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  1. I've been relatively lucky, I got it stuck in my head last year that we were overdue for a recession so I stock piled cash with the aim of getting into stocks when it did. This virus came out of nowhere and I have now only taken first steps into the stock market on Thursday last week. Cautiously buying as it drops to cost average. I really do feel for people in your situation Peter. Hopefully we can find a vaccine soon and can start getting back to normality. Stay safe everyone
  2. Price reduced. Will take post down at the end of the week
  3. Yeah sorry should have mentioned, still available, through no fault of Alex, just purely down to the fact that I dont use PayPal 😬
  4. I'm with Hargreaves and Lansdown but their transaction fees bother me, has anyone had any experience with Freetrade or Trading 212? Or does anyone recommend another platform to the ones mentioned
  5. campbellgs


    1989 half sov...for no reason other than it's a good looking coin and my birth year
  6. For sale: 2018 1/4Oz Gold Britannia - SOLD Thanks for the interest. Might put up my last 1 oz coin soon, we shall see.
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