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  1. bored

    anyone stacking for SHTF?

    They might want a brew though
  2. bored

    anyone stacking for SHTF?

    no joke peeps I actually stack coffee
  3. bored

    Brexit status ...

    One party lost the other party is relieved.
  4. bored

    Gillete advert

    So crack baby fight club is wrong? I don`t want to live in a world where grown men can`t watch children fight to the death.
  5. bored


    I will buy those fivers if you want with a reasonable spread 5 per £20
  6. bored

    Boycotting GS.be

    If someone can`t take care of the small stuff, How can they take care of the big stuff. I appreciate many people have had a positive result with this company, But what has happened to them that havn`t? and what if it happens to me? If it goes wrong I don`t want to be told to **** off I want solutions, My confidence has been shaken and in the PM game confidence is all you have. I will not be buying from these people I would rather spend extra and KNOW I was in good hands.
  7. bored

    about goldsilver.be

    Smart move not talking about it. It`s the first line of security
  8. bored

    Sold all my gold, got stung

    The dollar is scaring the pants off me atm
  9. bored

    Royal Mint

    let me know when you find out please
  10. bored

    Best/cheapest for Britannia coin

    As a new member on this forum I have to say premium membership is worth its weight in silver. best £4 a month ever
  11. bored


    damm there are some proper safes there on another note though make sure you don`t buy fire safes or sentry safes or anything that B&Q etc do. these can be beaten by rage saws in under 30 sec. also, think a serious safe just advertises valuables if someone sees it. I think the best way is just to hide it and keep your mouth shut. I also like fake sewer/soil pipes
  12. tharrs good bullion to be had on here too also @BackyardBullion is doing a group order from estonia now
  13. My thinking, is it worth taking any chances just to save 1 or 2 % If the border patrol wanna take it they will and your farked. but they might not.