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  1. Is this available yet?
  2. Hey mate, welcome from Glasgow. Always wanted to try out gold panning, I'm pretty keen on metal detecting, it's a very addictive hobby.
  3. Gold seems to be retreating away from £1000 at the moment, I've been holding out to make a couple of purchases from Atkinsons. what is the general consensus, hold off until after the Brexit fiasco or pull the trigger before?
  4. Interesting stuff. I've got a lot to learn. Cheers guys
  5. Surely a proof coin that is marked or damaged is as good as bullion? I want to start adding sovereigns to my collection but I definitely wouldn't pay £300+ for a scuffed proof. I'm new to coin collecting/stacking, so if the more experienced members could give some advice it would be very much appreciated
  6. Wanted. PM if willing to sell. Thanks
  7. Gutted I missed out on this beauty! 😭
  8. I've heard good things about Oban, I might need to add a bottle to my cabinet!
  9. My pride and joy The Man Cave drinks cabinet
  10. Highland Park 12 is always a good dram I like my Islay whiskeys Caol ila 25 is a nice one but pricey And a good under the radar malt is Glencadam 15 yr old
  11. Hi All, Does anyone on the forum have genuine 8 Reales Coins that they would be willing to sell? Cheers, G