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  1. I went for this solution since it allows me better "visual access". Yes, i like to take them out once in a while and rumage through the coins
  2. Hello all I've become quite interested in the silver trade dollars but I'm not sure i have the full picture since I found out today there are more series than i thought. So I'm hoping someone can help enlighten me So the first trade dollar I can across was in a post on this forum and it's the St. Helena trade dollar series, and from what i can gather its made by the sunshine mint but i'm not sure. Some have stated that the East India Company mints them but i have gotten mixed input on this. Today I found out that there is also a Niue Trade dollar which apparently is made by the New Zealand mint. The two trade dollars I have seen look very similar so thats likely why i missed the difference. So now I'm wondering, is the Niue trade dollar also a series like the St. Helena trade dollar? Both coins have the name of the East India Company on them, so what is the companys role actually in the making of these coins? Now we also have the chinese dragon restrike series which also is a trade dollar i believe. Is anyone aware of other trade coin restrike series? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello All So I've been looking to find a decent way to store my coins that allows me to store them, categorize them and access them easily. Coin albums aren't really for me as i store them in capsules, so right now i'm trying out these plastic boxes. I remember someone talkign about plastic or rubber not being the best for silver so i wanted to ask for peoples opinion of my setup both in terms of will it affect the silver? At the moment i only have 100oz so i'm also curious about anyones opinion on how this would work with larger amount of silver. What works with small numbers of coins may not work quite as well when you are 100's or 1000's of ounces. Cheers..
  4. Hello All I'm about to make a small purchase with the european mint, if anyone wants to join then let me know and we can share shipping cost. I'm mainly focused on capsules this time and the mint offers discounts at certain levels so if you're especially interested in capsules then let me know via PM.
  5. Does anyone have any idea about when the next birds of paradise is due to be released? Haven't been able to find anything about it but maybe i dont know where to look.. Thanks
  6. i have 3, no milk spots yet
  7. How much is postage from sweden to DK?
  8. I have a very questions about capsules that may be stupid questions but rather safe than sorry so here goes. If i get a capsule from airtite or lighthouse with a certain diameter will they always fit any come of said diameter? Or must the capsules be made for a certain diameter AND specific coin series? for example i have the Rwanda wilflife series which is 40 mm. Can i buy any capsules with 40MM diamèter. Second question. I have som coins that are 38.6 mm, i cant find any capsules of that specific size so what do you guys do in such cases? Thanks in advance
  9. Which mint is making this series?
  10. Is this group order thing mainly aimed at british members? Is there any benefit for scandinavian members to join? I guess im wonderign if it makes sense economically to join the order and pay for international shipping to scandinavia rather than just ordering from the mint myself? Anyone has experience with this?
  11. Hi all I tried searching about this topic but couldnt find any posts about proof coins and milks spots. I have a reservation in regards to silver proof coins, i would loathe to pay a high premium for a gret coin to only have it ruined by milk spots later. I also find it a shame to categorically stay away from silver proff coins as there are many great coins. So i wante to hear what others thik about this risk/subject and how you all approach it. Thanks in advance..
  12. Thanks for all the input. My reasoning was not to flip coins on a short term basis or anything such thing. I just like data and to measure things like silver BU, and the more precise the better.
  13. from what i understand that would track spot price of the PM? i'm interested in the value of my coins like queens beasts.. Like if i bought 10 lions when it first came out then i would like to see whats the value today.
  14. Hello all I'm making a excel sheet with the coins i purchase and i wanted to have a column where i enter the present value of the coins. The idea is to give me an indicator of wether the value of my collection is increasing or decreasing. Has anyone done something like this? How would you go about updating the value of coins? What source would be appropriate in this case? Thanks in advance.