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  1. Ablist

    5 oz Silver Swan PR70

    Hahaha I freaked out and looked. 🤣 No spotting! Hopefully it stays that way. I’ve had very good luck with Perth Mint proofs so far, so hopefully this will be consistent with quality.
  2. Ablist

    oooo - Figure eight koi coin!!

    Oh man I am a fan of these. I’m glad it’s going to be a series. I have the dragon and love it! Seems like the price is higher now. I didn’t pay that much for my MS70 FDOI.
  3. Ablist

    2017 Gold Maple 150th

    I’ve only come across two on EBay so far. Both are asking $3000-3200 OBO USD - ungraded. Lovely coin, though I cant imagine they will sell quickly... but who knows?
  4. Ablist

    5 oz Silver Swan PR70

    Really digging the proof coins from Perth Mint. Especially their 5 oz’ers. It was a bit pricey for sure but I really want all these Swans haha. Couldnt be happier.
  5. Ablist

    2017 Gold Maple 150th

    I came across this and thought it was quite a beautiful coin. A bit too pricey for me but I thought you all may enjoy it none the less.
  6. Ablist

    Libertad Gold Reverse Proof 2018 are ahead...

    Very lucky you are indeed. I wish all my coins were PCGS Secure Shield! I have a feeling it’s going to be hard to get a 70 at this point without a crazy premium. Thanks for sharing 👍
  7. I got a PCGS MS 70 Gold Shield at auction for $41 USD, no tax, free shipping. Nice coin. Happy for the price. Wouldn’t have bought it for $100+ like I see them listed. So that tells you something... Obviously someone prior to me took a big loss on it. I can’t imagine it going any cheaper though.
  8. Ablist

    $840 million in gold on a plane

    Yay for socialism!!
  9. Ablist

    NGC is FAILING - where is the quality control???

    It would have to be worth the potential value increase. So for a gold coin possibly, for most silver coins no. If it is a highly desirable silver coin, where the MS/PF/PR 70 would increase the value dramatically, then yes theoretically it would be worth it. But being a 70s seems to still be so subjective I feel this is a big risk with time and money spent. This really has to do with the difference in price and value a 70 is commanding, as opposed to a 69. But those are my humble opinions.
  10. Ablist

    NGC is FAILING - where is the quality control???

    One other thought comes to mind as well. It may very well be “Mint Condition”, however I do not necessarily think the connotation exists that just because it is “Mint State” it is also “Perfect” or and MS/PF/PR 70. This simply means it is mint state.
  11. Ablist

    NGC is FAILING - where is the quality control???

    I suppose this is where some debate remains. I do feel that when you are dealing with older items, there is much more flexibility. But, at the same time, we never see a 1923 peace dollar as an MS70, simply because they don’t exist. I am not familiar with collecting older guns as collectibles. So I don’t want to speculate too much here. My feeling is this ultimately, a modern coin, with all the technology we have, the minting capabilities etc. In my eyes, a brand new coin that is deemed a 70 grade, should be absolutely flawless. Once again eluding to the “perfect coin”. If it’s not perfect, why call it perfect. Maybe NGC needs to have more meticulous graders that actually care about the quality of their work. “Almost Perfect” is NOT perfect. It’s ALMOST perfect. Which means it’s a 69.
  12. Ablist

    NGC is FAILING - where is the quality control???

    Yep this reinforces my loss of confidence in NGC
  13. Ablist

    NGC is FAILING - where is the quality control???

    Yeah I disagree with NGC on this. It’s not a perfect coin to me. I am not happy with this type of grading or them trying to explain why it is perfect. If it happened during the minting process, even if it was to all the coins, then to me that means they didn’t produce any perfect 70s. This type of thinking eludes to a comment earlier, that if there are no perfect coins, they designate the best coins as 70s when otherwise they would not be. I suppose much is still open to debate on grading. I don’t feel like perfection should be a debate though. As I said before, it either is or is not perfect.
  14. Ablist

    NGC is FAILING - where is the quality control???

    Yes these are all good points. I am really referring to two specific coins I have that were graded 70 by NGC, that are NOT 70s. It mostly just bothers me that these coins “slipped through the cracks” so to speak. If we can’t rely on these grading services to do their job correctly, on the simplest of things, what use are they and why are we paying them money?