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  1. I bought a year of the dog PAMP and then the 5 ounce Fortuna recently. Wow this 5 ounce bar is just something to behold. It has this nice dense feeling to it, almost half the size of my 5 ounce PAMP silver. The way they frost the design and polish the bars to perfection really makes them shine. Now all I think about is aquiring the 10 ounce, would love to have one of those thick small works of art. But putting so much on one bar vs spreading the price seems a bit crazy. It seems like a bad investment idea to buy some much at once but then again that bar is going to be Amazing. I am hoping Gold crashes so I can get it cheaper but not sure I want to wait so long, and what if gold goes crazy up? Any PAMP bar collectors here? What do you think.
  2. All you had do insure your portfolio and sell an OTM call to cover the cost of securing your portfolio and with the leftovers from call premiums you can use it to buy some gold. I collected 17K USD in call premiums 2 weeks ago and bought a 5 ounce PAMP gold bad. Itching to buy the 10 ounce one now that I am addicted to PAMP bars. no need to panic if you hedge your portfolio.
  3. Liberty coin has the gold PAMP 10 ounce at a nice price, if you pay with a credit card that pays 1.5% cash back you beat APMEX check price by 24 bucks. And you get it in 2 days with no counterparty risk and waiting for check clearing etc as well. I have bought many times from them no issues so far. They are on my list of trusted vendors (APMEX,Liberty,JM Bullion etc.)
  4. My PAMP 5 ounce bar. Amazing the quality of PAMP products, they look great and the premiums are very reasonable for what you get. My PAMP 5 ounce is almost twice the size, shows you how dense gold is compared to silver. Added 0 minutes later... Wow looks great, Seems anything PAMP looks great regardless of year, etc..
  5. But there have been some instances of gold used to transfer large amounts of money from one place to the next. regarding washing money, there have been cases of that as well. The beauty of gold is how much money is represented in such a small item. When I hold my small 5 ounce PAMP bar I am amazed at how much money I am holding in my hand. I did not mean everyone who owns gold. And criminals would not want to own gold as you mentioned but it offers a nice way for those who want to move large amounts of currency a better instrument. 100 ounces is small but represents a lot of 100 USD notes.
  6. Gold should be a tiny amount of your networth. It sounds like you had too much in gold and thats a terrible idea. Its a specialty hedge and as a tool for certain individuals who need to move large amounts of currency discretly (ie criminal enterprise/money laundering)
  7. Great chart, I remember my wife scared of the market plummet and wanted to liquidate her 401k and I took ownership to make sure she does not do a foolish mistake, turns out most of it was in bonds lol put it all in VFINX when It was in rockbottom. Now its like over 4 times its value even with recent crash.
  8. For me gold is a hedge not a trading instrument, for that I have brokerage accounts and trade SPY. Gold is a very portable and discrete method of holding value.