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  1. Thanks to @MintageSeller for the gift and for everyone who took part!
  2. Yes he is helping me on it at the minute Bullionbilly looks like a post office issue and its led to a return to sender but @MintageSeller has very kindly agreed to resend it! Very mcuh appreciate the kindness of everyone involved
  3. I was messaged to say it was sent but still haven’t received mine @Bullionbilly
  4. hey I have a 1oz canadian cougar plus a mystery decimal coin related gift
  5. I believe it is silver Jon, its passed all the tests I could do besides going sofar as using acid because it was not worth it. If you get this as your gift you can melt it down for me and analyse it. Or if people so wish im happy to withdraw this mysterious braclet 🧐
  6. Its one of a number of practice pieces he made himself, he was an antiques dealer and played about making coins, broaches etc in gold and silver. Pretty sure this is all pure, it one of a few bits passed on but not one im interested it. Its worth its scrap though.
  7. Hey! New member and would love to join I think its a really great way to spread some christmas cheer. I will add a 2.5oz silver romanesque bracelet that I believe my grandpa forged himself, probably in a bid to fool the British Museum and earn some cash back in the day. Maybe it is legitimate Roman...but knowing my grandpa and his backyard smelting games I doubt it