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  1. ThePaleKing

    withdrawn Gold Coins For Sale

  2. ThePaleKing

    withdrawn Gold Coins For Sale

    @Roy Actually I sold x2 1 oz Britannia gold coins yesterday to HGM but I want to keep my sovereigns and Krugerrands plus some silver for trying to sell on the silverforum. Trying to build a good reputation which obviously will take time but I don`t mind selling less on here because selling on thesilverforum gives me an alternative than selling to a bullion merchant. regards Jamie
  3. ThePaleKing

    withdrawn Gold Coins For Sale

    1 oz 1975 Gold Krugerrand - £1010 2018 Gold Sovereign - £232 each Quantity - 2 (Both sovereigns sold) Royal Mail special delivery included in price. bank transfer or Paypal