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  1. JM Bullion's got it for 60-some dollars. How much would I be looking at when you come to Philly?
  2. You're right, but that's just my personal reaction. My husband and nephew both get more into the collectable side of things. I was astounded when Hubman spent over $100 on a .02 piece at the world's fair of money last summer.
  3. I like the Australian Swan, but I have limits for what I'm willing to pay, and the swan is way above that.
  4. Fair point about low mintage not being rare. I bought 5 of the British double dragon - only 50k struck. It's such a pretty coin that I thought it would sell up and shoot up in price. But, I could easily go to Apmex and buy 5 more right now if I wanted. Ditto the 2 oz Australian koala - only 50k struck, but there's no shortage of them. But, that new 2019 Australian dolphin is completely sold out already. I do like that lion dollar, but of course Apmex is sold out.
  5. You know that is a pretty enough coin that I might could see paying up to $70 for it fresh of the mint like that - but $300 plus for 2 oz of silver just proves the adage that a fool and his money are soon separated.
  6. I just need the griffin, but I can't make myself pay that much for 2 oz of silver.
  7. Good Lord that was a long time ago. I blew my first post-college paycheck putting down a deposit on an apartment.
  8. I bought it for like $25 USD not including shipping because I had to get one of the mint direct ones.
  9. Apmex is almost sold out of this. They've got some of the mint direct ones left, and it looks like that's it.
  10. I have all of the Queen's Beasts except the Griffin. I keep going back and forth over whether it is worth it to buy the Griffin - especially since numerous people have said that the lion and the griffin have a lot of nicks in them unless you can get a proof. And I know my lion does have two little nicks in it, and it's the only one that didn't come in a protective cover. The guy at my coin shop says if I'm patient the griffin will come back down in price, but what if it doesn't, and what if it's the only one from the set that gets really valuable?
  11. ZaidaBoBaida

    Royal Mint

    Pretty, but it doesn't look as detailed as the picture of the silver.
  12. I like the koalas, but I've had a thing for koalas since I was a kid. The kooks are nice too.