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  1. ZaidaBoBaida

    Royal Mint

    Pretty, but it doesn't look as detailed as the picture of the silver.
  2. I like the koalas, but I've had a thing for koalas since I was a kid. The kooks are nice too.
  3. ZaidaBoBaida

    Royal Mint

    But, will it ever become available through Apmex? It sounds like it's going to be very limited.
  4. ZaidaBoBaida

    Royal Mint

    So, buying from the US I'd probably have to pay around $82 USD and shipping - that still seems like an awful lot to pay for 1 oz of silver in hopes that it will go up in value. I saw that they're going to release a not proof version, so I might wait for those to hit Apmex, but I didn't see anything about those being strike or even limited to a single year?
  5. ZaidaBoBaida

    What Does It Mean If A Coin Is A Privy Coin

    Are you guys saying it wasn't really the Titanic that sank, and what about all of the people who died? Were they just collateral damage?
  6. ZaidaBoBaida

    What Does It Mean If A Coin Is A Privy Coin

    But, what's the point? To make the coin more collectable?
  7. ZaidaBoBaida

    2019 china panda coin

    What's the mintage on the silver, or do I even want to know? I already ordered the 3g one.
  8. What does it mean if a coin is a privy coin and is it worth it to get one?
  9. ZaidaBoBaida

    Royal Mint

    Will they ship to America? And 82 pounds seems a little steep for 1 oz silver.
  10. ZaidaBoBaida

    Royal Mint

    When did they come out? I don't see the coins on either Apmex of JMBullion. I need to find out if it would be cheaper to have a friend of mine in England buy the coins for me and ship them, or to keep buying through Apmex or JMBullion.