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    Ablist reacted to DarkChameleon in Silver price about to plummet   
    I'm saying to let them have their day, we have had years of little movement, I know, I've been stashing since 1985 in England, I think a bunch of people almost broke the bank buying sliver at 14.30....they are now ju,ping for joy and can sell hopefully making thousands they didn't expect weeks ago...you are right that it takes money to make money, I suppose some could have leveraged and bought ETF's then they might have made serious money...some on here do online trading and might have made a rolex or two on trading, not a rolls Royce but a few billionaires made money trading up.
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    Ablist reacted to DarkChameleon in Silver price about to plummet   
    Some people are using gold as a retirmentfiunds fund and to make money on the rises and buy on the falls is their way to jump a couple of stones on the path, it might not make them rich quickly but do it enough and it might add the equivalent of years of saving from a 40-50 year savings plan...buying full sovereigns at $80 equivalent made great deals for me now but selling them when gold was over $1700/oz and buying then back at $1300 would have given me a few years head start on profit...yes, one deal doesn't make millions unless it's tens of millions invested but small rises and falls and selling and buying can easily double your value over time...people buying hundreds of ounces of silver at $14.30 like a bunch of us did, backing the trucks up, are now almost $2 per coin in profit,we live for that when silver has barely moved in ages, gold going upto $1430 has made the day of people who put their pension money jn at under $1350, maybe they don't have 1000oz of gold but better to see your savings rise and not fall....too many panic when silver drops $1 an oz, give them their happy times when their stash rises $1000 in a week.
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    Ablist reacted to HighlandTiger in Silver price about to plummet   
    Don't you just love all the people who can predict the future. And yet with all that ability, they are still not billionaires. Don't give up the day jobs eh ?
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    Ablist reacted to Wolfy in Silver price about to plummet   
    Simple answer guys the price goes down the stack gets bigger 😁😁
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    Ablist got a reaction from ilovesilverireallydo in 1once silver coin supplier wanted   
    Hey there Lee,
    If you are in the states I would suggest looking at major bullion dealers. JMBullion, Provident Metals, APMEX etc. (if not in the states find a major reputable dealer in your country) Look into their free shipping for orders over $100.00. Silver premiums are quite high and you may have to pay shipping and tax depending on the state you are in and where you buy from. Also look at their weekly specials if you are just stacking weight. That way you can keep your cost as close to spot as possible. These are all important considerations when trying to keep your costs low.
    (If you are in the UK you may be able to get in a group order that @BackYardBullion and a few others do.)
    For example instead of 1 or 2 coins a week, save your money for a few weeks and get the free shipping, that many dealers offer, for placing an order of $100 USD or more. 
    Some places like JM bullion will sell you the first 10oz. at spot as well.
    There are a few ideas. Crosscheck prices and try to get free shipping if possible. Keep it simple in the beginning. Don’t get caught up in hype.
     Best Regards,
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    Ablist reacted to Fivepoundfred in PCGS Gold Shield   
    PCGS are currently quoting a crossover success rate of 38% over the last 12 months but does not specify which coins have been submitted. All of the modern gold proof coins i have submitted for crossover have been successful so maybe the older coins do not fair so well ? I have been grading with PCGS for some time mainly using the Paris centre, the service is very good and you can get your coins back in two weeks if you time it right. My only complaint is that i have had debris inside the holder several times, the worst been a 1cm fibre or hair and sometimes the holders they use are marked, but in both cases they rightly reholder free of charge.
    The main difference with gold shield is that you get a high res photo on the website and PCGS claim that it gives enhanced security.
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    Ablist got a reaction from augur in PCGS Gold Shield   
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    Ablist got a reaction from MancunianStacker in PCGS Gold Shield   
    I agree. I consistently prefer PCGS as I get more experience. But I don’t want to over pay for a coin either. Hence I won’t be buying that Kookaburra. I just got a 1989 Kook with a population of 3 for about $150usd, so I would never pay as much as he is asking for a 2009 kook that is easier to find. This is where I do thing the gold shield can conversely run too high a price. Buyer beware hahah.
    .... Edit ... and Hence “wish I had the money” if we were all born with silver spoons in our mouths and life was free, we would all just buy whatever we wanted wouldn’t we? 🤣
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    Ablist reacted to FoolzGold in 2019 Perth Mint Next Generation   
    Wait, there are elements of Australian wildlife that aren't either vicious or lethal or both? I assumed even the butterflies down there are venomous and/or drink your blood. 🦋😨☠️
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    Ablist reacted to Abyss in Whom would you trust to keep your silver and gold?   
    Due diligence when buying home safe I had no idea opening electronic home safe was this easy
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    Ablist reacted to Stu66 in Whom would you trust to keep your silver and gold?   
    Me being a 'poor relation' I can carry my stash in one trouser pocket 😂
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    Ablist got a reaction from Derv in Hi, I am new   
    HEY   JIM  WELCOME!!! 
