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  1. Please link me. If it’s additional info outside of this thread: I’m intrigued and you’ve got my attention.
  2. Ablist

    Help please!

    I’m impressed. As they say knowledge is power. Good eye!
  3. Hahaha his plummet to $3 checked out... Are you in the right forum? Are you smoking meth while on an acid trip?!? You either haven’t been reading this post or are apparently in another universe than this one where the silver price did go to $3. I’m more interested in your time travel and universe spanning abilities than the $3 price now. Please teach us all how to do these inter-dimensional reality shifts to this place of $3 silver. You could sell tickets to your time warp so we could all go buy it cheap and teleport right back. You could market it to the masses make your money off of inter dimensional space ship trips. And we’d all have $3 dollar silver. .... but then wait.... drum roll. If it was that easy and we all had $3 Dill Silver wouldn’t that just bring the price of silver down to $3 Dills... just saying. There still seems to be a flaw with the meth smoking, acid tripping inter-dimensional time warp as well. .. Ignorance runs rampant ...
  4. And this is what I was saying about a portfolio. I have active money, long term money, short term money, passive money. Different types of money and the activities with those said money’s, accomplish different things. Those different things, ultimately combined together, contribute to making a well balanced strong financial foundation.
  5. We are getting so some bullet points people. “all for just having the cash or stash at hand” this reinforces what I am saying about hypertension like Wronger. All hype, all drama. No real assets or a pot to piss in. Think longer, think harder. Be more conservative and understand what real interest and profit actually are. Actually I should say both. Be more conservative in paying interest and more aggressive in collecting interest and profit.
  6. This is where subtle understanding and nuance becomes important. Well described and said my friend.
  7. And happy new year every one! ☝️ Sky tis not the limit, it’s just the beginning. Neither is the universe, there’s a deeper story to be told. Onward and upward for the 20/20z. Much love.
  8. “ NEVER THINK LITERALLY, THINK LATERALLY !!!!! “ more commentary please
  9. Exactly. There is nothing wrong with increasing your holdings through patience and hard work. The investor or business owner also has costs. Those who are harder working, more disciplined and hungry tend to have more than those that are complacent and blow there money on trivial things. Me personally I’ve built everything I have from scratch. No silver spoons for me. So I don’t have the patience for people’s nonsense.
  10. Kimchi. I know have an aggressive stance on not paying interest and collecting interest. These are hard facts of life. And yes I will agree they are sad, difficult, perhaps even ugly. But there is a reason that many people are poor. This is just a very honest conversation at this point. I’m trying to get rich, not poor. It’s not my fault if people don’t know how to manage there money. Simultaneously it’s why I am trying to post quality information on forums like this. The approximately 50% of my land customers that do keep their properties and pay them off. Tell me they are grateful because I was the only one that would give them a chance and I made it easy for them to purchase. No qualifying, no background checks, no $20k down payment, no hard or long terms. My payments average probably around $300 a month which makes it realistic and affordable for anyone. Terms are for 7 years at most. Usually 3-5 years. No amortization or complex math or penalties. I’ve let people come to some of my properties to work off payments if they fell short. I’m fair and I’m honest. I give the small guy a chance and YES I also profit from it. No shame in my game.
  11. That’s legit. I hope members are reading this. These are the kind of ways you make real money in PMs. Me and this guy Dark Chameleon are giving you real advice. Wrongers thread is starting to fruit.
  12. I’m all about collecting interest. I buy parcels of land at auction and then finance them at high interest to people who couldn’t buy property otherwise. As in don’t have the credit. If they default on their payments I foreclose on them after 90 days. Keep all of their payments and Re-sell the property: since I don’t make them qualify with credit, I have them do a cash down payment and small monthly payments of typically 100-500 a month: but once you have 40 or 50 properties you can see how this ads up. + more than 50% foreclose and I always make sure the down payment is twice what I paid for the property at auction. So I’m immediately in the profit regardless.
  13. So you got just under 1.3 Oz of gold with diamonds for 2 tubes of eagles? Nice man that is the hustle for sure! Good job! Im very intrigued. I’ve thought about opening a pawn shop for some time now. Have you been able to find better value in gold jewelry as opposed to bullion? Do you use one of those electronic scanners to make the gold and/or diamonds are real?
  14. Please go a little deeper in your explanation here. So you ended up with 300 Oz of silver + gold? I’ve always been intrigued by trading but it’s not my forte. I’m smart or dumb enough, depending on how to you look at it to stick to what I am good at.