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  1. This labeling clarified some things for me, thought it might be helpful to others. Glad I didn’t buy more of these. Overall I am not impressed with the quality. The color combinations are horrible.
  2. What are everyone thoughts on these? I have a couple but kind of have been focused on other coins. But I like these. I think I am going to collect them.
  3. Very nice! Maybe I do want to backdate ha!
  4. So was it 1989 or 90 that the kooks started as a series? I found a 1989 $10 kookaburra but it seems entirely different from the rest of them...
  5. Those are these 2oz series that they started in 2016 with the Kangaroo, 2017 was the Koala and 2018 the Kookaburra, I’m not sure if they will do the swan or something else this year. I just need the Kangaroo now haha! Limited mintages of just 2000 coins I believe. I’m not sure what the shark privy mintage was. Maybe 10,000?
  6. This has turned into a great thread. I have only gotten into kookaburras in the past year but I really like them. Especially the proofs. I have a couple of the 5 oz. and they are really beautiful coins. I’m not sure that I will backdate due to the price as some have mentioned. But I am collecting the new ones as they are released. I really like the 2018 2 oz antique finish version.
  7. Ablist

    Coin Armour

    Has anyone used these bags? I have gotten two of them through purchases I made and the coin came in them. If they work this seems like a good idea and investment to protect my coins. If they don’t it’s some really expensive baggies. I haven’t developed milk spots in the majority of my silver, but I have been picky about my purchases. At any rate considering the value of some coins if these do absorb the gases that cause milk spots AND prevent them from happening I am interested. Has anyone actually used these for a few years with good result?
  8. Wow this has been a fun and funny thread to read! Everyone gets a thumbs up 👍
  9. Hahaha I freaked out and looked. 🤣 No spotting! Hopefully it stays that way. I’ve had very good luck with Perth Mint proofs so far, so hopefully this will be consistent with quality.
  10. Oh man I am a fan of these. I’m glad it’s going to be a series. I have the dragon and love it! Seems like the price is higher now. I didn’t pay that much for my MS70 FDOI.
  11. Ablist

    2017 Gold Maple 150th

    I’ve only come across two on EBay so far. Both are asking $3000-3200 OBO USD - ungraded. Lovely coin, though I cant imagine they will sell quickly... but who knows?
  12. Really digging the proof coins from Perth Mint. Especially their 5 oz’ers. It was a bit pricey for sure but I really want all these Swans haha. Couldnt be happier.
  13. I came across this and thought it was quite a beautiful coin. A bit too pricey for me but I thought you all may enjoy it none the less.