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  1. campbellgs

    New here

    Hi Guy, Yeah thanks for the advice. I've already messaged BYB about the next group order, in the meantime I'll continue my research. I'm leaning more towards gold but the price is pretty high just now, I've just paid £999 for 1 Oz. 2019 Britannia.
  2. campbellgs

    Paying VAT on silver...is it worth it?

    Cheers guys, Yeah for me stacking any precious metal is a long term investment, if I were to buy silver and it would need to be VAT free for me to do so, I would flip the silver when I felt the returns were worth it and re-invest in gold. Curious as to what other people's strategies are
  3. campbellgs

    New here

    Hi all, I'm Greg and I'm from Glasgow. I've recently started stacking for the future, and currently have 2 Oz of gold. I would like to start stacking silver also whilst the prices are low but not sure of it's worth it when paying VAT as well. Can't t wait to get involved in discussing everything about precious metal stacking and collecting. Cheers, Greg
  4. campbellgs

    Paying VAT on silver...is it worth it?

    Hi all, I'm new here and wanted to know people's thoughts on buying silver and paying the VAT for it, does this totally negate it's potential returns. The price would need to rise 20% just to break even