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  1. True enough, but under @BackyardBullion shipping only cost me something like 3 quid for the lot. It's just not the same...
  2. Code is no longer valid You need to enter the country and shipping first for it to work, It's only a tenner off the 20 they charge for shipping though =(
  3. @BackyardBullion I beg you to keep doing these orders post-brexit. We'll just pay the VAT, its cheaper anyhow than any dealers here!
  4. Yeah, even with VAT it would be a decent deal! 15 * 20% = 18 Not too bad a price considering the ridiculous prices that other places charge being around 21 unless you're buying them in the 100s
  5. Will you do these in the future by any chance? Perhaps for gold? (post-brexit if it happens?)
  6. Reply: Sorry but there is an error on the site, the prices are incorrect and will be rectified during business hours Regards Sheldon Collins Ah bugger!
  7. @Bullionaire@ogb777@MANJSK I have messaged them with the following Could you please clarify that the units found here are grams and not grains? I do apologise but that sum seems a bit too good to be true, would you be willing to guarantee the authenticity of the metal as being composed of .999 fine gold? Lets see if I get a reply
  8. Eh whatever, I guess I'll just load up on silver then!
  9. Europeanmint charges a fairly flat 20 or so to deliver. Considering that I want like 4 1oz Silvers and a 1g Gold it's simply not worth it unless part of a groupbuy that gets the delivery charge to 2-3 quid (I wanted one of the Canadian 1g coins)
  10. This can't be true! 2 quid for a gram of gold? http://preciousmetals.co/products#jumpgoldbars Seems like some kind of scam
  11. Its expensive af tho 43 quid a gram? Holy **** If any of you have a cheap source around 39 or so I'm listening (for one)