacker's and they look like normal gold coins.
  14. @ZhorroI'm waiting for the day when one of the countries that used the sovereign would make a rose gold sovereign.