     I   DONT   KNOW   HOW     TO     DO      BIG    LETTERS,    BUT       HOPEFULLY     THE      BOLD      AND     BIG      SPACING      HELPS.    
      MAYBE       WE    CAN     ALL    COME    TOGETHER    ON    THE    FORUM,   AND    WORK    TOGETHER    SO   YOU    CAN    SEE    OUR    POSTS   AS    BEST     AS    POSSIBLE.  
     I     AM     NEW     ON    THIS     FORUM    TOO,     AND    PEOPLE    ARE    GREAT     HERE.     WELCOME!!
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    Ablist got a reaction from Gildeon in PCGS Gold Shield   
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    Ablist reacted to kneehow2018 in Hi, I am new   
    Seiously not being facetious but as I personally have issues with the default font size....
    Hi Jim & Welcome!
    (whoops! no shouty caps)
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    Ablist reacted to blindguy in Hi, I am new   
    I am legally blind from a stroke in my eyes. I have 10 % vision left in one eye. Even that is not clear. When I look at the words you guys write I can see towo to three letters of each word at a time. My wife bought me a 60 inch computer monitor and a oversized key board with 1 inch letters. I no longer see colors also so just black and white and shades of gray. My wife is also a long time coin collector so she halps me. I also have a topaz machine that makes larger anything I put in it on a large screen. I use to take members of the coin club I help start in 2005 to coin shows such as fun show, central states, ANA an ect. but since I lost my vision no one even calls me. I got very bitter and quit all the clubs I use to belong to last fall. Then I saw the silver forum and thought I would try to get involved one more time. I still am having trouble with seeing parts of the site. The worst part of being blind is not being able to not see its the way other people treat you. I am still the same guy as before, love to stack and collect coins.  I had some t shirts made up last year with a saying on them  " YOU CLEARLY SEE WHO YOUR FRIENDS ARE WHEN YOU LOSE YOUR VISION"    Jim
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    Ablist got a reaction from MikeSol in PCGS Gold Shield   
  17. Haha
    Ablist reacted to DarkChameleon in Silver price about to plummet   
    So has everyone agreed that silver is going both down and up?....just want to clarify...that indeed it will go down, but also go up...I've never seen a commodity flatline.
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    Ablist reacted to HawkHybrid in Silver price about to plummet   
    making money off the charts is easy,
    once you get people to believe you can forecast using
    the charts, you then get them to pay you indirectly for
    providing the charts. that's why so many are out there
    trying to convince people using the charts. 😊
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    Ablist reacted to HighlandTiger in Silver price about to plummet   
    I go away for a few years, and there are still people on here trying to predict the future, and talking BS.
    Where's my $50 silver I was promised 4 years ago.
    If it was so easy to make money, with all these graphs and drawing straight lines, we'd all be millionaires Rodney. 
    And to be honest, if I found a way of making money by predicting price movements, i certainly wouldn't be on here trying to convince people that I know what I'm doing. I wouldn't tell a soul about my methods. I'd be too busy filling my bank vault
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    Ablist reacted to HighlandTiger in Silver price about to plummet   
    Still waiting for silver to go to $50 as I was promised by all the experts in 2014. 
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    Ablist reacted to KevinFlynn in Germania - Fantasy Issue - Private Issue   
    Ah, thanks. okay, for everyone who did not listen (to me 😉 ) up until now:
    The Germania mint is not a government mint.
    It is a private mint from Poland.
    These are rounds, not coins.
    The supposed nomination (Mark) is but a mere nod to the older german currency before the Euro - this is not endorsed or backed by the german state.
    The iconography is somewhat taken from several heraldics of the Holy Roman Empire and it's descendents.
    The shield and sword have no historical example in this combination.
    The sword is not even of the same type that the quoted Reichsschwert is.
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    Ablist got a reaction from kimchi in 2019 Australian Kookaburra: What do the critics say?   
    Very nice! Maybe I do want to backdate ha!
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    Ablist got a reaction from Gildeon in 2019 Australian Kookaburra: What do the critics say?   
    Those are these 2oz series that they started in 2016 with the Kangaroo, 2017 was the Koala and 2018 the Kookaburra, I’m not sure if they will do the swan or something else this year. I just need the Kangaroo now haha! Limited mintages of just 2000 coins I believe. I’m not sure what the shark privy mintage was. Maybe 10,000?

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    Ablist got a reaction from Fastnick in 2019 Australian Kookaburra: What do the critics say?   
    Very nice! Maybe I do want to backdate ha!
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    Ablist got a reaction from MickD in KOMSCO ZI:SIN Series. 2019 Scrofa Ghost   
    What are everyone thoughts on these?  I have a couple but kind of have been focused on other coins. But I like these. I think I am going to collect them.