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  1. I have the 1st 4 QBs in 1/4oz but was thinking about liquidating and re-investing in standard foundational bullion, mainly because I'm falling behind and the urge to pay way over the odds is unbearable.
  2. Very similar to my outlook at the moment, the only silver I have is whatever I dig up whenever I go out metal detecting. thanks for the input mate.
  3. Yes I agree, I am actually in the process of an exit strategy test...not going well. However I'm very new and still have lots to learn but enjoying the process. Thanks for the input mate.
  4. I am very new to PMs and started by going for sheer weight, bought a few Oz's, then went for 1/4oz QBs and slowly started edging towards more collectible coins. I'm now getting "urges" to start grabbing proof sovereigns but feel like I'm drifting from my original plan, which is ultimately stack weight but in an easy to liquidate manner. Think I prefer 1/4oz coins or sovereigns purely because they seem to be more affordable for people and therefore can be easier to liquidate. Think I might diversify and have my main bulk as bullion coins e.g Britannia's/Sovs and maybe along the way grab some more numismatic proofs if I have the expendable funds for it. I'm sure this topic has been covered in other threads but I'm skiving at work, so decided to start a new discussion. Interestedto hear other people's opinions and their own personal strategies.
  5. In terms of gold bullion, any tips on best places to pick sovereigns or Britannia's? And is your main bulk of gold bullion made up of these coins. Cheers
  6. Nobody wants this fantastic coin? Make me an offer
  7. 8 days out from pay day...this always happens to me
  8. Hi, Would like to trade but also happy to sell for £1115 which includes insured RMSD. Open to offers. Ideally I'm looking to trade for the following: - 1/4 oz gold QB Falcon, Bull & Yale + the agreed difference PM if interested in discussing. Cheers, Greg